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  1. I think you shit posted in the wrong area.
  2. Y'all sleeping on Ratchet & Clank, Don't forget about GTA Liberty, Vice and San Andreas
  3. +1 We are better than them. A: Better than them M: Better than them.
  4. Genocide


    -1 Rages on GTA Races and leaves. I'm still super sorry
  5. Tis the way should be done. +1
  6. +1 To demote him from DL and make him Mod.
  7. Aren't you a furry..
  8. Wow @Caleb956 What time?
  9. -1 Who gave him admin in csgo
  10. You guys are legit nerds.
  11. Thanks, trying to train for my newly DL spot
  12. As a Division Leader for TF2, I believe that these Random Crits add spice to the game, DENIED. @[email protected] are random crits? edit: Genocides dumb. @Caleb956 seg
  13. @virr So you don't know what i'm talking about?
  14. So what about that bottom one bud. What's your reasoning for that?
  15. @virrBro what the fuck.