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  1. EDNight

    Stepping down

    Dang this is kind of crazy to see, you're gonna be missed in that role dude. Thank you for what you've done, gonna be a hard shoe to fill. Also don't just disappear now, you still need to carry me through Dark Souls 3 sometime
  2. EDNight

    Promotions and Demotions #210

    Congrats @-Diphikult and @shwash!
  3. EDNight

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    What is Blood Sorceress, and how do I get it? Also, I like Necromancer because it basically has infinite sustain, does Blood Sorceress have that?
  4. EDNight

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    Yeah, I just couldn't remember which email. I got it and have been messing around a bit. I forgot how dumb necromancer is
  5. EDNight

    Adventure Quest Worlds

    If I can remember my AQWorld account I totally will. I used to love that game
  6. EDNight

    Forza: Horizon 4

    I really enjoy this game, I got it with the XBox Game Pass to try it, and I've loved every minute so far. I played the first three games, and this one is really good. There's some things I don't enjoy as much, but overall it's a solid game.
  7. Don't you just love self-created stress over something really stupid?

    1. ABlueSkittle123


      Mhm, I can say from experience.

  8. EDNight


  9. EDNight

    Live And Learn.

    I wish more people were able to have this mentality when it comes to making mistakes. Making stupid mistakes and messing up is part of being a human, no one is going to be perfect and make the right decision all the time. At the same time though, you need to be able to move on from the fact that you made a mistake, and not dwell on what you did. People don't like making the same mistakes over and over again, so being able to take a breather and just back away is huge. It lets you see what you did wrong and try to change it, to improve.
  10. EDNight

    Taking a break

    I'm glad to see you're taking steps to avoid getting burnt out on XG. Work related stress will make a lot of things less enjoyable, so make sure to get that sorted out. I hope you find a job that works better for you! -Nebb
  11. EDNight

    CS:GO 10 man with only TF2 Players

    This sounds like the perfect shitstorm, if I had CS I would totally watch
  12. EDNight

    I'm back, forever

    Welcome back, remember what people said before. In the end you're the only person who can make the community like you
  13. EDNight

    Promotions and Demotions #208

    Congratulations @ABlueSkittle123 and @Owlknight_ on the promotions!
  14. EDNight

    Goodbye for (maybe) the last time

    Like what Kypari said, you don't have to leave the community. If you don't want to be a part of it though, gonna miss seeing you around Septik. You better not be a stranger on those 1 or 2 private discords if you don't plan on showing up anywhere else.
  15. EDNight

    Cats or Dogs

    I agree with cats, but not for the same reason. Are you gonna be okay?