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  1. 36167646_1547370233685991_r.jpeg If anyone wants to help me buy some software licence, I would appreciate it

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    2. virr


      Don't beg for money on here please, we're not a charity. get a job or save up (ive edited out the link)

    3. Giraffes


      Bigger ooff didn't know that this was a thing to not be allowed. @virr but I do have a job as a Social Media Engineer.  M reply to @Chaonic am using a certain software because of the language it provides, its easier than using C++. It even helps split it into multi platforms packages so I can get it approved for more phones .Although I have finished assets for anything, I just have the paranoia that someone is going to try and steal my content, it has happened before, and prevented me from finishing my original product. TBH a lot of things on GoFundMe are scams too so probably not the best site to use. 


    4. Chaonic


      I see. Very intriguing. So some sort of special IDE, then!
      But in this case, you are a programmer. And you must be aware of how a lot of code is illegible if decompiled.
      You can present a lot of your work in a similar manner to make it hard for people to steal your stuff.
      Like in a video.

      But anyways. I understand your paranoia. Just don't expect anyone to back you on this, because you are not giving people anything to work with.
      Where I live, there are services, where you can get small loans very easily without a bank involved. It's kinda also crowdfunded, but you have to pay them back.
      I suggest asking family members for this money. Since it's not THAT much, they might understand your situation.

  2. #ClebForDL Gunna miss you buddy, you have been great
  3. I miss you, how you been?

    1. Precious


      I am of the good variety, where ya been my guy

    2. Tatost
    3. Giraffes


      I got a new job as a code developer for social media moderation. That, and my son is now a toddler in his terrible 2s before the age of 2

  4. Why is writing collision code so hard annoying when you are trying to make an app

    1. Shadower


      bc collision in general is a bitch

  5. That is a beautiful shower curtain
  6. +1 Defiantly a good sport, and we need people like her who play late. Very mature and active, and plays on almost every active server so far She is very fit for this position #LateNightMods
  7. +1 I haven't seen much of the "Toxicity" that is said, and I have seen a lot of improvement with how things used to be, also glad to see you as active as you are. Although there were issues in the past, I would like to say your a better happier version of Bach.
  8. Well bone all I have to say is that I am going to miss you, I have learned a lot and changed as a person just as you. I only wish to have your talented vocal cords. I give you the best of luck, and want you to chase the dreams you deserve. Have a good life, but I still might pester you on steam I shall miss your fanfictions bone
  9. Giraffes


    I am going to stay neutral, although I tend to be a nocturnal player, I haven't seen you come on at all.
  10. I used my key, and tried using adobe premiere for the first time
  11. You know life is good when you used your Self-Made Key, on Rejects gifted crate. I got a Baby Face Blaster Basic Kill streak Kit

    1. Thorax_


      Did you actually have a Self Made Key?


  12. +1 for a week ban, because it's honestly not worth of a perm. Maybe he needs to cool down a bit, but other than that it looks like he is trying to be more edgy and toxic rather than disrespectful. Also with the ban, maybe someone message him letting him know the reason and extent of the ban, as well as what will happen if he continues. A new approach to bans may not be so bad
  13. holy crap sorry why did I get here then? Well sorry for the grave dig, someone should really lock these. ( I was also just trying to be ironically funny so sorry if I honestly offended you tekage )