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  1. Liekos


    What the fuck... x 2 Plus one
  2. Liekos


    Member's Name Bach Identity Canada Information He's addicted to cold medicine and is afraid of Texas with a finger gun.
  3. Liekos


    What the fuck Plus one
  4. Our lord and savior has arrived!!!!
  5. @StarmiX Did you say....The good old days!?!??!?!?!?
  6. Oh, I know who banned Mr. Wow. There's no need for me to look up who banned him >:^)
  7. you're smelly
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Egossi


      I'd doubt that of I were you!
    3. Liekos


      Of I? Who is this Of and why should I doubt them?
    4. Egossi
  8. -1 I'm sorry, but we have bigger issues that need to be addressed before we return you to your rightful place as our Canadian overlord. We need to free Bobby Wow. This issue has been bugging me lately because Bobby Wow is innocent. Bobby Wow was a cool kid who had a mic and a dream. A dream that he would one day become the Division Manager of Fistful of Frags. This dream was ruined when he was accused of aim botting on the TF2 Dodgeball server. He was then found guilty and permed from everything that he loved, but everybody forgets that his entire conviction was a conspiracy. That's right, Scootaloo told Bobby to use hax 'nd shit so they could test some things on the server. This is all Scoots fault and Bobby Wow should be set free. #FreeBobbyWow Also, fuck u bach! You're a smelly Canadian. <3:)(XPdX
  9. Liekos


    @Bello @Lyrek You expect me to plus one this abusive person? If I remember correctly, he would always put me into a wall and then hurt me... D:
  10. @kbraszzz Do you hate me? :D Also, I was finally demoted! GG TOOK LONG ENOUGH
  11. If this somehow works then I demand to be demoted!
  12. https://youtu.be/u70bth_KnEs A present 4 you from my schools peprally :)
    1. Liekos


      How did you find me in my natural habitat?
    2. Thorax_


      Sometimes its best not to know ;)
  13. +1 Need to bring back the beauty known as Sand to the TF2 community. I remember the days of not listening to @BelloWaldi and just charging for the button.