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  1. easy


    I’m at school, only laptop I got isn’t a gaming one sugar. I have an Xbox though ? Summer 2K19 easy is coming back #maga
  2. easy


    Hey friends, been a while and just wanted to check in to see how everyone’s been and who’s still bumping around
  3. easy


    Who are you again
  4. easy


    @Aegean give me co-leader and I'll rejoin
  5. LMFAO poop stain i remember that , trolled ur ass hard
  6. I've been trying to get this poop stain out of my chair, its taking a while
  7. where the fuck are u easy. hit me up on steam bro
  8. @KendrickLlama Did you read my post? I said "Going from what I've read since I haven't been on steam or xG servers in well over a year" I didn't have all the facts, I am stating my opinion based on what I read. How should I have known he has had 300 chances with you posting little to nothing on this case other than your pictures/gifs. & I never said since he donates he knows the rules, I said the donation part because it is showing his care for this community. I said the knowing the rules part because it was stated earlier in this thread. @metalslug53 Trust me, I was a pretty big hard ass when it came to give respect, get respect when I was an admin, I'm just saying if he's "trolling" there's literally no reason to ban him since you're never going to be able to get rid of trolling & everyone trolls in their own way, whether it be to piss people off, or just in a fun manner. And I didn't basically say "He broke the rules. But he paid money, so we should ignore the rules he broke." , ^refer to above comment I don't know why he was banned other than what was stated here, like I said before. I could be completely off with what I'm saying, or there could be some people who are just overreacting. Don't put me out to be the bad guy or the asshole who is out to make everyone look bad, I'm just trying to give people fair chances and look at the bright side of some things. Lastly, based on looking at your profile showing you've only been a member since last year I don't know if you've been here quite as long, but nevertheless, you are still a valued member of the community, and I thank you for your relaxed and calm response. I am not trying to start fights with you, as you said, just trying to get to the bottom of this.
  9. What the fuck happened @Forest & @Gawd , you let xG come to this ? First off, who gives a fuck if he's rude sometimes? It's the internet get over yourselves. Everyones going to be rude, this isn't a fucking Utopian society we're in and if you truly believe that then get your head out of your ass. You guys are saying he's "trolling" when he plays, well the fucking immature kids above me posting irrelevant shit on this thread are in a sense trolling too so stop being hypocrites. Second, I get it, he evaded a ban and yes, under no circumstances are you allowed to do that otherwise it is a permanent ban, I get that, but as someone already stated he donates and he knows the rules (going from what I read, haven't been on steam or xG servers for well over a year) so why wouldn't this guy be trusted for a second chance? Yes, he was a dumbass to leave the game and evade the ban, then come back on a different account and in no way should that be tolerated, but why the fuck was he banned in the first place. He did initiate a vote to see if people didn't mind, and he did get over 70% yes, so I'm still confused on why he was originally banned... Last, for those of you who don't know me, I'm easy (EZKill), been a part of xG for about 3 1/2 years, I've been around since Operation Paperclip which 95% of you have no clue what it is, was an admin for about 1 1/2 years then left xG because of schooling, and I was busy with friends and relationships and whatnot, I had a lot of time played on the servers, and really used to be active on teamspeak, but I stopped coming around indefinitely around August last year since I had College. I resigned from admin in June of 2014 and have been in and out of the forums ever since. That's my life story here at xG, thanks. Btw, as of now, I give this guy a +1 on having no ban, since I have no clue why the ban was initiated in the first place... Note; My opinion is subject to change upon further proof/statements
  10. easy

    Where Is Everyone

    @DeathGod I dont bother getting on steam, just leave the ts here
  11. easy

    Where Is Everyone

    Whenever I get on (which is rarely) there's no one in teamspeak, and basically dead on all the servers except tf2. Where does everyone go, and play on now ?
  12. what do you mean you miss me, I'm here @Forest
  13. easy

    Be Back

    not like you did anything anyways