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  1. Arguably the most cursed post yet most holy post I have ever seen on these forums, great job @Caleb956!
  2. This is what I feared, Caleb is wise and shall not let us be greedy @-Diphikult There is no way we can split the profit.
  3. Now I know it's not for sale, for money, but maybe I can buy it with S O U L S, and what I said still stands, I will always offer higher than Diphi, guaranty.
  4. What ever he offers I can offer higher, I promise.
  5. Same here, you seem nice, just get your hours up a little more and I will gladly +1
  6. Congrats @Meaty @Xander @Ms.Spooks on the promotions! And I will miss all you guys ( @mrnutty12, @Sora_, @Precious, @Semper) that stepped down, it has been a long run and I will miss all of you, I only wish the best for you guys and good luck with your futures. I will always have you guys in the back of my head, good luck with everything my friends.
  7. Harassment has always been a huge issue, just taking someones name and using it as an insult is not okay. Sure everyone has those snaps of rage and say something once that they regret but if you are a normal human then you apologize for it. If you don't then you shouldn't even have the right to be online. Just full on harassing people shows a lack of a brain and a lack of heart. It always pains me to see this happening that's why I have as of lately been cracking down much harder on people saying rude things to each other and throwing people under the bus or taking behind someones back as it can really effect someones mental state and can actually impact another persons life so hard to the point where they go mentally insane, thinking nothing is worth it and ending up doing something I don't wish to discuss. The sad part of it too that all of this is because a joke is being carried much to far, and it could all be stopped by an apology and ensuring to not do it again. Along with that there are places to go if you are getting harassed, go to a friend or family and talk with them about it, a huge weight will be lifted off your chest, and I want to say myself that I am always here for anyone if they want to talk or to get something off their chest, that's what I am here for. To help. If you are being harassed taking action and go get help and talk with friends about it, and a solution will always come. I won't lie I have been harassed before and I went to my friends and got the help I needed, they reassured me and helped me through everything, we came up with the idea to peer pressure the harasser into making him regret his choice to harass, be it its not the most peaceful way to do it but it stopped. In conclusion, harassment should be cracked down much harder on servers and if you are getting harassed go to someone and get help, go to a higher up and tell them what is happening as I can promise you that they can help, many people can help, just say it and things will improve, I kinda went off topic but you get what I mean, thank you @Tatost for making this post, I appreciate it, and I am sure many others do as well.
  8. Another one bites the dust, you're an amazing person and you always tried your best to help anyone. Thank you for everything my friend. Best of luck with your future, as long as I can at least stay in contact with you I will be happy. Stay well and keep on being you, as you are an amazing role model and an amazing person. I'll miss you pal, I really will.
  9. The sand lord isn't racist towards other sand, red sand is just as equal as glass, (Domesticated sand) the lord only punishes the wrongdoers and lets the innocent enjoy being sand.
  10. If you are not informed by our lord and savior sand, here is an amazing article that discusses multiple forms that our god can take and what powers it posses. Sand Types - Sandatlas WWW.SANDATLAS.ORG Illustrated overview and examples of sand types. Enjoy reading about our lord and savior, sand.
  11. jump_sitood and jump_home. Those are the only maps.
  12. ABlueSkittle123


    I just gave you another like so you don't have a negative rep anymore, your rep will go up, just be reasonable and give your opinions and suggestions politely and make small talk on the forums and your rep will go up in no time, I am glad that you asked though, its always good to learn new things!
  13. I think you meant to say Suicide Ganon/Ganoncide, you are welcome for the correction.
  14. +1, this man right here is the main reason why I still play tf2 to this day. He inspired me to become a better moderator and showed me what I need to do to succeed. This man deserves CM but hey, he decides what he wants to do, I know he can be busy at times but he at least deserves to get his old position back in my opinion.