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  1. The offer is down, the gun is gone. Close pls.
  2. Field-Tested Wear is around 0.22, almost Min-Wear Selling it for Real Money, $95. I would like money first. PayPal = paypal.me/theoneglove, [email protected] I've been dealing with CSGOLounge scammers for the past week, only trade if you're willing to do it fast. Thanks for reading.
  3. On the topic of slurs themselves, I personally see no benefit to using words like forementioned, unless you are trying to start a disruption in the population. In this case, we can likely shut that down immediately, since disrupting the community and starting a "mutiny" isn't really accepted (speaking on a specific case that all rooted from one word). I apologize for attempting to be all diplomatic, but realistically those that cannot function in a community without demeaning other's shouldn't be in that community. However, trying to ban every word that exists in the world that has this type of power is evidentally extremely difficult, and of course we will see complaints such as how "limiting" it is. In this case, I propose making the rule(s) that deal with these terms "derogatory terms are not allowed," plain and simple since those who want to "rebel" against it will have to find new reasoning, and everyone else is (we can only hope) satiated. I rephrase, the only point to defending the use of such words is essentially to be contrary, which is only fun for those who find fun in defying structure. This means that they will attempt to use and defend slurs and tabooed words to fight against "the system". Banning and restricting the use of these taboos will seem to only start more avid arguments in the future, again only to be contrary. It is alot easier to do your job as staff when the very rules you uphold are described specifically. Our rules on slurs/derogatories specifically and disrespect generally are "Racism is not allowed. Disrespect, harassment or trolling is not tolerated and may result in a punishment. Trolling is unallowed. (The definition of trolling is to the discretion of the moderator, and can include intentionally being annoying, antagonizing players, impersonation of staff members, spoiling the ending of games or movies, etc.)". This leaves alot of option on what isn't allowed and what is up to personal discretion, which isn't the most trustworthy or respected at times, so revising it would define a clearer image of "don't say this". Makes most everyone's life easier. +1 to revising the rules that speak of disrespect/combining them. Neutral on banning any specific term(s).
  4. OneGlove


    +1 has good memes get back here buddy A:9 M:8
  5. OneGlove


    +1 actually really good at balancing situations out from all of what i've seen haHAA
  6. OneGlove


    -1 Blatantly immature whenever I see him on surf, and would micspam, attempt to loophole DA RULEZ, and loophole racism (a common act in surf). A:7 M:3-4
  7. If your version of interesting is anything except normality then yes, I agree. Otherwise, because its a simple fix and no reason to keep it in other than the minority wanting it, why not remove it? I agree, 100%. Except, there's not a correspondence between an expected loudness and an unexpected disruption of peace. The disruption of the peace is a real life law, though that does not correlate.
  8. I guess I should also say that while your points are correct, there isn't a full reason for us to not remove a minor annoyance. Why should we keep an annoyance in the servers if its annoying? If there is no real benefit to the exploit, then why even bother defending it? There is no benefit I can see other than "lol lets trigger people by being loud". The only reason I see for you arguing to keep this functioning is for the sake of arguing.
  9. If I remember correctly, at the start (very beginning, everyone was frozen) of a round of surf_toast, you and others were doing said exploit, meaning that this is invalid as well. As for the overall vote, +1 for removal since it is an exploit. This means it is somewhat against rules, and since it is also spam it is more "harmful" than other exploits, meaning it has the potential to be game ruining. Not saying that is the case now, but if it evolves into something worse, there will be worse consequences. And something strange I see is that people are calling it "fun" to do this. How in any way, shape, or form is being obnoxiously loud in an exploit for the soul purpose of rebelling against server constructs fun?
  10. OneGlove


    honestly i know we don't really care for eachother, as people and as players. however i'm fine with putting that to the side (which means dont try to start poop on your own thread, at least dm me) in the case that you really want to try to be in the community again. i'll give it a +1, based on the fact that it does seem like you're trying, but don't blow your chances. by the way the A/M thing is required so A:8 M:7
  11. when i was 8 i used to like wearing gloves and my cousin who was 15 at the time said "you're like a gloved man" and you can say it fit like a glove. it went through iterations before theoneglove from my friends irl always saying "is that THE oneglove?!"
  12. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name xg | theoneglove Identity STEAM_0:1:60514992 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers More than 3 years Information Hey everyone, how are you all doing? That isn't rhetorical, I want replies of how you are doing when you read this. And this isn't a simple gag either, since I'm trying to show anyone reading this that I care about the community, and I have for the last 3 years (again, give or take). You see, being in this community for so long has invested me in a way I never thought possible and it's truly stellar how I've made such amazing friends through this clan. I feel that, while not necessary, the position of Moderator would not only integrate me within the community in a completely new way, but also represents the passion and care that anyone with the position gives for the servers, and the people. As always, I will genuinely read and improve upon any criticism given, so please dump your thoughts! Happy 4th of July as well!
  13. congrats gay bonfire gaming on becoming caleb the gamer's second in position bringing us to brighter days also congrats vinyl!