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  1. NoobDestroy


    not since 2013, I made an official and poorly made goodbye years ago, if I was still considered a member I was never notified or told, I just assumed if O wasn't registered as a member on the forums, I wasn't actually a member.
  2. NoobDestroy

    RIP to one of our first members

    I remember playing with him on CSS JB and Surf in early 2011, very interesting guy, and definitely deserves to be remembered as one of xG's first, its hard to forget the memories of others of back then, Ero-Sennin, Rabid, Serbian, Trollface, and Duckii just to name a few. Very sad to see indeed.
  3. NoobDestroy


    In-Game Name Semper Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member Yes Identity 0:1:37641111 Age 20 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 7 years Reason for Joining eh, someone told me to apply, I go by Semper now, but those who are from before 2013 would know me as Destroyer of Noobs Also, xG has been that home for me for awhile now, whether it was TF2 or CSS(rip) I don't really expect newer people to recognize me right away, so anyways thanks for reading my app once again, if i get in, i get in. sidenote: i've been asking for my account named to be changed for like 2 years now.
  4. 7 years on xG, been through it all!

  5. i like the trophies and medals for being here for so long, makes me glad i keep coming back to check stuff out.

  6. can like someone change my display name to Semper, unless thats a donor thing only.

    1. TheSupremePatriot


      You would need to purchase a name change with forum credits, however this feature is not available at this time as we just switched over to a new forum software and the hub isn't set up yet.

  7. NoobDestroy

    im old

    7 years of xG, recently played on a xG TF2 deathrun server and met some nice people, felt like i should drop by and say hello, from a old comrade of the CS:S and TF2 division from years ago. anyways, if you see me around, I go by Semper now
  8. yo, im lazy can someone just change my Forums account name to "Semper" plz


    1. YeEternalTuna


      That requires the usage of credits aka you have to do it yourself.

    2. TheSupremePatriot


      Name changing is unavailable at this time.  Once the Hub is rereleased in the future you will be able to use credits to buy a name change.

  9. NoobDestroy

    Just checking in

    who are you?
  10. Another year added to the list. Started playing ln xG JB CSS server in Feb of 2011. Happy new years.
  11. Can someone explain to me why I have a tag that says Friend of xG, i could probably guess why, but i still want to know.
    1. Bone


      It's the basic tag of having an account. It's essentially a step lower than Member, so kind of a "Non-member" thing
    2. virr


      Used to be called "Registed" back in the day.
    3. james8470


      You are friend! :)
  12. Rip 2011 xG, they were good memories. anyone under the 1000 member club still come here?
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    2. Aegean


      Yeah no kidding, it's a brand new atmosphere, we have some oldies from 2011 but for the most part everyone's from 2013+
    3. NoobDestroy


      i remember back when everyone lied about their age just to get in, jeez time flys. i remember the old days when i was #1 on the surf server and jb at the same time, god i had no life. also silence, ero sennin, serbian, and both duckii's just to name a few of the more well knowns from then. who else was there? billy mays? and Mad Scientist and Herpes Derpes.
    4. james8470


      He hee, I'm in the 7000's. xG has such a rich history, you should add me on Steam and tell me about some more of what it was like back in the day. :)
  13. bring back source and ill join xG again LOLOL
  14. NoobDestroy

    Hello, Im Destroyer Of Noobs

    I destroy noobs, recently as Counter-Strike: Source has been slowly dying and my old clan is fading away there isnt much out there in terms of clans i like, and since xG has always been a home for me i was considering rejoining months ago but i did'nt have time to do so. with summer on its way and school nearly ending i can finally think about rejoining the clan. last time i left the clan i kind of left a bitter attitude behind with my leaving thread/post. that was 3 years ago i believe, now im kind of lost and dont know where else to turn too, if i need to spend more time on the servers and forums i will try too. i dont want the present to make me look like im a bad person, or an attention slut, back then i was younger and reacted poorly and terribly towards almost everything. now im 18 and am less salty. if possible i would like to rejoin xG, i do have moderator and admin potential as i was an admin in my old clan. i do know how to use sourcebans.