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  1. +1 this man dangerous
  2. Sodium

    On a Scale 1-10

    You uncultured swine, WHAT ABOUT WOOPX
  3. Thank you for your services.
  4. Why does almost everyone have a modified version of Danny’s profile picture? I am very confused please explain.
  5. Sodium

    Curse me out

    I win by default. Where are my hats James?
  6. Sodium

    Curse me out

    I’m glad your dad beat you and your mom instead of cancer.
  7. +1 Pretty cool guy, even if he impersonated me. (I’ll never forgive you!)
  8. CSGO definitely. I've also never played TF2 though, but it doesn't seem like a game I would enjoy. also I don't want to become a furry
  9. Sodium


    Any help deciphering this message?
  10. I can hear this picture
  11. I like where this is going. +1 for Co-Leader