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  1. ABlueSkittle123

    Texting and Driving

    Well, what can I say? Today on may way to get a flu-shot someone was texting and driving and collided into my family's car. Luckily my family wasn't hurt at all however, I was. My arm got a bit messed up but I am lucky enough to be able to get it back into shape in just two days. I will still be able to play on servers however most likely not be able to do much. The best I could do is stop mic-spammers/spammers in chat. Ill still do my best but don't be surprised if I am a bit slow to react to something while I am on the server. This is just my little forum post to allow for everyone to know why I may be a bit inactive for this weekend and or be a bit slow to react to situations in which I need to mute, gag, kick, etc. Thanks for reading and please never text while driving.
  2. ABlueSkittle123

    Worked on myself alot

    Well, for one I am glad to see that you are back pal. That's always good. Sorry to hear that you have been dealing with stress lately and I am glad to hear that it's gone. Tekage summed up everything I was going to say. Just make sure to do your best to be polite on the forums and in game. Overall I am just glad to have you back. If you ever want to talk or if you ever need help feel free to contact me. I'm always here for you pal. Just do your best to stay optimistic and to stay positive. I wish the best of luck for you in the future, I looked forward to seeing you online more often. Best of luck for you in the future of xG!
  3. ABlueSkittle123

    Promotions and Demotions #209

    Welcome all new members and Congrats @RealChance and @Topaz! Sad to see you step down segal, best of luck with school bud!
  4. "Bad Spelling" Do explain what I spelled wrong there. @Tatost

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Dannypicacho


      it was because you didn't say your name at the end


    3. Tatost


      Cool, we have at least one semi-competent person in the clan. Thanks for pointing it out for Skittle, Danny.


    4. Dannypicacho


      No problem @Tatost


  5. ABlueSkittle123


  6. ABlueSkittle123

    Taking a break

    Best of luck with finding a new job! Sorry to hear about you being overrun by work, I wish the best for you and enjoy your break!
  7. Just aced my S.S. test and English test. Ez Clap bois (I swear I am not copying Segal). On the other hand how is everyone else doing with school?

    1. cook


      frickin blasten it boi with that boomboom ya know gotta get those grades up you know how it us my dood

    2. Caleb956


      Straight A's, lowest grade is a 96% in one of my English college courses.

    3. ABlueSkittle123


      I know how you feel cook and jeez Caleb, good job!

  8. ABlueSkittle123


    At the current state in time I believe that you need a boost in the right direction and that you need some help to get back involved into the community. After what happened before I would say that there needs some time to go by and to show that you can be a good member. Thats why I am here to help! Like I said before I am here to help you and from my honest opinion I believe that you aren't just there yet but you are at the breaking point of being able to be a member. Just remember when in game to try and be respectful and be kind and make sure to follow the rules. I will remain neutral because I do believe that we need to get you back onto the good side of the community, not that you already aren't there its just that others tend to disagree with that statement. Im always here to help you. As of now like I said I will remain neutral but in time if you be respectful and polite in game and on the forums I believe you will have a great chance of being a member. Best of luck!
  9. ABlueSkittle123

    Good Mobile Games

    I would answer to this but I would like to know? Do you prefer grinding games, mmos, mobas, roguelike, what kind of games do you like so I can give you my best recommendation.
  10. ABlueSkittle123

    I'm back, forever

    Well I see a little bit of myself in you so I feel like I should help you out. Also whenever someone gets themselves in a bit of a position that isn't too good for them I try my best to help them out, if you ever want to talk feel free to message me.
  11. ABlueSkittle123

    I'm back, forever

    I hope you took what I said back on your leaving post with a grain of salt. We are glad to have you back and if need be I will do my best to integrate you back into the community smoothly. Best of luck with getting member back, just hope onto the servers. Be respectful, and patient and soon your time will come and I bet you will be a great member! Maybe even mod, it just depends on how you act on the servers and do think twice before saying something that you may regret. Glad to see you back!
  12. ABlueSkittle123

    What things freak you out the most?

    My biggest fear? I would have to say it would be my asthma acting up if I push myself to hard and waking up (or not) in a hospital bed, besides that there isn't anything I can think of
  13. ABlueSkittle123

    Promotions and Demotions #208

    Well I am in disbelief. I didn't expect for this to work at all just because of me thinking there was already plenty of staff. Thanks so much everyone! Also being completely and 100% honest the first thing I was going to do was slap @Owlknight_ because of him slapping me before a couple of times but thats not possible anymore. For real good job owl you earned that position and thanks to everyone who supported me for becoming a mod, it really means a lot!
  14. ABlueSkittle123

    Goodbye for (maybe) the last time

    As much as I agree with Kypari and Nebby that you don't have to leave if you feel like its a must then so be it. Always remember that xG is an open community and if you do ever get a change of mind to come back we all would gladly help you come back with open arms. The depression is something I must comment on, if you feel like leaving than so be it but if you ever get bad thoughts or just feel emotionally shattered at any point in time all of us are here for you. If you ever need to vent or talk about something that you have been meaning to get off your chest for a while I'm here for you, all of us are here for you. As of now I'm gonna miss seeing you around on tf2 servers. Best of luck with your future endeavors and if you decide to keep the membership than so be it, if not then once again so be it. Don't forget we are here for you and we will never forget you due to your great impact on the community. We are always here for you.
  15. ABlueSkittle123

    Cats or Dogs

    Ive had both doggo and catto so as someone who has had both I can say that both of them have their pros, especially a loving doggo and catto, Ive had both and can say that I can't decide, they are both amazing in their own ways.