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  1. Yes I was unbanned, it’s just been worded awfully on the post. Thanks for all the support xox
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      @[51806:@Bello] ? It’s not my intention to take this further just stopping more ppl messaging me lol
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      @[107069:@Sylux] even better. Nothing personal whatsoever I just don't want more people to get angry over this if you can understand what I mean
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      Yeah, exactly what I’m trying to do also - I was getting confused messages and it’s easier to write a post explaining than messaging everyone haha:)
  2. Zack wasn't banned he was only gagged for 24 hours
  3. I'm going to say it how it is Elcark, I don't like you and I never have and you don't like me and never have it's clear. You are good friends with zack because I joined tgh went it was just 3 players you and zack being on a team to start popluating the server. Even when he was flaming my team mate you both just casually laughed it off and you have always stuck out for him. I could argue with you forever about how he is the instigator and locals who saw would agree and you can argue forever that I am the instigtator and you have your furry friends to help. I do believe i was never kicked or muted for any part in the zack situations, maybe if I was defending val but I can't see when I was kicked/gagged for zack discussions. :thinking: Again you can just make up your side like the 'following' situation when infact me and queen went there to duel because we were tired of his tgh rage, you will always say nono zack said this or no i saw this etc but at this point it's clear it's just a grudge. You are a DM and you have this bias, you are thinking for your friends first over the conrete facts and are doing all you can do to oppose it. There is a reason people are saying they just took zack's bullying :whistle: For the final time i'd like to state he was muted several times by mute client side when he was just flaming as there is little to no point when you just want to frag. 'clearly has a history of this kind of behavior. If his previous history had consisted of just the single day ban mentioned for similar behavior then this time frame would clearly be out of the quest' you are ignoring the history part still, honestly this is one of the most frustrating discussions as people are not listening. As you stated lets not let this spiral out of control, which you claimed earlier but still replied even though I didn't to help de-escalate it all.
  4. Of course you did buddy, show me some of this research you conducted. Ahh typical! Ahh his royal highness has actually replied to my thread instead of telling others to say your messages, what a time to be alive! Firstly zack has always approached me with the largest lack of respect and slurs when playing, I was bound to reply one day after he was complaining about dying in a game (he could use the !friendly command). Zack has never apologized due to egotism and claims others are the egotisical ones as they are now apologizing for fighting back against his bullying manorisms. I explained in the first post (if you read it all) that I did not 'follow' him and that so many of his aligations are false. I have a banner on the bottom of my profile of the time spent on pkmn and the fact I went to another server with him there was purely coincidental. I do not have time to disprove all his bullshit and I'm sorry he's been able to manipualte you so much, thankfully when he was bossing krampus to ban me he actually didn't. You claim who started it isn't RELEVANT, when someone joins the server cursing and giving players grief and the players who respond are penalisted for it based on them being in a friend group. I really wish voice chat was recorded :( @LAN_Megalodon Thanks for sticking up the underdog but it is not fair you get dislike spammed by the winslow brothers for your opinion, I do appreciate your comment and I hope you will not be targeted for it.
  5. Thank you krampus for telling me your side, a few questions though.. who is the friend who claims i 'harassing' zacko was it a furry - perhaps a friend of the furry gang or whatever you call them? Yes zack was very quick to kick and shout how I should be banned etc when I muted him as he was not getting his way. Lan as the genuine and likeable guy you are I am very thankful you talked about the obvious issue outside of the thread. Never have I seen a moderator be so liked whilst being firm and fair on the rules, you have been single handily keeping players on the pkmn server as we all know it is sadly dying so I want to thank you for that here on the public forums. I am definitely preaching against a mass who are heavily against me based on bias and I do not talk to any as I just enjoy the server. I hear from time to time how I am a topic of discussion of some sort of discord or some steam chat is sent to me but honestly it doesn't phase me. I knew being alone trying to stand up for yourself doesn't go a long way when a clan is split into groups, especially when you are protesting against one of the members in a group. Zack is actively recognized for his behaviour but is it acceptable on him by his clique associates :thinking:
  6. Are you fricking kidding me HAHA "The multiple issues include you going on an alternate account and being racist (including anonymous tip-offs and reports that I gave to I believe @Vexx though I may be mistaken)," That is complete speculation from one of you kids making up rubbish, you can track ips silly gooses. It's fair to say you've lost all credibility in this response since you're now using idle rumours as a point to jusifty my ban. I will use your line of 'irrelevant' to rice gum as you can claim what's relevant and not for your own personal gain
  7. As mentioned above, using a players' past history of bans on servers is a terrible way to dictate a future punishment's duration. The common player the late teen catergory going into adulthood :thinking: . If you think a 1 day mute is a punishment for instigatin and pissing off a whole server and many of the regulars you need to re-think your policies. I have said my points, sometimes once or twice to make them clear I will no longer reply to messages of the same points after I have explained the other wing. Thanks for the replies bros
  8. Thanks winslow brother 2, but again year gap is still a long time think of the changes you were faced over 2 years (especially sam) :thinking: 'Multiple issues' since the last ban however I have not been banned for such thing? The bind was only posted after he immediately joined and shit talked me and my friend for being there - if you are claiming his ban - sorry his mute is justified because of 'he had been in trouble notably less than you have' that is complete aids and is favouritism at it's maximum fitness.
  9. :thinking: Using ban history as logic for a future ban which is nearly a year later seems weak. A whole year has passed in that time. On to your second point: 'you reacted to it and decided to use this to further irritate him.' this point i can't fully understand as I had explained he was eventually muted as well as if someone is continually talking shit about you about a matter months ago(which most of you edgy kids still do - why i don't talk to 90% of you) you want to solve the issue and ask them, even when using logic Zack the sharko would not even listen and continue his splurge of nonsense. Lastly, your player chat history seems ok to me, zacks seem more tame in those instances but I can assure the voice chat was nothing of the sort. Perhaps if I am going to talk I should use voice chat instead as text chat is commonly used as evidence. Also Zacks' logs contain call admin spam and fully of lies :thinking: isn't call admin spam also against the rules? You can still see him initiating the chat also. As much as I disagree with your message thanks for actually posting
  10. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Sylux Identity: STEAM_0:0:26489939 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: After being recently banned for 1 month for 'Trolling, harrassment' by @Elcark , for what is in my opinion unfair reasoning I attempted to add elcark on steam as I'm aware they don't fully understand the situation...however I was rejected so I'll make a ban protest instead. Following suit a ban request on 'Zack the shako'. After stomping a player called zack the sharko on the local server of hyrule as soldier (y) he became agitated and aggressive on the mic, which I replied too. His main critque was that my grandparents are dead (strange insult if i'm honest as it's false) in which, i replied 'lol yours are the same', this provided me with the best response I have ever seen from someone online which he replied in chat after 5 minutes of voice crying: ' Scalie Zack the Sharko : My grandpartents could easily kick your fucking ass kid' which is probably the best quote in the world which has been designated as my '[' key. Now this key gets pressed a fair bit when typing simply because it's next to my enter key and I love it. Zack has demanded across the server once that I can't use it even though he does it to other players... example(s): Val - reknown good player on the servers the exact type zack get triggered by - DEAD Scalie A shark : Oh boy kid cunt val is here He says this as val joins, is this not harrassment exactly what zack says I am doing? :thinking: Spoopy - a great demo player another prime target for zack's rage - 'EAD Scalie A shark : What Scalie A shark : That smurf Scalie A shark : Or cheats Scalie A shark : Spoopy Server Mod Spoopy : ? Scalie A shark : Look at shadowkillers profileScalie A shark : 1 hour Server Mod Spoopy : and? Scalie A shark : And hes getting headshots Ez Pz Server Mod Spoopy : so shadowkiller296 : are you angry ? Scalie A shark : IE Server Mod Spoopy : its called being good Scalie A shark : SUre' Some random dude who changes his name a lot - Scalie A shark : Months of not playing still can't beat me on a one on one I'd like to talk about my ban now - 1 month remember that, for 'trolling,harrassment' by elcark. Firstly in the rules there is no mention of not being able to have binds, sure if you had a bind of straight racism or homophobia that is different but in my instance this is a direct quote. If you are directly this quote to any rule it has to be disrespect - exactly what zack the sharko does when he plays. When entering the server he will usually shit talk all players yet still direct it towards me, I just ignore it after it it's a game. When I press the bind after his vocal littering he goes berserk calling all admins such as @Kypari and @Krampus immediately after the bind is pressed claiming it's not fair to use the bind even after his unprovoked shit talk. Another interesting point is the warning system, I was not warned about using the bind before the 1 month ban was placed. The only warning i received was from Krampus asking for me and zack to shut up, which after getting my point across and zack not listening i simply muted him. However I was informed he was still talking shit even after being muted and asked if he was on local chat and bam, muted! That mute is kind of justified as krampus was just trying to stop the situation escalating anymore, after that mute took place zack cursed and went off. Further more, my ban was 1 month and the furry friend who is immune to the full consequences of his shittalking actions due to his furry friend admins only received a 1 day mute. :whistle: Lastly I want to talk about zack's approach to justify why he can 'legally' shit talk me and other players on the server. He claims others are 'harassing' him by killing him and not talking by using the in game taunt system, for me however I was 'harrassing' him by 'following' him to the pokemon server (which i am in the top 10 players for and play there with queen) :D after getting bored on tgh. :thinking: Interested in hearing others' opinions on the matter please post any response below! Tagging the people i believe are involved for their input @Elcark @Kypari @Krampus
  11. I can't go offline for more than 2 weeks without some drama. :rolleyes: Basing your whole thread on speculation is your biggest downfall, this is all just assumption and haven't 1) talked with me, 2) talked with the workshop author, 3) checked the map formatting. Firstly you continued to make a thread which is embarrassing as hell for you when basing with just assumption. You removed and didn't responded to my message on steam so is a LIE. This was mentioned to @Tatost not you. The fact you failed to keep me added and discuss/ hear the other side and just flat out remove me to post on forums shows to me you only want drama. HMK is only my friendlist and from day 1 I have said HMK is the texture man, nearly all are by hk in-which they are called 'hk_tree' etc. This map has been through several variations following player input and thus was changed to 'open' which makes it obsolete from being a route, the map doesn't have a proper name as it's not finished and the final various were still in the works. It's such a shame when you do nice things for the community and people try and piss all over it, espcially from someone who I thought was mature, very odd behaviour kid you should get that drama fetish fixed. - @Bello @Vexx @virr If you need any proof etc that the map is fine to use please let me know. (y)
  12. If it's ok with the map dev, I can replace it with this.
  13. +1 active mature and promoted the rules
  14. Long overdue @Kypari @Thunder