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  1. soxy

    haha your photo is amazing XD
  2. best friends 4 lyfe
  3. yeah @Rejects and @Kypari were great moderators
  4. Gratz! @Rejects @bagel @Kypari @Sylux @Thunder @Tatost @Healix RIP @Skeletal @Elcark @sick41057 @ThunderLimes @Vacindak @Healix @Kypari @Rejects Old images, but relevant.
  5. @Ruby_da_Cherry :emoji_black_heart: nohomo and stop ddosing me
  6. Grats, Wyverness! I'm sure you'll make a good addition to the team! ;)
  7. -1 for now, once you get back for real and i see you more/are more active i'll change it to a +1
  8. +1 Sure, can't hurt to give it a go, we have 1 or 2 servers that could do with repurposing anyway.
  9. LMAO, he wasn't hacking, if he's a hacker then I must be Robin Walker. I played with him earlier, his shots were ocassionally headshots but mostly bodyshots and SMG kills. +1 for unban.
  10. Scribblenaughts avatar?
    1. Forge


      what, no its sombra
  11. -1 Demoted recently and hardly see you on the servers. M:7 A:5
  12. -1 Keeps begging for submissions on the server, not very mature tbh. A:7 M:5
  13. We may have had our differences @Egossi, but I deeply respect you for doing this, truly.
  14. Actually, no i don't have secret insider information, @Bello but thanks for confirming that they have been given multiple warnings in the past. So if they have infact received warnings before why are they again receiving another warning?
  15. So... higher ups who have received multiple warnings for multiple cases of inactivity get another warning? With respect, someone please explain this to me and everyone else who wants to know? @Aegean