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  1. i have learned the error of my ways from now on i will stick to dirty, muddy, cheesy, or slimy toes when needed thank you, one day i hope we all can enjoy toes as one
  2. -1 mostly since people need to learn to relax and ignore someone if they're saying words they don't like. If someone is going out of their way to harass someone else with the terms then yeah, punish them for that, but if simply seeing the word 'faggot' or so on causes you to stop functioning or just start hyperventilating then I don't know how you survive browsing the internet, unless you confine yourself to xG servers and sites only. It's not the same as going to a workspace in real life or being stuck around actual people that are tormenting you or calling you those things and whatever else, it's just people playing on a video game server. Plus, if you ban one thing you may as well start banning every other offensive word now that could be deemed rude or mean towards a group of people, or just anything rude altogether, servers are already pretty strict compared to some others with how it's currently ran, don't think they need to be made even more strict, just deal out punishments to the individual people that are trying to harass rather than limiting more words for everyone. Don't want this to become something like Twitter where you can't breathe without someone losing their minds.
  3. Reptile


    congrats on mod ?
  4. Depends on what genres you like the most.
  5. Video games, doze, cause frustration, collect dice, eat pretzels.
  6. +1 There's ways to lessen the spam of level ups and so on if that's a concern so I don't see why it couldn't be put in.
  7. Reptile

    Restore old forums

    Give me back profile music or perish
  8. The original Paper Mario, Super Mario World, and Yoshi's Island are some that take me back most.
  9. Favorite map was apadiel for the aesthetic, though that has been gone for a while. Other than that, favorite map is nimbus for the chaotic nature of it or rusty bucket bay.