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  1. ABlueSkittle123

    I am stepping down

    You better take care of yourself pal, you are one of the few people that was really kind to me when I initially joined the server, and I am not going to forget that. We better stay in touch because I do want to make sure you are doing alright. Good luck with everything pal, I only wish the best for you! Stay safe and stay well.
  2. ABlueSkittle123

    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

    Have you seen my laptop? It can barely even boot up photoshop, every time I do its on the verge of getting a blue screen, you don't know how bad a laptop really can be, and I have almost no storage space.
  3. ABlueSkittle123

    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

    Even if I do I will still probably not have enough space, and besides a potato can barely run tf2, I doubt my laptop can even open csgo.
  4. ABlueSkittle123

    CS:GO is now FREE TO PLAY!

    Still not gonna play csgo just because it will take all of my storage space and make my laptop catch fire B)
  5. ABlueSkittle123

    Stepping down

    What can I say, to me you were more than just a staff member. You were and still are an amazing role model to me, and I bet many others, and you are a great friend, more than I could have ever asked for. You have brought my darkest days into bright lights and you made my life so much better. You have also inspired me to become a better person and to always stay happy no matter what. I'm sorry about my past mistakes and I would like to apologize for every time I wasn't there for you, because you were always there for me. You stay amazing and please be safe, to me you are a savior, and I can't thank you enough for it. Its been a long run but its been a great one. I wish the best and only the best for you, because you are one of the few who deserve to have the best. Until next time we meet. So long old friend. I hope we stay in touch. Cheers to your amazing run in xG, and on behalf of the tf2 division I think I can say that we all love you and we all hope nothing but the best for you. Goodbye old friend for now, and do message me every once in a while. :)
  6. ABlueSkittle123

    TrashPanda - Team Fortress 2

    I would give it a +1, this guy is actually really nice and I have seen him all over our servers, he is actually also interested in learning how to surf and all that jazz, but over all one of the nicest and mature person I have ever seen, good luck with your mod app!
  7. ABlueSkittle123


  8. ABlueSkittle123

    What's your favorite drink?

    Not Alcohol: Green Protein Shake for when I go on my early morning runs (get S W O L E), other than that I drink water. Alcohol: I am too young for that and nor do I ever plan on drinking alcohol.
  9. ABlueSkittle123

    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    Greatly improved. Very nice to talk to and doesn't hesitate to help enforce the rules. He has been a great help for me explain rules when I was online. Overall the improvement from you has been excellent. Easy +1, best of luck my friend! A: 9 M: 8.5
  10. ABlueSkittle123

    Random Crits on Surf

    Couldn't of said it better than that, and I also forgot to mention something important, the negativity bias. The negativity bias declares "Your brain is simply built with a greater sensitivity to unpleasant news." Which means that the overall the random crit will effect the person that got hit by the random crit more than the positive feeling the person who got the random crit thus leaving an overall worse feeling compared to before.
  11. ABlueSkittle123

    6s Tournament

    I would love to do this. Be it I would be the kid who gets picked last onto a team (assuming people even want me on a team), never the less I think this would be awesome. I would love to try out a 6s comp match from xG.
  12. ABlueSkittle123

    Random Crits on Surf

    Random crits? Keep them or no? This argument was brought up on tgh and we managed to remove the last bit of random crits from tgh so why not try and have is be done to surf too?
  13. ABlueSkittle123

    Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

    For one, I love this game, always has been one of my favorite and @Tatost I beat megaman 11 in 2 days. Back on topic, this game is amazing and unlike a large portion of games the story is easy to follow and really good so I would recommend for everyone to play it! Also Owl, you are not the big dumb. You are the big birb, and the best birb.
  14. ABlueSkittle123

    No Nut November

    Illegal ^^^ also why would you need to know this information?
  15. Piranha Plant H Y P E for Smash Ultimate 

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    2. Forest


      Not true. Just pick up Tekken, play as Eddy Gordo and mash buttons. Guaranteed win every time. 

    3. ABlueSkittle123


      Sad part is thats true. I mean most fighting games you get punished for mashing buttons but Gordo doesn't get punished at all, to play Gordo is the equivalent of smacking your face against a keyboard.

    4. Queelsh


      Lol if you play brawlhalla, we Shang punishing is non existant because his signs are his dodge.