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Re-balancing useless weapons

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We've been able to add custom stats to weapons for a while, and while I've stated that I don't really like straying from vanilla tf2, I think a great way to give the trade servers some extra pizzazz is to give some of the worst and least used weapons some sort of functional utility. 

Once again, I don't like the idea of removing aspects of the game that people would normally play with. Even though I hate the scorch shot, I would not advocate that we change its stats to be shit because that'd only alienate players who'd like to use it. But in cases like The Volcano Fragment, Reskins, or weapons that are just so awful nobody wants to use them anyway, I think it would be cool if we could collectively try to give them some unique utility. The community would also have absolute say over the stats of a weapon via voting, which is something in tf2 you don't generally experience. Normally it can often take months or years for broken experiments to finally be fixed, but with community involvement it lessens the chance of something going horribly askew, and even if it does it's easily reversible. 

But mostly I just think it could be fun.

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56 minutes ago, you get a gold star ⭐ said:

I don’t understand the classic meme, is it a meme because it’s so bad or is it a meme because it encourages bodyshots?

I personally use it because low damage 

Tf u mean the classic encourages headshots tf

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