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  1. Sodium

    yadingo - Counter-Strike

    +1 Pretty cool guy, even if he impersonated me. (I’ll never forgive you!)
  2. Sodium

    Which one is the best game?

    CSGO definitely. I've also never played TF2 though, but it doesn't seem like a game I would enjoy. also I don't want to become a furry
  3. Sodium

    The future of xG

  4. Sodium


    Any help deciphering this message?
  5. Sodium

    The future of xG

    I can hear this picture
  6. Sodium

    The future of xG

    I like where this is going. +1 for Co-Leader
  7. Sodium


    Yeah it's just 1 person who is left alive
  8. Sodium


    I legitimately didn’t micspam. You love comparing this to what I did to Danny, but it’s nothing like it. As for “spamming the chat” I asked you about Fallen like 2 or 3 times, said hahahahahah when you died once and said ScottNi more like Badni
  9. Sodium


    Just go here me so I could post our steam messages to show I never spammed him in those either
  10. Sodium


    I understand this, I am just proving my point of your consistent lying about my behavior towards you (as in how you said I "spammed" you when none of that happened) As well, I looked at the chat logs, and I asked you why Fallen (the Minecraft town) was liquidated twice, as I didn't know why at the time. I also said "ScottNi more like Badni lmao" or something along the lines of that once as a joke.
  11. Sodium


    I’ll show you all of our discord messages since he got mad at me.
  12. Sodium


    First of all, I did not spam you on discord OR steam, if you are going to accuse me of that, show me proof. Second of all, @Hg2CI2 never told me to stop, and even told me to continue. and third of all, I didn't mic spam whatsoever, I simply asked like twice why you liquidated Fallen. So please don't lie about me spamming you.
  13. Sodium


    This is going to be a strong -1 on my part. ScottNi and I were close friends for a good portion of the 4 months I have played on this server. When you first meet ScottNi he seems like a nice, warmhearted, and caring person on the outside, but once you get to know him he is an entire different person. Once you get to know him he is a hotheaded, uptight, and short tempered. I always saw the nice and caring half of Scott while playing Jailbreak with him, but then we started to play on the MC Division. Everything went fine, until I started to deviate from doing exactly what Scott wanted me to do. I started have fun, mine by myself, farm XP, and do other Minecraft things. Scott was not okay with this. He would only want me to do what HE wanted to do, and got mad at me for playing other games, or playing on another Minecraft server. Scott soon after invited me back to the town on Minecraft, but kicked me again, and now dislikes @Hg2CI2 because he was made at OnlyaLittleGay, because he wouldn't give him the schematics for something. (an Enderman farm I believe) I don't believe that ScottNi has the tolerance to be a mod, and is too short tempered to moderate well.
  14. Sodium

    Biscuits - Counter-Strike

    Chill dude +1 M:7 A:8 By the way, congrats on -100 reputation @Lottamos
  15. Sodium

    PolarCoded - Counter-Strike

    +1 He’s a nice guy. M:10 A:7 100% agree.