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  1. Elcark


    I know you're not around often to see it so I will explain that surf is where I spend probably almost half my time on the servers, and lately I have spent a significant amount of time going to ones I otherwise wouldn't at the time specifically to keep an eye on certain individuals over these last several weeks for this purpose. It's regrettable that we are not on at the same time or if it's that I don't notice when he is on (really, I haven't seen him on any server once whenever i'm on despite his hours), but I think you're viewing this all as something it is not by claiming i'm being too hasty in my decision. This is not some cut and dry ordeal where I am straight up denying him staff. I've already stated i'm hopeful to see more out of him so that he could possibly show that he is capable, but also that I can't change my mind without either seeing this or it being shown to me. That's why this whole process is open like it is, to give time for him to show improvement or whatever need be and for people to show if that exists or not on applications for it. A major point in what I said earlier can be summed up in this- There was nothing in the statements against tuna that made you think he didn't deserve staff, but there's nothing in the statements for tuna that have made me think he does. I know you aren't trying to start poop (s h i t, I'm tired of seeing "poop") and just are defending your friend, and I respect what you're trying to do because of that. It's because of that respect though that I haven't pried at you to explain your defense for him, I definitely believe you think he would make a good staff member, but I hold that same regard for everyone else too which is why I've been defending against calling people out to explain. If people want to, it will help this discussion in either respect which is why I have both times explained my point of view, but no one is required to either.
  2. Elcark


    This is itself an opinion, whether you choose to agree with it or not. Frankly I do not at all. Maturity is not some base standard that you have and only lack if you do something to lose it. It's a construction of your behavior, and as such can only exist in a positive light if constructed positively first. You do not describe someone as being mature until they've done something that makes you believe they in fact are. Just as much as you or anyone who shares the same opinion on tuna as you are not going to be moved by such simplicity as "-1 immature", someone who holds an opposite opinion isn't by "+1 friendly", and someone who doesn't know or have an opinion to hold of him isn't likely going to be moved significantly in either direction by both statements. You're very correct that staff privileges shouldn't be held lightly and denied on a debately mediocre statement alone, but they shouldn't be given based on such a statement either. This is why vouches despite being a way for people to express their opinion on someone are more used to show how this person reflects on others in their actions but don't individually tip scales from simple pluses and minuses the same way it did in membership apps. A positive vouch from a friend isn't always going to have as much weight to it as say one from someone who may have disliked tuna in the past but believes they have improved vastly. A negative vouch from someone who has disliked tuna isn't going to have as much weight as someone who has not known them for long but had nothing but unpleasant experience with them. Regardless of how right or wrong on some opinionated scale someone may be in their vouch, they are still entitled to express it and just as valid as the next person who doesn't back up what is ultimately just their opinion. As to my thoughts on those specific examples of "controversy" you mentioned, you said yourself he did not start anything in skelly's thread and even though he may have been the catalyst for the conflict there, he did not create it himself (like kypari said he stepped back after both he and skelly had been warned over their issue far before). With krampus's thread, regardless of intent it was handled very poorly by everyone involved in it's conception including Tuna and certainly hasn't left the best impression because of that. Neither of these though would by why i'd be either for or against tuna getting staff. Whether someone is fit or not isn't determined by something as singular as being friendly, helpful, or having good intent, because someone could be all of these and still do an incredibly poor job at staff for alternative reasons. This is why quite often the best way to determine how someone would do is their behavior on the server over time. My experience with tuna as to that, as I said before, was entirely negative with him quite often being disdainful or even snobbish when someone breaks rules and when confronted about it would play it off as if it were a joke, effectively ignoring any criticism and at no point showing an attempt to improve on it. If he did so in private or not does not change how he handled it publicly and how that reflected his personality. I also stated that I've seen a lot of pleasantry in his behavior on discord over time and would love to see that reflect on the servers, but like I said just because someone is pleasant does not mean that they would do a good job at staff by any means. I would not vouch for someone positively myself unless I was sure that they would handle it well, and there is nothing I have experienced from tuna first hand or otherwise that shows me this would be the case.
  3. Elcark


    -1 What could have been a very simple matter today only showed that even if you're working on improving it (something that does show most the time) you still have the same issues with your anger and lashing out at people.
  4. Elcark

    sug.: "don't talk over people"

    Idealistically, yes. That being said when these accidental interruptions begin to happen several times in a row and there is nigh consistently multiple people talking whenever anyone uses the mic it becomes necessary to give these kinds of warnings as a reminder to everyone to be more courteous and aware of what is happening. The fact that it is often not intentional is why these warnings often don't have proceeding punishment, most the time no one is doing anything particularly wrong. A level of self-moderation is required to avoid these disruptions from happening though, and it's not uncommon people need a reminder to that. If someone is not going to have self control and continue to be disruptive in this manner whether or not intentional then there is no reason everyone else should have to suffer. It's the same as having a terrible quality microphone. It is on you to try and fix your mic or in this situation try and not talk over someone else. If you aren't going to fix it or you continue to interrupt people, be it intentional, due to being oblivious, or any other reason, you're going to get muted for everyone else's sake.
  5. This is in regards to several maps lacking any serious relevance to being categorized as "gaming history". Each of these three maps have been criticized extensively over time for barely being excused by to have anything to do with gaming and each have varying amounts of the map covering this criteria. So this is going to be the point to question, should what they have be considered enough? In terms of what each map actually has to offer, lets take it one at a time. Cyberpunk 2_a Music and poster images from jet set radio. Everything else on this map is custom and not taken from any game source. Bsor A partial port of bom-omb battlefield from Super Mario 64 as a semi-hidden secret location, a multi-part section based on Goldeneye, and another multi-part hallway and library based on luigi's mansion. Masscc A track based on mario kart and a very small secret minecraft location.
  6. Elcark

    Deko's Introduction

    Welcome, I hope you find yourself at home here. I haven't had the chance to meet you personally yet but you seem super pleasant!
  7. Elcark

    sug.: "don't talk over people"

    Disrespect, harassment or trolling is not tolerated and may result in a punishment. Staff are there to try and make the experience on the server as pleasant as possible. If people want to not care for that regard then that is their own issue and hardly reason for everyone else to have to suffer.
  8. Elcark


    +1 The better one A:8 M:9
  9. Elcark


    Chill. Not everyone is going to have a folder of evidence they collect against someone, especially when it's been nearly a year since they've been around much. That doesn't meant whatever has been done hasn't left a lasting impression. In the time I saw you as staff tuna, to call you great would be a bit of a stretch. You did the basics alright if not mediocre but beyond that you seemed to have some extreme problems with attitude. There was a lot of complaints I heard of in regards to it and just how you acted as staff in many situations from a variety of sources. Personally what I was able to see was that whenever confronted about how you acted, you'd be very dismissive of any of it and practically just ignore what people had to say. You also just didn't seem to have any care or effort when you would come on, but that was more towards the end before you stepped down. Over the time you've been active on discord though as onegolve said your mood has been really great and you've shown what seems like some real care for the place. Of course you haven't exactly been active on servers for awhile, but with that turning around things are looking up in general from how you were when you left. It's gonna be a -1 from me for now, but Im hopeful you can turn that around by not only being active on servers but showing that positive attitude there as well.
  10. Elcark

    Trade Server Map Request

    These two already exist for the most part on maps already on the server, Dm_mariokart (I think is the one) and abstract_augmented. I doubt there's much on these two maps that would warrant adding them so long as we have these ones as well. These I'll probably take a look at and add. The last one looks promising and I'll take your word on alley, but I wouldn't expect plaza to last long before someone cries for it to be removed. As for the Minecraft maps we've had complaints in the past about having too many (mostly considering how similar and bland many of them can be) with several having been removed before. I think most people would want to keep the selection at just the two that are currently on rotation.
  11. Elcark


    This isn't exactly the important part, it's what I said that follows. If someone reacts negatively to you calling them out for breaking rules, you seem to retort as if you're patronizing them or with an air of superiority. Sometimes people are just going to act up in these situations to purposefully cause a scene or simply put be an butt. It's important to still treat them politely regardless, with it often being easier to keep things simple if they're going to be stubborn instead of getting into an argument yourself.
  12. Elcark


    -1 With how you can be quick to call people out, you can often come off rudely if meet with any kind of disdain from doing so. I'd say it can be due to how you can act very cynical in those situations and others and overall just dont see you as that friendly to those you aren't immediately friends with. Not to say you're always an butt by any measure since you do help direct people with information when they need it, but those times you have acted less then polite have left a pretty poor taste with me. Your activity is also something of note. It's been awhile now that you can be active for periods but it's never long before you disappear usually with nearly no word at all. I would deffinitly need to be more sure that consistent activity would actually be more long term this time. These are both concerns that made me hesitant about you being staff before and the short time you were left them less then satisfied. It's because of that I'm going to be more critical about them now.
  13. Elcark


    Just a quick poke before anything here spirals more than it has, do try to keep things civil and be respectful of others statements. Anything negative here should be made as ways to improve on and everyone is entitled to their own viewpoint. Needlessly aggressive back and forth isn't going to help anyone.
  14. Elcark

    Populate jailbreak?

    I agree with a lot of this and when we've done these population nights on more then one occasion it did get good population for a few of those days, at first. The last part i mentioned is important though. There aren't enough of those dedicated regulars like there used to be, and those that are left are just too few and too unwilling to put in the effort neccissary to make something like this consistent. It always goes downhill quickly and dies out because of that. When a few other things clear up I do want to try and see a more regular population event of sorts going on if we can make it work, but one that rotates focus and isn't for jailbreak alone (make zombie fortress great again).
  15. Elcark

    Had a little fish fry

    Not a fan of catfish but those are some great catches, congrats. Makes me want to head "up north" fishing again soon.