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  1. Might be out of order. But, this guy decided to try to by my Ushanka. Gave me a fishy link. Unfriended him. AND HE ADDED ME AGAIN AND TRIED TO GIVE ME THE SAME LINK
  2. o.e Can't login on mobile #rip
    1. Thorax_


  3. Can't login on mobile xg. RIP.
  4. So I was taking a casual stroll when suddenly..a random friend request from this thing And it wasn't an unusual trader impersonator or anything so I got curious. This is what happened. So yeah. This was new to me.
  5. So here goes. sc= the person who added me sc1= His description sc2=The inventory link sc3= what happened when I clicked the Mattie! name The rest are chat logs.
  6. Congrats to my husband that I want to divorce. @virr I'm very upset. Plsdemote yourself
  7. I have both TeamSpeak and Discord. But when I tried to use TS I got so lost in the whole XG server thingy majiggy that I gave up. Discord is so nice and easy to use honestly.
  8. Passing time by reading useless lines.
  9. Basically. Anything that makes me feel high is (y) Electronic, any remix of shitty hip hop songs.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pehuveit-8E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7LgO-d42xQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU-BuTbyljM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5rS9vNbCDg [MEDIA=soundcloud]id=drastic-us%2Funcertain;track_id=330379010[/MEDIA] Loner i want to suffer with u [free download]
  10. I live two states away from Texas and we got some rain too :D Not as bad as them but the more older areas did get flooded where I live. I already donated :D Plus my school is doing something to help Also tip for if you want to help: SEND MONEY It's better that you send money to trusted organization so that they can use it for what is useful during this situation. Unless given specific instruction to send clothes n such your safe bet is Mun Muns.
  11. DEMOTE @virr and @Spoopy for both being bad SMH. Congrats to my e-husband that I really wanna divorce/