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  1. @Jadow you always do something fatass. Take your time bonkey monkey we're here for you It's time to retire old man.
  2. Who wants smoke?

    1. mrnutty12


      No thank you mr genocide, I am fond of my lungs as they are.

  3. Does my vouch even count? Uhh not horribly gay so +1
  4. Make sure you drop a daily "God I fucking hate @Dannypicacho" wherever you go - Welcome Back Young Scoots
  5. You don't have to be a time traveler to tell, as bonk said - I used the argument against unrestricting because I KNEW it would happen, and it did happen, it's just knowing the people who play 10 mans will NEVER stop using them. Seg uses a damn auto EVERY comp/silver squad we play. (No i'm not shitting on seg, just a mere observation) Mudkip tells his entire team to use a certain weapon just for the fuck of it and they will ALWAYS listen to him. It's not going to stop. It legit ruins 10 mans. I don't know how you can't see that but it legit just doesn't make them fun.
  6. But he is good at the game, and for him to be getting fucked by these guns isn't saying anything? He was legit dying over and over again to Seg who had a auto. He was getting trashed by different players using the negev on cache. They legit had a 14 - 6 comeback DUE to these weapons.
  7. And it's the truth, I called it would happened, and it happened.
  8. Virr, it's honestly not going to change - Not overreacting. It's legit not going to change. A couple weeks from now, it'll probably be more ridiculous. People will still always buy autos, will always buy negevs, it'll never change.
  9. Are you comparing a AK to a Negev right now? It is completely less fun to die to a negev than a one tap from a ak, You get killed by a negev because someone is just prefiring the fuck out of you and your stuck in a corner. Versus that guy having a ak and having the chance to miss the shots They drop 40's with rifles yes, but negevs shouldn't be able to be on that level. That just isn't fun what so ever in my opinion. Ask @Rabid , sorry to say it rabid, but he was legit getting FUCKED by negevs - and think of his skill compared to the other people on the other team - Not to mention he was getting fucked by seg's auto
  10. Well that might be true, @lilbleed used mostly a negev my last 10 man I played and got a 40 bomb.. @SegFault used nothing but a auto and had 29 kills, Goldfish used nothing but a auto and got 14 (That's good for him). This is just one 10 man, and it was relatively mid tier.
  11. As many of you are aware, there was a post that unrestricted a couple of weapons that were restricted in 10 mans. See this post if you aren't sure on what I mean I just want to gather a poll on how people are reckoning on the re-installment of Negevs, Auto Snipers, and M249. I have heard both sides of people who love it, and who hate it. Personally I feel as if they have ultimately just made 10 Mans much worse, skill based wise and just overall feeling/enjoyment wise also. I understand 10 mans are supposed to be fun and help players learn how to get better, but these weapons just don't help people increase in level of skill, aim or much of anything to be honest. If anybody knows me, I'm always around when there is a 10 man going on, I think right now I have one of the highest round counts (If not - the highest) for 10 mans done. Since Lithium put .rws back in, and I've played a lot of 10 mans since these weapons were added again. In every 10 man I've played, auto's and negevs are ALWAYS used. No matter what, they are always used, they ruin the game in all reality. If you want me to go deeper on how just leave a comment asking me question or so. Other than that, I'm just starting this post to hopefully get them restricted or atleast set to amount of times they can be bought in a game. Please voice your opinions/concerns. I tagged this as a Safe Space - please respect this post. Also @Lithium add Zeus back to knife round
  12. Genocide

    Mordeau Server

    I'm sorry to say it, but Mordhau will be dead just as quickly as the next. Opening a xG server for a game that will literally be dead in less than a couple of weeks might be a little dumb. Let it settle for a while, a month or two, if Mordhau stays populated than hell yeah, open up a server on Mordhau; but for right now, it's looking like it'll go down just like chivarly. Fun looking game, but not enough people will put enough time into it.
  13. Genocide


    I have team banned so many people idek who this is to be honest. But uhhh don't use the excuse of We all have very bad days, doesn't mean you go out your way to ruin others. Neutral for now until I can find and remember the reason for my ban against you and i'll change my decision.
  14. So is this the new shit post area?