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  1. Genocide

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    I agree with a @Shutthefuckupandleavethisdeadmemealone, anyways the rules are fine, whoever does it doesn't know the rules.
  2. Genocide

    Goodbye, for good.

    Waste of 10 Dollars, I bid you Farewell. Have fun in life, don't script on other servers now you hear?
  3. Genocide


    ??? So as a admin you'd let people get treated like shit because he is a 13 year old kid ??? Anyways Neutral, i rarely see him anyways in my perspective.
  4. Genocide


    THIS GOES TO EVERYBODY Just BECAUSE you do not like him or he isn't a good warden/guard doesn't mean you can bully and say things we don't care to know ON HIS MEMBER APP, people tend to forget that this is a MEMBER app not a damned General post, We need to know -1 or +1, yes that includes a reason, but for people to say "has no place being a member on this server" is ABSURD. Mouse is a young guy and he will mature over time, DON'T -1 him because of his age or his freaking guard skills or just because you don't like him, -1 over his basic knowledge of jb and overall status on the server. I don't know what is wrong with some of the people who posted on this app, but that shit needs to stop. Anybody is welcomed to our server, so treat him like that, treat him like a person instead of a damn animal.
  5. Genocide


    I was just saying how I've personally seen you, like I said, you might not actually be that way but that's the way I've seen you.
  6. Genocide


    I'm going to stay Neutral due to the fact that I have seen him on before but not that much plus when he is on I'm usually not on so other people might see differently then I do, there has been multiple times that I've had to remind him of the rules and he likes to try to bend rules in his favor, this is only my opinion and like I said, I don't see him much so I don't really know how much you can credit me on this. M: ?6? A: ?6?
  7. Genocide

    Report Scammers

    Welp if we are reporting scammers now, @Brady1780Scammed @SegFaultout of the knife HE said he'd trade him if he unbanned himself from the sever. Am i wrong?
  8. Genocide

    Goodbye :)

    I know chronononono.
  9. Genocide

    I'm curious about the # of TTT fans

    Come on mods and admins want ttt #fucksurf give us ttt
  10. Genocide

    Goodbye :)

  11. Genocide

    Goodbye :)

    Somebody go to his house and break his computer - we will never have a scum like Brady on the server again. I mean... what? Awh have fun in Florida It’s very crowded.. Take as long as you like in Florida... As LONG as you LIKE
  12. Genocide

    New Community Leader??

    I can tell your friend myself
  13. Genocide

    I'm back, forever

    Dead Meme.
  14. Genocide

    I'm back, forever

    Welcome back.
  15. Genocide

    New Community Leader??

    Listen here TATOST You WON'T talk to my boy SEGFAULT like that AGAIN I'm just kidding please don't hurt me @Tatost