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Initiating TF2's New Pop Events

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For the precursor of discussions prior to this one, see the "TF2's Pop Events & Their Future" and "In Regards to TF2's Future" threads.

After great amounts of discussion with @Tekk and myself, we've decided to better outline the entirety of the new TF2 Population Events, by both compiling information already stated, as well as introducing some new variables into the equation.

Firstly, what we've already announced:

  • TF2 Pop Events will occur every Monday each week.
  • Pop Event giveaways will be more meaningful, as once per month, on a randomly selected pop event, there will be a chance for much better rewards; new Donor group with cosmetic rewards, a custom title voucher, and a title exclusive to giveaways are all a small part of what can be expected of these deluxe giveaways.
  • There is now a TF2 Population Role on Discord, which has been seeing amazing amounts of use, and will continue to do so to notify those of population events.

Next, here is the new information:

  • The Pop Events will take place around 6:30 PM EST consistently, in order to maintain a consistent and premeditated yet smooth schedule.
  • yes we know about the economy bug please for the love of god stop

If any questions, comments, feedback, etc. remain, please comment below and hopefully @Tekk @ABlueSkittle123 or myself can answer. Beginning next week, 8/5/19, these new pop events will begin.

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