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Found 11 results

  1. Surf Ori- Surf Ori (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Cyadine - Surf Cyanide (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Japan Reloaded - surf_japan_reloaded (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Monolith - surf_monolith_b1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Reprise - surf_reprise (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Surf Kitsune - surf_kitsune2_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA ------------------------------------------------------
  2. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  3. As of recently a lot of people have been complaining about trade gaming history map rotation being too large and having maps we don’t play or like going to and I personally feel like we should reduce the map pool to half. I’ll be listing maps which I feel should stay and maps that should go. This is my list and some people may agree/disagree which I encourage you to do since we want to actually know people opinion rather than just do shit out of our asses. If you disagree on a certain map on "my list" please just feel free to tell me. We’ll collect everyone vouches and opinions and review everything so that we can decide what stays and goes. Here’s the full list of maps currently on rotation /nominate O = STAYS ON ROTATION N = NEUTRAL X = REMOVE 1. Trade_jollyrogerbay_v3 X 2. Dm_boostertower_v2 X 3. Trade_clickclockwood_kz1 N 4. Rusty_bucket_bay O 5. Trade_clocktown_v1a O 6. Dm_mariokart3_v1 O 7. Trade_Minecraft_Realms_Final O 8. Trade_delfino_airstrip_b3 O 9. Trade_smsdelfinoplaza_a4 N 10.trade_freezeezypeak_b1 X 12.trade_windfallisland_final X 13.trade_rainbow_palace_v1a X 14.koth_aquaticruin_final O 15.cp_kakariko_a3 O 16.koth_megaman6_rc1 O 18.trade_duketown_v1 O 19.koth_goldeneye_temple_a1 N 20.trade_hazy_maze_cave X 21.trade_outset_island X 22.trade_frantic_factory_v4a O 23.ctf_facing_worlds_2011 N 24.koth_saturnvalley N 25.mario_kart_deluxe_v3 O 26.trade_rogueport_xgfix O 27.ctf_the_lava_giant_b2 O 28.ctf_darktower XX 29.trade_abstract_augemented_a1 N 30.trade_minecraft_neon_v65_xmas O 31.cp_hotelhell N 32.sm64_star_road_b2 N 33.oot3d_hyrule O 34.dm_sdm_final X 35.trade_finalfantasy_town N 36.trade_nimbusland X 37.ge_bunker_v1 O 38.trade_pso_seabed_v2 X 40.sm64_big_boos_haunt X 41.trade_mmm_v1 X 42.tf_doom_e1m1_v01 O 43.koth_sollytude N 44.trade_minecraft_star_17_fix N 45.koth_delivery_rc4 O 46.koth_oofbay_v1 O 47.cp_dust2 X 48.vsh_bianco_hills_v5_koth O 49.cp_inferno O Since our poll system is utter garbage and we have limit on it, i’ll be making several polls for most of the maps on the list expect for a few popular ones like aquatic rogueport megaman clocktown and what not. I'll be making separate polls for 3 maps each unless someone can make limit for polls unlimited. I'll probably make them tomorrow since i'm lazy..
  4. I'm a mapper familiar with the Source engine, and more specifically, the TF2 version of it. I'm looking to potentially work with your servers, and make custom maps for fair, reasonably cheap fees. Please send a message if you're interested in this offer, and would like to discuss further!
  5. You're probably wondering "Bone, you recently made a thread about Deathrun maps, you Dingus. Why did you make this one?" Well, Lardies and Gestlemen, this one's different. An idea came to me. On occasion, the Death will give freeruns for a specific Minigame to be played. So I figured "Why not cut out all this superfluous Deadly Power-Walking and just skip to the good stuff?". With that I bring you: A DR map that's only Minigames! ...Err, well, not yet anyway. I wanted to get the community's OP-Onion first, since this wouldn't "technically" be a Deathrun map, but could still be pretty dang fun. The basic idea is: Death is in a control room. He has roughly 30 seconds to hit a button to choose a Minigame before suddenly exploding (to save RED from AFKs). Once a button is hit, all players are teleported to the corresponding Minigame assigned to that button. The amount Minigames could constantly increase as further iterations of the map are developed upon the community's request. However, the first few ideas are: Sweeper, Obstacle Course, Conveyor Belt Obstacle Course (which I'm told is called "Steady Pace"), a Crush Game, and a Mini Deathrun (you know, since people join the server for it...). So leave your thoughts/ideas on Minigames here, and if you're a regular DR player, vote on the poll. Tagging possibly interested DR players: @Thunder @Krampus @Elcark @Matteomax @WubbaLubbaDubDub @Vargas @Floppy @NitNat @Blizzard @Spoopy @Amylicious
  6. You're probably wondering why I've gathered you all here.... Or not.... Either way you can't leave now. The purpose of this thread is simple, I've learned how to use Hammer to make Deathrun maps now I want to abuse that power for world dominance take advantage of it and make some neato maps for xG. Here's a preview of a beta map I've got so far The map is split between 3 sections. A Steamy pipe area, an underground sewer area, and an undecided area that will either be a boiler room or an assembly line, I dunno yet. This is just a beta, plus I want the rest to be a bit of a secret. After I finish this barely adequate map, I wanted to have xG collab on a map. This way we'll have a completely original map for xG that no other server would have, made by the community. Basically, we'll just need to come up with a theme, trap ideas, and minigame choices. If anyone wants to help on mapping, just lemme know. I will be taking care of the majority, if not all the work. But since I have a bit of a strange schedule at work, it could take a while for me to get it done. Anyway... Just post your ideas here
  7. This is a thread for what YOU GUYS want fixed/added on CS:GO maps on our Community Servers. Please try to not turn this thread into anything that it's not, it's ONLY for suggestions for maps! Formatting If you'd like to make a suggestion, please state the full map name, ex. jb_nexzoid_xg. State, as specifically as you can, the suggestion. (Screen shots are always appreciated!) Formatting Example: On jb_nexzoid_xg, could you fix %s and %s? Oh here are some screenshots to help! Could you add a %s to jb_parabellum_go? I'll be editing in the changes I've made to what maps. Changes: 9/24/16 4:57 PM @Sizz Added the feature for the Cell button to open iso. You can also now toggle Isolation On and Off, if you weren't able to before.
  8. For things I am not going into. I had my old post of the post deleted but now after editing the map some more,I am glad to tell you... The post poll vote update thingy is back (I've set the poll to 7 days) and now I can mess up alot less on this one now then TIME TO GET TO WHAT I HAVE CHANGED! *Made boxes and stuff so that The Heavy and Tank can get to the survivors *Fixed bugs like the tank getting stuck in the unopened basement and survivors jumping on the trees *Added things around the map like ammo spawns and updated some rooms that are never used for survivors to hold out in *Added more easter eggs (FIND THEM YOUR SELF) *Added some props to the map a bit more life like * Made it day time you can blame Nutty for that *And other things as well DROP BOX LINK
  9. honestly dont know how i am going to manage this and the jailbreak map I am making a new Saxton Hale map! It's called VSH_CrossBridge name might be suspectible to change Progress will be in this thread soon!
  10. We need more surf maps pls!!! only need combat Surf , not skill Surf, DIFFICULTY Tier 0:It is all surf arena , dont have jail and Is so easy To practice surf Tier 1 :Very easy Tier 2 :easy Tier 3 :intermediate Tier 4 : Hard Tier 5 : skilled Tier 6: godlike SURF LINEAR 1) surf_telstar_b4 added :surf_telstar_b4 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 2)surf_rebound_v1 added :surf_rebound_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 3)surf_prelude_b3p added :surf_prelude_b3p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 4)surf_lament_n2p added :surf_lament_n2p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 5)surf_blackout_v3 added :surf_blackout_v3 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 6)surf_minuet_v1p added :surf_minuet_v1p (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 7)surf_Reanimation_v1 added:Surf_Reanimation_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 NEW LINK , IS FIX 8)surf_twilight_rc2 added:surf_twilight_rc2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 9)surf_rainbow_v1 added:surf_rainbow_v1 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 4 10)Surf_Torrent_V1b added:Surf_Torrent_V1b (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 3 11)surf_monsterween_v2 added:surf_monsterween | Projects | Monster Projects Tier 2 12)Surf_Overcast added:Surf_Overcast (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 1 13)Congo black :surf_congo_black.bsp Tier 1 14)Surf_year3000 :http://css.gamebanana.com/maps/35347 Tier 1 15)Surf_toast_redone :surf_toast_redone (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 1 16) Surf_pox :surf_pox (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 17)Surf_Legends :surf_legends (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 18)Surf_alpine added:surf_alpine (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 19)Surf_meister_v3_final :surf_meister_v3_final (Counter-Strike: Source > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 2 SURF ARENA 1) surf_frictional added:surf_frictional (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 2)surf_ny_bigloop_tf2 :surf_ny_bigloop_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 3)surf_buck-around_tf2 :surf_buck-around_tf2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 4)surf_Entrance_v2 :Surf_Entrance_v2 (Team Fortress 2 > Maps > Surf Style) - GAMEBANANA Tier 0 5) surf_10x_reload_tf2 added:http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/47543 Tier 1 EXCLUSIVE SURF MAPS (EXTRENLY HARD TO FIND) Surf_Peppermint added:surf_peppermint_v7b.bsp Tier 1 PLS ADD this surf , cuz this map is Extinct , Really is a good map, It is a surf linear IP SERVER [xG] Surf-XenoGamers.com Game: Team fortress 2 Now tell me , What is your favourite Surf map? By thevacindak Next post: Surf Index ( tricks , codes and secrets) 15/10/2015 Surf Code Index
  11. I was on the server today just chatting with a few nice gentlemen. One thing we all seemed to have in common was the map selection. Not enough variety and the same 3 maps get played too often. So here are just a few new maps I found and recommend that aren't already on the server. These are VERY good and very well made maps! I wouldn't recommend anything cheaply made XD We really do need more well made maps for the server. All that gets played is cyberpunk, clocktown, and airstrip. Also the maps are like 90% Nintendo. There are other game companies too! XD Peach Castle 64http://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/174288 Paper Mario - Dark Towerhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/182770 Aquatic Ruinshttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/183180 CTR N.Gin Labshttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/183605(SERIOUSLY RECOMMENDED) Metal Gear Solidhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/144474 Nuketownhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/187588 Pac-Manhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/70145 Whomp Fortresshttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/176889 Portalhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/185293 Kokiri Foresthttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/111639 Lavender Townhttp://tf2.gamebanana.com/maps/187547