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  1. I have had this coming to me. What I did was unacceptable. I craved attention which leaded to impulsive actions. I have no excuse for the scar I have left, I lied to all of you and I have no excuse for that. Like I said what I did was unacceptable, I've already removed myself from most things xG related to keep myself away and not hurt any more of you amazing people. None of you ever deserved this. None. @Kypari specifically, I hurt and said the most disgusting and horrendous things to and he never deserved that. In disgusted with myself and this is something that doesn't deserve a second chance. I lied so much I don't even know the number anymore. I don't want to hurt anyone else, I've come to terms that what I have done was wrong. I hurt all of you for no good reason. You are all lovely people and I betrayed and shattered everyone's trust. I can't redeem myself from this whole I dug myself into. I'd rather have my membership removed, powers, all of it, in exchange to never hurt any of you ever again. I lied, failed, and hurt all of you in the process. I am going to remove myself from everywhere to make sure all of you have a better times without me. +1. I have no excuses here.
  2. +1 I'd say, can be quite enjoyable to play with, though issues have shown up before between us, I believe he is improving. I want to see how this goes. Edit: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ Thanks chief
  3. ABlueSkittle123


    I don't know, this is a lot of stuff to come back from. -1 for now, I would like to see how you have changed, but as of right now its a -1 from me, feel free to Dm me in discord. ABlueSkittle123#8448
  4. Check the dates my friend, this is quote the old post @Scootaloo
  5. Okay, so this is a barely a +1 from me, heres why. Tree has clearly matured over the time he has been away, but from a very short chat I could tell that he has most definitely improved. Its obvious that he clearly would like to be a moderator but the main issue is not seeing you on servers, at least from my experience I haven't seen you on servers often, that may be due to my lack of being on xG because of school finals and all that, but never the less I would like to see you on servers more often, so if you can get your hours up and show you really want to be a mod than I would recommend to do so, best of luck with your mod application!
  6. Okay, well then tell me if this code helps you out. if (position_meeting(mouse_x, mouse_y, id)) { draw_self(); draw_sprite(spr_selected, image_index, x, y); } else { draw_self(); } With obviously plugging in your sprites and images.
  7. Okay, time to not keep this cursed streak going, I'll miss you @-Diphikult, Press F to pay respects, also Ninth.
  8. Do you use blocks or just type the coding?
  9. I am pretty good, but I dropped that language fast because I realized I wouldn't be using it commonly.
  10. Unfortunately, Yes, Yes I do know game maker language.
  11. Here we go! Alright, for the first step to improving servers I would say is to be more lenient when it comes to rules however at the same time make sure its well secured to prevent any sort of loopholing and to be as descriptive as possible because before hand there were multiple times in which something seemed like a loophole but I wasn't really sure just because it barely touched up on to that very bare bone rules of "no loopholing" if it could be more descriptive all the while removing some of the more so extra rules that aren't really needed it can allow for more freedom on servers while still keeping a very tight structure of the rules to ensure nobody slips by via barely really messing with a rule to the point where if you do an action that is unliked I can easily check against the rules and be able to decide if its a loophole, against the rules, or not, so more descriptive rules with more freedom is what I am getting at. Along with that if anyone server isn't really getting popular I believe that community hosted nights should be able to be started by admins and + to get said servers to be populated, the reason why I say this is because higher ups most of the time can't actually host a community night and if all the admins who don't have as much stress decide than servers can be up and more populated more often, the reason why I say admin and not mod is because they are obviously more trusted, I will most definitely post more ideas soon, just right now I am a bit busy with other things, also if you need help with plugins I know a thing or two (not really but I can try my best, I have the basics down lol). Good luck you guys!
  12. Congrats @Donakonda, @Meaty, and @-Diphikult. You all earned your promotions and I am really proud of you guys! As for @SegFault, I am going to miss you, you were and still are one of the biggest reasons on why I am in xG and why I stuck with it this entire time, as of lately I couldn't go on servers due to me being very sick, I am sorry that I couldn't hang out with you for that little bit longer on servers. Its been an honor, stay safe and still chat with me please. I am going to miss you.
  13. I know @YeEternalTuna was being sarcastic, I more so just took it as a way to elaborate on my previous statements, no hard feelings, I just saw you as an opportunity to voice my opinion a lil more. Along with that I agree with you, I believe they should be removed, its just already much to chaotic with bhopping and all that like Nutty said.
  14. Well you actually have to, wait for it, be able to surf enough to get those specific buffs. Its not like you join the server than suddenly gain a bunch of buffs just by being there, no you have to have the skill to actually get those buffs, and if other people want it, they have to learn how to surf properly to actually get those buffs. There is still skill involved within getting said buffs, along with that I doubt you actually read my points that I have made so I would urge you to go back and read them, because if you did you would of understood that I am talking about skill being a requirement to be able to beat other people, but by taking skill out of the equation, you get a random shit show of getting lucky and making other players have a bad time just because you clicked and for some dumb reason your shot gained triple damage. You would of also seen the negativity bias which is also another great point as to why random crits are dumb but if you don't care to read my point and more so just post something completely irrelevant then there is no point in continue this argument and explaining my views to you.