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  1. If lacking a substantial amount of people on the server was reason to not have one running then a good number of ours would be put down. If anything the fact that people will just wander in and out of any mge server actually could work in it's favor in comparison to the other options. All three are niche (or a niche inside of a niche for skill surf) but when it comes to jump and skill surf people are going to be more inclined to find an established and populated server which makes it much more important for those ones to have a lot of support backing them to reach that level of appeal. Since they are both currently getting less support by the community then mge, which numerically isn't getting an incredible amount of support itself, that's not very likely to happen. At that rate it's probably better to go with a server that even if it isn't going to help the community grow people that have shown interest can still get some use out of and will likely have more random players passing by then another dead server that didn't have a sustainable population to deal with competition. Of course a lot of these issues could be ignored entirely by running any and all or these through the gamemode rotation server while actually having a chance at improving that server along the way.
  2. @Red @DepressedNeonNepp Seriously, both of you, kiss and make up. Congratulations, you've both acted like pricks to each other and continue to for that reason. With how unbridled both of you have been it doesn't make a lick of a difference who started what or said that, all that matters now is who decides to actually be the bigger man and just stop vs who keeps up this unsavory pettiness.
  3. Meeting rudeness with more rudeness. You're not exactly orchestrating the best cycle there. @Topaz has the concept pretty spot on and while I'd say people were a bit overboard with jumping on your actions, it wasn't meant with the intent to beat you down, but just the consequences of what happened. It was a situation to take a step back and learn from, but how you've chosen to retaliate here doesn't exactly scream personal improvement.
  4. That statement was directed at @SegFault since he believed your remarks towards sorcerer were solely rested on the situation sorcerer himself caused which makes sense considering seg was only involved after that point. The examples of how you acted to him in the snippets above though occurred well before that is what was being explained. Ultimately though whatever reason you may have had to initially dislike him doesn't formulate an excuse to act distastefully in retort any more then excusing it within the lines of "I broke a rule cause he broke a rule". With what @Chrono tacked on with your behavior on the forums and how that example itself being entirely unprovoked it makes it hard to heartily trust that your actions haven't been mostly abrasive towards others, taking back to the second situation with luxuria it's hard to accept you weren't targeting him in any way when you harked back on that specific situation in a fairly horrendous way. I do appreciate how you've come forward about all of this but there's sadly no reasoning this kind of behavior. How in the hell does owning up after being outed measure up to taking responsibility? While there's situations that he isn't the only person acting poorly to say that's been the case every time in this month long situation is an ignorant stretch. Do you understand the purpose of highlighting at all? The chatlogs are available to anyone if you'd like to poke through and defend the things he has said instead of just leaving a passive remark to the validity of him very clearly acting in ways against the rules. A lot of what involved the actions of other people has already been discussed at this point and even in the cases, as already stated, he wasn't the only person acting poorly that doesn't mean that he wasn't still acting poorly nonetheless. Now I'm taking this part entirely second hand but I BELIEVE the point of it is that he is effectively trying to purposefully trick and distract staff into suspecting him of cheating, not that he actually is in any manner. In other words an in server variant of a troll calladmin. Now whether this was his intent (I'd honestly assume not) or if it was actually to any extent that would demand valid suspicion from staff compared to obvious joking around, I can't say myself, but that's just explaining why his usage of an alt was being gone into.
  5. That's taking the context backwards since as deplorable the situation was for both sides revolving that particular comment, red had already been going at him before it was said. I'd say this is both an exaggeration to an extent, and personally not even accurate as a generalization. If membership was viewed with this kind of extreme in mind then it would be a different story when some people have been denied membership multiple times until they succeed only on the forth or fifth attempt. While this has been the way things were pushed for certain membership removals at a point it was taken more seriously, membership is viewed a lot more lightly since people no longer needed any form of backing to get in (hence why it was claimed as easier to lose) there's also cases of the opposite such as with @Tatost having his membership removed then reinstated within a month and even voluntarily giving up membership and then accepted back with open arms afterwards. I have full doubts of anyone looking at repercussions here that harshly and instead see it as a need for a behavioral adjustment if members are going to be held to any kind of a standard. I may not have been in favor of removal of red's membership, but went into detail because I would think it nice to have a more concise ideal for when membership should come into question instead of the contradictory attitude that has been expressed overtime. Whether that would be having a higher (but at least layed out) standard for members, a more passive attitude and only holding removal for the most extreme of situations (kinda where I'd prefer things) or somewhere in between by bringing the idea of different types of membership back to light (really not in favor of this as it could end up being rather underdevloped and unfair).
  6. Then we have an empty server under a new name. If the payment for the server is an issue then could it not just be expunged as opposed to having more unused servers to spread out an already limited population? Setting up an entire server for a single purpose should take a note worthy desire for it but also the bodies to back it up, something that has been lacking in consistency with our more niche servers for the last year and a half.
  7. Division Team Fortress 2 Offenders In-Game Name Red Offender's Identity STEAM_0:1:52947739 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence As a mild disclaimer i'm making this in place of someone who would rather remain anonymous in the ordeal, so ideals and opinions will waver slightly. Of course it's what everyone else feels that is important, this is just to get the situation out in the open. So to through it out then, our member @Red has been acting atrociously on the servers as of late. It was first brought to my attention when he and the player yunyun both straight up drove someone off the server and then more and more complaints have been addressed about his behavior. Overall he has constantly acted with disrespect (to put it very lightly) towards all sorts of people on the server, repeatedly used slurs when staff aren't on and apparently trying to bait staff into believing he is a hacker including using an alt to this end (I haven't been able to get a clear answer to if it was positively his own alt, so until a higher up checks such a thing take that piece with a grain of salt). Pieces from chatlogs There's the straight forward call for a ban of some kind to take place for all this here, but there's more being asked here then just that. Red's membership is being brought into question for this in terms of being flat out removed. Now i'm going to go ahead and make this more complicated then it has to be and bring up a few aspects in accord to this idea. First of all, there's been many cases of members acting in similar ways and in the more extreme cases it being acknowledged as problematic enough to the point of them getting banned themselves (more than once for some) yet their own membership never came into question. There's never really been a high demand of membership removal for issues of behavior outside of far fewer situations but at the same time there's always been a general claim to the standard at which members are held as representatives of the community and how one should behave in regards to that. If this kind of behavior was done by someone applying for membership today, they would absolutely be denied for it. Now Red has been a member for quite some time and would have received it at a time where it wasn't handed out quite as lightly as it is now, but that brings into question how much merit can be attributed to the difference in how membership is handled now compared to before. In regards to membership when the changes occurred, there was two things stated; membership while easier to receive would also be easier to lose, and also that there would be some differentiation in membership through some form of "senior" membership or some similar method. Whether this was dropped for reasons pertaining to avoiding a divide between membership or if it was simply forgotten about, it's never been cleared to much of an extent at all from @virr @Rhododendron and @Aegean where how this has been passed up for some many people in the past stands between actual trust and merit someone has earned vs turning a blind eye. A far more simple way of viewing this though would be a matter of if this kind of behavior on the servers should be tolerable for any one of our members who represents the community as a whole through such actions.
  8. Looking at the old thread there seemed to be a significantly greater support for an MGE server than any other option, though there's also the point made by @LAN_Megalodon in how when the gamemode server ran MGE it barely saw any traffic at all. I'd be very concerned though of either of the other two choices leading to a split between the surf population which considering what has happened when people try to populate multiple servers or worse yet bounce from one to another would likely only hurt both servers. Even when people do have some sparking interest in niche aspects like this around xG, it's typically very passing and people lose interest before anything actual picks up. If there's any actual large call for any specific niche gamemodes like this it seems like a much more sound idea to be using the gamemode server for again instead setting up a whole extra server that will only likely be empty within a month from such a method, especially considering these ideas are pretty much what that server was made to exist for. Of course leaving the "rotation" gamemode server as balloon race forever is also an option.
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    Please take me with away from here
  10. Spam isn't so easily defined. There's a vast amount of ways that it is interpreted by different people and places, most of which are intentionally vague to cover the different ways in which it can happen. In this particular situation posting multiple different threads or posts that are very brief and for the most part seemingly random in short succession is very much considered spam and frowned on, even if you don't personally consider it to be. There's no need to increase the number of posts to apply for staff for the reason of spam since it is easily rooted out and hurts the applicants chances more then anything.
  11. There's better ways and places to say not only this but all the other threads, which are the reason people are saying this is spam, not this thread by itself. No one is trying to shut him down for trying to be helpful, but because of the overall situation that is becoming a fair bit bothersome. I mean not everyone is going to love each other, but since you are obviously trying to get staff I really suggest you look at your attitude. The whole point of requiring 50 forum posts before you can apply is for you to show some commitment to the clan but garnishing posts by themselves though is minuscule in terms of importance compared to other factors namely being your behavior. Even if you don't like someone you should still address them with some respect and in general not be flat out rude.
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    That was the whole point of clarifying (yeah outdated wasn't the most savvy phrase since everything there is still accurate, but hasn't changed besides one unrelated detail since being set up when membership was changed a year and a half ago (a decently long time around here), with people still showing confusion over this minor part on and off). It is a bit of a stretch in terms of just how encouraged they are though considering just how little they've been used since that point. A vouch is a vouch, no matter how big or small. Obviously greater detail and thought put into them is encouraged as it is with all things and could be a contributing factor to one vouch holding more sway with people than others (hardly the only factor though) but that shouldn't undermine other vouches nonetheless. Every member gets the opportunity to give their two cents, even if they aren't as articulate as others.
  13. Elcark


    Keep in mind maturity and activity ratings have not been a necessary part of vouching for quite some time, with it falling out almost entirely when member applications were changed signficanlty. They were only used sparingly more as novelty than anything by a handful of people and only more recently became common practice again. It isn't too surprising either since they are eaisly the least helpful part of a vouche, only reaffirming what was already stated. Just giving this a shout out for clarification since some people have been concivened it is still required, though it doesn't take much looking at old apps to realise that isn't the case (despite what the old, out-dated guideline that no one reads anyways says)
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    You can't get flooded by a bot you don't care for if it isn't there in the first place. More to the point of what was said, if the bot actually were added it would be far more optimal to give it it's own channel instead of cramming it in the other bot spam channel, especially when there's people who do use the Pokecord that have expressed their own disinterest in this one.