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  1. EDNight


    I'm going to -1 as well. Yes, you have improved your behavior, but there are still times where you harass people and that's not okay. There was a period of time where you were harassing me and blaster because we had muted you and that's not okay. Aside from that, you don't seem to be very active on any of the servers lately. A:5 M: 5
  2. EDNight

    Favourite song and suggestions?

    Ooooooh boi I love talking about music, especially music I listen to. I tend to listen to a lot of rock, ranging from Indie Rock to Metalcore and some Thrash Metal. Aside from rock, I also listen to some electronic music. A couple of my favorites recently: Johnny's Revenge by Crown the Empire Sleepwalking by Bring Me the Horizon City of Ocala by A Day to Remember
  3. Seriously though, I am in LOVE with your hair. Makes me think of Slash from Guns N' Roses.

    1. EDNight


      No lie, went as slash a couple years for Halloween.

    2. Arnude


      Heck yeah man. That's how you do it. I went as Bob Ross for a few years.

  4. EDNight

    Selfie Sunday

    Obligatory joke about how it looks like I hate everything, and how I'm posting on a day that's not Sunday
  5. EDNight

    Promotions and Demotions #198

    Congrats Frosty!! ^^
  6. EDNight

    Hi hey hello!

    I made strawberry shortcake from scratch for my step mom when she gets home. ^w^ Doing pretty good though! Just got done with classes so I have a lot of free time again, and I'm working on fixing some things in my life.
  7. It's weird to think classes are done... I actually have some more free time now 

  8. EDNight

    Ice Cream or Gelato? .w.

    Freezy Pops are pretty great, and would be my #1 choice. However between gelato and ice cream I would totally pick Gelato.
  9. EDNight

    Thoughts on covers of songs?

    I was just wondering what people's thoughts on covers was, and I mean any sort of cover: From being a little different than the original Zombies Versus being an almost entirely different thing Love Song Just wanted to see what you all thought about it, and what your preference is.
  10. EDNight

    Objective Server Requests

    Maps wise, please no Powerhouse or like Hoodoo, those two maps give me nightmares thinking about them. Otherwise, most of the stock maps in those game modes are pretty nice. As for plugins, I don't know if there are any plugins out there for auto scrambling teams, but that would be nice to have in the event of a complete roll.
  11. EDNight

    How to Properly Waste Money!

    I honestly didn't think you used the self made when you unboxed it. Why would you do this to yourself?
  12. EDNight

    Sera and Blaster wedding video

    Gotta agree, that was a crappy wedding. Still congratulations to the "married" couple.
  13. EDNight

    Music Suggestions?

    I should have probably included more bands I listen to. I don't just listen to bands like the ones I put in my original post, those are just the four I seem to listen to a lot now. I really listen to anything from like The Killers or The Wombats to bands like Slayer or Metallica. I do like the song by Nothing But Thieves though, I enjoy a lot of their music anyways.
  14. EDNight

    Music Suggestions?

    I've kind of fallen into a situation where I listen to the same 5 songs on a daily basis. Turns out when you do that it gets just a little bit boring after a while... I listen to a lot of rock, and various sub genres of rock like: Asking Alexandria Blink 182 Breaking Benjamin Linkin Park I guess what I'm asking is, does anyone have any suggestions for new music? I really can't find anything new to listen to
  15. EDNight