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  1. Elcark

    Chicken, Beef, Or Pork?

    It's the better category. Shrimp, lobster, crab, salmon, these are the good animals for consumption. Otherwise, Beef and pork > chicken.
  2. Elcark


    First off, could you prove that? Otherwise there's not much reason to assume it's true. Secondly then he'll just get banned again, simple as that. This is about giving a second chance and if he chooses to fuck it up again that's his choice, but since he already spent a fair amount of time banned he should be able to have that choice.
  3. Elcark


    To explain what happened a bit since this isn't the most clear; Mjp was gagged for spamming on the discord, after which he began to spam people in the discord individually through dm's, so he was banned. Admitting to and apologizing for fucking up post punishment doesn't undo it, and you should still receive your punishment. That being said, it has been a fair amount of time (a month or so I believe?) and I'd probably lean towards an unban for now, though with the next case being a more permenant ban.
  4. Elcark

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    And that is your view point, but clearly from the way it has been treated as well as other offensive words by a great deal of other people, not a universal opinion. Why should someone be needlessly limited to what they can and can't use by grounds that they must be absolutely using it in a derogatory sense when the word is viewed by the greater part of society not to be limited in such a manner (While other derogatory slurs again such as nigger are, which is why they aren't allowed)? It also brings us right back to how there is any number of insults that people will feel ridiculed about and have similar connotation (autistic/retard) and trying to go through and censor every one of them is an implausible task. Only going through and limiting certain ones would only be doable by personal opinion and not actual view-ship of how the words are treated as we already do censor in that way, being those extreme taboo racial and ethnic slurs. Having an environment where people are going to be immune to ridicule is entirely impossible, which is why staff exist in the first place. Unless staff are incapable of maintaining this environment without imposing ever increasing strictness on everyone, there's no reason to do this. Making people welcome goes both ways as well. People need to both be able to be treated with respect but also have the liberty to do as they please so long as they uphold this first part. If the time having faggot allowed has shown anything is that it is entirely plausible for the word to be used openly without violating that first aspect, otherwise it would have been cracked down on far sooner.
  5. Elcark

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    List of disability-related terms with negative connotations - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Please ban every word in this list. The terminology of a slur is incredibly broad, the concept of banning all slurs is not as simple as disallowing a small handful of words. Cunt is a genderphobic slur. Tranny is a sexual slur. Cheesehead and hillbilly are ethnic slurs. Disallowing the great variety of words that can easily be defined as a slur is something that has been in the community narrowed down to a number of notable ethnic slurs, but why is that? As far as I believe, expectations of behavior derived from societal norms. It is not uncommon to see a variety of words such as bitch and fag that can be defined as slurs be used openly to an extent they are words you can hear multiple times a day and nothing would be out of the norm. Breaking out some of the more notorious racial slurs such as chink, kike, or nigger are not something you will see used at all by a much greater extent and are viewed negatively practically universally. Ethnic slurs like this have a much stronger taboo rooted to them that sees even uttering them as unacceptable, a taboo which faggot does not have to the same extent. Famous pieces of literature such as "To Kill a Mocking Bird" and "Huckleberry finn" (and other works of Mark Twain I believe) have received such censorship over these slurs to see them banned from schools in more then one occasion, while this is not the case for sexual and gender slurs. To put it simply, faggot is just not seen negatively to the same extent as the aforementioned racial and ethnic slurs by society as a whole. The etymology of the word faggot has received harsher criticism over time of course, but so have a great many. Autistic is very often used in an equally negative sense and is viewed harshly because of this. The same goes for retard, though to a much greater extent in recent times to the point the word is discouraged to be used entirely in some places even when not used in a direct negative way. Banning faggot would be hypocritical in itself if we did not take into consideration other words that exist on similar levels of disdain within society these days, but what is the likely hood that this community is going to view such words in such an extreme light? This community has spent at least two years functioning fine in this same mindset that faggot does not necessarily quantify the same connotation as the racial slurs we don't allow. It by all means can and is used in an insulting and disrespectful manner, just like practically anything can, and the situations that this happens have always been handled appropriately without having to resort to such an extremity as this. The only reason I would personally feel it is a necessary act would be if we believed either the community was incapable of behaving in a mature enough manner to use this word without absolutely meaning it to be derogatory or if it was believed our staff were incapable of properly knowing how to differentiate between the two cases. Otherwise, it is straight up a matter of constraints on the entire population for the personal felt benefit of a smaller portion. The phrasing "xG is becoming safe space" is an extreme way of expressing it's intended concept, but in this case at it's root that phrasing is entirely accurate.
  6. Elcark

    Get Rid of new RTD

    Not necessarily. The prospect of new effects is pretty neat and the plugin being newer could possibly have better functionality. We should keep the new version, it just needs to be adjusted and fixed for better compatibility with the server before being used (assuming it can be).
  7. Elcark

    Get Rid of new RTD

    This shouldn't even be a thread. The plugin needs to be looked at role by role so that those that need to be altered or disabled can been done before throwing them on the server and it especially should have been removed when the more damaging exploit became obvious until that can be fixed.
  8. Elcark

    add those map to tgh

    You're missing the point that all the maps you mentioned have an actual design and aesthetic to them. They are unique from any other map in design from their appearance to their layout. This map here is made effectively from the same single stock tf2 asset over and over and has the visual creativeness of droping a bunch of legos on the floor. There's nothing that makes this map actually distinguishable.
  9. Elcark

    New plugins

    I don't think a minecraft plugin would be exactly compatible....
  10. Elcark

    add those map to tgh

    We've removed several minecraft maps before and kept the two we have because they are generally considered better than most and that most are very mediocre and similar. There really is no harm in adding this one to see though and i'd consider +1ing it based on the quality of the map itself as opposed to it being "another minecraft map". The second map is literally just a bunch of crates. That is probably the most bland uninspired thing I've ever seen suggested for the server.
  11. Elcark

    New plugins

    It doesn't serve any function besides spam. I could be wrong, but as far as im aware it doesn't do anything besides fill up chat. I'd rather not even get into the more dilutable problems that already people are edging towards about this but do honestly think this fosters away from the "for everyone" feel to the servers since there will undoubtably be people who turned away from first impressions of the implications of what the servers are like because of something like this. Having new things to spend credits on is something sought after in general, it's just a matter of what since something like new titles aren't exactly all that enticing. There was a few concepts debated in the past with the most prominent being "auras", which are actually available on the csgo servers but never worked right on tf2 from what I know.
  12. Elcark

    Promotions and Demotions #204

    Not at all, I did really enjoy it and spent some time considering before leaving. Leaving boiled down to activity though as around mid July I was not getting nearly what I thought was adequate for what was needed of me due to a handful of reasons. It was an issue not likely to turn around magically so I didn't want to risk going entirely inactive while still having responsibility. @Sesh
  13. Elcark

    In regards to banning hackers

    It never was undone, this is how it has always been treated (with demo's always being strongly urged even when either of the other requirements are meet). Having evidence for suspicion for hacking isn't equivalent to actual proof nor is it an exact science telling when someone is. People do and always have recorded demos for these situations, but that doesn't remove the margin for error of just straight up being mistaken.
  14. Elcark


    If he is actually recognizable absolutely, lots of people have accused him of such and quickly turned around when they realize it is him (same for other decent players on the server before such as bless). When he is under a completely random alias, a private profile, and appearing like some of numerous hackers that visit the server though, that makes it pretty much impossible for anyone who doesn't have him added to actually be able to identify him under this presumption.