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  1. Where to even start, Alright, well I have seen you on servers and you have been nicer and overall better in general. I just would like to see you on more often, and I would like to see your improvement, I am on your side and I am rooting for you but you got to prove to others that you are not here just to mess around and mess with the community, because do remember that being a member means you are representing the community and by presenting yourself to be an immature person makes the community overall not look so good, not saying that you are immature. I would like to see your improvement in action and I would like to see you try and fix the errors of your ways and patch up your past, for now I am staying neutral.
  2. @ScottNi Fortnite runs on the Unreal Engine, I said Source engine as thats what Valve uses and due to it being a game made by Valve I thought it would be more fair to put it in that category compared to all games in general as there would be some games bound to be luck based yet popular, also the entire concept of fortnite in general is to get lucky and find good weapons. Tf2 on the other hand is much more fixated as you have one weapon and thats all you have got, and if paired against someone with the same thing at that point its all up to skill until one person gets lucky and gets some random shiny bullets or rockets and just one shots the other player. That is unfair as compared to fortnite which is just literally luck based when it comes to fighting, sure there are battles in which the more skillful player will win but if one other person has a better version of their gun due to getting lucky they have a higher chance of winning, you shouldn't compare it to fortnite although I see your point.
  3. To be fair random crits also make people leave, I recall many of times in which I have gotten a dumb random crit which I didn't deserve and just see people leave. Sure some people like to have this randomness factor in the game but never the less the negativity bias will always rule over, making the person on the end of receiving the crit, get upset and have a negative reaction which is much more strong compared to that millisecond of happiness the other person has and then immediately forgets about it while the person who received the crit ends up leaving the server due to getting hit by a glowing rocket that came out of nowhere. It just kills fun, period. No questions asked. Also name any other successful fps source game that has a randomness factor in it. Hell even the game its based off of doesn't even have random crits(Quake). This is the only one and clearly there are more people who dislike random crits to who actually enjoy them.
  4. I have made this before I will do it again, random crits are not a requirement on surf. They just ruin the fun of the server and should be disabled, if we have random crits removed on every other server, why not this server? If we remove random crits on this server I believe that it will make everyone who regularly plays on this server much more happy, my main point being the negativity bias. If you get a random crit, wow I got lucky and killed three guys out of luck, cool. That is a positive experience however that experience disappears in mere moments, however the negative experience, aka the three people on the other side of the crit got the negative experience, and those experiences last significantly longer and they sure as hell won't be forgotten, thus in conclusion it would be better to completely remove random crits from surf.
  5. Now you are not gonna believe what my favorite candy is, but it may or may not be tropical skittles, I bet you didn't expect that one!
  6. I work in a bass pro shop, at the archery range teaching kids younger than me how to use a bow, as well as 40 year olds who don't know what the string and how to use a sight. Its weird and kinda funny when you see that but it pays well for my age. It always stuns these people when they see a 14 year old pull a bow triple their bows weight and I constantly hit targets close to the center, its a fun job and the reactions you get out of the customers are perfect.
  7. So basically, @Meaty is monkey.
  8. What does thyn wish for? Heck me, you have given me the bamboozle!!!1!!111
  9. Thats an illegal move though, good sir.