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  1. anybody know how to make HTML5 games, instead of using adobe?


    1. hongkongatron
    2. Bumpy


      I have some experience. Nothing major.

  2. Just made my very own shaggy sounds for tf2, Zoinks!

  3. Is it too early to throw the Caribu HAckusations?!!?!

  4. Roses are Red

    XG is Dead

    Care to donate some bread

    1. Giraffes



      Here is some bread 🍞

  5. are you back >:


  6. Real Talk, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!

    1. Scootaloo


      Teaching, participating in various Smash Bros Ultimate tourneys, and completely lost in Old School Runescape. 😄

  7. Do you remember how to do mouse over events?
  8. If I made add, sorry not trying to double post here, is that you guys are going to need some heavy marketing to redirect everyone to Xg. A lot of people beat our FF2 servers by a long shot. Game Variety Rotation is something no one really does.So instead of having a normal rotation, having Murder, hidden, etc. on our servers could be very fun. Do you guys have any time frames, or plans layed out yet, because we can talk all day, but unless there is an actual time frame initiative/ project, this will always just stay as talking.
  9. All the good people who helped keep Xg alive are gone, change my mind.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Giraffes


      I meeeaaaan of people would get mad Everytime the update the server I am sure our stuff would be better. Sooooooii 🤫

    3. Rhododendron


      You're a poopstain

    4. Giraffes


      I am what I eat. I missed you my brudda

  10. How proficient are you at it? Cause it's the easiest way to lay out what I want.
  11. you got me excited for a second 😞  I thought I could interact with someone for once, but nope, just some bad spelling 😞 

    1. Tatost
    2. Giraffes


      How have you been though, I haven't been on in soo long!

    3. Tatost


      I quit TF2 and left for the CS div, that's basically all I've done in the last few months or so.

  12. I think it's also important to note, that this should be just about the game itself either, as TF2 in general is dying off. We need something to bring players in and a reason to play the game. As it stands right now, there are not a lot of active American servers as much as their used to be. We need to keep up a YouTube channel that represents the server/game well in order to increase the player base as a whole. Having a game mode rotation server would be a must this way we wouldn't have to get rid of dead servers, instead we could place them on rotation to encourage variety, and prevent bland game play for longer than 20 minutes. If we can't get them to actively play for 20 minutes, they are not going to want to stay for 5.
  13. I am still alive, it's cool. I forgot that adulting is hard tho. 

    1. Caleb956



    2. realBelloWaldi


      how is your child

    3. Giraffes


      He is good, he is learning how to piece words together, as well as he loves being outside. All's good 👍

  14. Does anyone here know gml?