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  1. Is this community dead?

  2. Member's Name: [xG:PM]Fonzie Member's Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:84710716 Information: So most of you know who I am I guess, And you know that I left the Xeno Gamers group months ago. So why am I posting stuff on the forums? Well Id just like to take the time to appreciate the hard work Fronzie puts into being a super great mod. He joins the server and start insulting me because I just so happened to act like a retard the night before, He camps for LCT which I have no proof of because I don't take screen shots of stuff for a living. He sits on Blu side and waits for everyone else to take warden before he does, if he even takes it. Not only that but he messes around with admin controls. I can personally recall when he was flinging me around the map during a war day; I believe, But when there is a problem it seems he just likes to sit on his ass and watch the fight go on. If someone reports something he just sits backs and watches or pretty much says "Don't do that" over the server chat. I have no proof of any of this and I don't expect this to become a big post. Fronzie I really do respect you as a person and a fellow xG member, But MOD is a job worth taking seriously. Just because you bought it doesn't mean you can just stick your thumb up your ass and not do anything. You see Jpie? Or Demonic? all those Mods and Admins. They worked so hard to get where they were, they do the job when they are needed. I really wish I could give you more respect for what you do. and I really hope you step up your game because I'd personally like to try playin a real game with you. I have no proof, I have no evidence of any of this which will probably bite me in the ass later, but I hope you realize that you have affected the little time I spend on the server and maybe a few others too. Whoever reads this and disagrees or agrees with me please don't send hatred towards Fronzie or I. I don't wish for any demotions of any sort. I just wish for a few actions to change. Thanks for the time, - Niko
  4. Butt salon is alive?
  5. qq I said CSGO Devis. its what i get for being kinda drunk
  6. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Niko Koi Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:57608780 Banned: No Previously in xG: Yes Active on Teamspeak: Yes Age: 14 Further Information: Uh. Im board and I want to be with my friends again cuz I cri everyday because they in xG and im not. and that rejects and bello wont stop telling me to join xG again. So I love you all and I wish to be accepted in once again c:
  7. Recently I've decided that I no longer want to be apart of the xG crew. Its nothing to do with the people or the servers, both are amazing in equal matters. In the past I've done some pretty shitty things that will forever as I play other games. The things that I've done to people not only effected me but it effected them. And since I'm a person who doesn't like making people feel bad I especially in my home clan. A lot of people will give me shit about how I got no life because I have friends over the internet and what not. but to me these people that I've shared fun times with will always be remembered as friend. I will no longer be playing on any of the xG servers for my reasons only. I really wish the best for everyone. Id like to give some thanks and some comments to my friends since i'm leaving. @Snipes was one of my very first friends and I'll always remember him. @CoolyCooly The definition off funny and cool but dumbass and retarded in another way ;P @Rejects The person I would screw with the most and have a good laugh at the end with. @BelloWaldi Get your damn gems. Ill miss you. @Slengineer1851 Congrats on making it into xG :D, Knew you for a short while but you're one hell of a guy @StarmiX A person I will remember very much since he never let me rebel in jailbreak ;-; @Jpie112 Scottish guy with a 50. cal penis. @Hachi Im sorry. @John_Madden The person people would tell me to bitch about, but yet I never did because he was always doing his job the real way. You grew close to me Origins. Ill remember you. and last but not least. @kbraszzz The guy that would make my experience on tf2 a hell a lot more fun. We had our fair share of story exchanging and funny moments. Kbrazzle was the brother I never had. Always will be in my heart. I love you all. Thanks -Niko
  8. Very nice and very friendly. +1 A: 8/10 M: 9/10
  9. Ill miss you in xG alot Forge ;-;
  10. Active, Friendly, Uses Mic alot. Very very mature and knows all the rules by heart. Also is a super funny guy :P +1 A: 9/10 M: 10/10
  11. Very nice person and very mature and active. Should start using his mic though. He doesn't have to care about what people think of him. All about the game buddy. +1 A : 9/10 M : 9/10
  12. I bet their are so many type-os, tough shit its 1 in the morin <3