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  1. Giraffes

    Selfie Sunday

    That is a beautiful shower curtain
  2. I am trying to be a professional meme-r on youtube, sub pls


  3. Giraffes


    +1 Defiantly a good sport, and we need people like her who play late. Very mature and active, and plays on almost every active server so far She is very fit for this position #LateNightMods
  4. Giraffes


    +1 I haven't seen much of the "Toxicity" that is said, and I have seen a lot of improvement with how things used to be, also glad to see you as active as you are. Although there were issues in the past, I would like to say your a better happier version of Bach.
  5. Giraffes

    It's time

    Well bone all I have to say is that I am going to miss you, I have learned a lot and changed as a person just as you. I only wish to have your talented vocal cords. I give you the best of luck, and want you to chase the dreams you deserve. Have a good life, but I still might pester you on steam I shall miss your fanfictions bone
  6. Giraffes


    I am going to stay neutral, although I tend to be a nocturnal player, I haven't seen you come on at all.
  7. Giraffes

    How to Properly Waste Money!

    I used my key, and tried using adobe premiere for the first time
  8. You know life is good when you used your Self-Made Key, on Rejects gifted crate. I got a Baby Face Blaster Basic Kill streak Kit

    1. Thorax_


      Did you actually have a Self Made Key?


  9. Giraffes

    Sera and Blaster wedding video

    I made this ship happen!
  10. Giraffes

    Sucy the Mushroom

    +1 for a week ban, because it's honestly not worth of a perm. Maybe he needs to cool down a bit, but other than that it looks like he is trying to be more edgy and toxic rather than disrespectful. Also with the ban, maybe someone message him letting him know the reason and extent of the ban, as well as what will happen if he continues. A new approach to bans may not be so bad
  11. Giraffes

    The Uprising Of The Panda Overlord

    holy crap sorry why did I get here then? Well sorry for the grave dig, someone should really lock these. ( I was also just trying to be ironically funny so sorry if I honestly offended you tekage )
  12. Giraffes

    The Uprising Of The Panda Overlord

    I feel like this is a common issue in xG, Left and right laptops and computers are breaking, and I feel more and more inclined to think it's because the FBI found a huge stach of loli porn on your guys' computers
  13. Giraffes


    +1 very active, and just as lewd as krampus. He plays a lot on surf and is a lot. He knows the rules very well, and follows them better than I do. I thought he was already in xG, but either way he is great in the community, and even helps others with surfing or game skills. He is never gets mad or toxic from what I have seen either, and no pron sprays at all! A:8 M:9
  14. Giraffes

    Promotions and Demotions #196

    He prolly was, but it was after the previous Promo/Demo, so they just letting people know, and Congrats krampus 2 years later and you are finally a badmin!
  15. Giraffes

    XenoGamers History

    Back when I was in it, I always played Hale religiously, and everyone knew me from it. It took me a long time to get it because it was like 13 +1s to get in. There were people I didnt like, such as Hatchi, or ChickenPanda, but I met some cool people like Flareon. NitNat and Bliz, and OhStopYou were my main interactions, as they always played with me, in the end I joined the forums, got banned for a day on Hale, and still miss Rejects and all the hard work he did. Right around 2015-2016 it started becoming a safespace, and everyone began leaving. With out the efforts of Kbrazz populating the servers Xg is slowly going away. Now xg only ever has 2 populated servers TGH and Surf. AND WE GOT RID OF DODGEBALL AND BONES AMAZING GAME ROTATION SERVERS T_T