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  1. Starting on a good note, you guys carried me through my freshman year of high school through depression and severe stress. I appreciate playing, shouting, and making jokes with you guys all the time. Ten manners were a blast to play, even if the other team had the most stacked team ever. I improved a series of skills from just playing 10 manners, skills that have real-life applications. Teamwork, controlling my emotions, and socializing are some examples. Now to Jailbreak, I started somewhere 2-3 years ago as a fairly laughable name, it was like "idk O-O," and I had the voice of literally a 3 year old. I didn't talk in jailbreak so I never really got into the community. There was one notable person that highlighted the start of my jailbreak experience, I think his name was "Mogs." He was friendly, approachable, and confident. I shortly became his friend and started to know him, and we even created a group just for the two of us. Unfortunately, his time on xG was cut short, he had mass freekilled and been permanently banned from CT. He never got on jailbreak after that incident, seeing that I had known no one else, I took a break from XenoGamers. I came back after that break, and was welcomed into the community. XenoGamers wasn't always perfect for me, as shown by the example above and my last goodbye post. I'll just list these things that ticked me off the most, it's really nit-picky, so I recommend you don't see it. I hated when people said that something like Overwatch sucks, that it's not good, the competitive scene and the Meta specifically. The reason I hated people like that, even when I knew they were joking around, is because they had no experience in the current state of Overwatch, how it's drastically improved. People aren't playing GOATS in competitive, especially at masters and below. Please, actually get a feeling of the game. I hated when people tilt from the start in 10 mans, I also have to admit I did it sometimes. I don't care if you're really bad at aiming, game sense, or just being a good teammate; just try your best. I hated when discord staff received no repercussions through malicious actions. -and etc. Now that I've vented out my nitpicks, I'll list some people that were great friends and I'm glad they existed. @PotatoDoc @onlyalittlegay @Darrth @Dannypicacho @Jadow @Thrillhouse @Tatost @SegFault Sorry if this post didn't flow too well, there were a lot of misshaped memories and it's 11 clock at night. Well, as a (former) member of this community,
  2. +1 actually a cool duck a:9 m:8
  3. +1, t players are just mad at him effectively killing them xd a:10 m:5
  4. I don't feel like staying in the community anymore. I can no longer hide the fact that I'm pissed off at higher ups, the way you guys treat certain members, and the way that rules literally don't apply to some people. I'll probably come back to the community, when I can actually handle it all for once. I really hope to see this community change for the better.
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name soulify Identity STEAM_0:0:64770725 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 318 hours Information I am super active in the Xenogamers discord and I have hundreds of hours on the jailbreak server. I have submitted ban requests for players in the past, which they were all approved, and have alerted jb staff about rule breakers and provided the staff with evidence of the offending act. I have enough freetime to moderate the servers on a weekly basis and I believe I have enough knowledge of the rules. I love/hate this server throughout the 2 years of hopping on and off of it. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  6. I just think the outside layer of the aura sphere is too light, and the little lines coming out of the sphere make it seems like it's not "gathering aura", it feel like it's emitting rather than absorbing.
  7. need more people so y not +1 A:8 M:6
  8. go home drunk polar
  9. Happy bday Danny pick a cho
  10. if you try in 10mans u r a snoob, but 4real I think scrim admins literally dictate everything. +1 to the unban of weapons, AT LEAST have a fucking trial period
  11. make Duke dm, he for some reason cares more about gmod than csgo
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    neutral rep
  13. alright that's cool and all, but what's the next cn
  14. first apex post flex ur banners here
  15. i trickshot it into my mouth at times
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    im not trying to have bias towards anyone here, but I think that goldfish and brady's little 5 minute ban was a bit eh, considering that 2 people in the mod logs were just warned for ignoring warnings, and other people spammed more gifs/images than brady, or even the same amount as goldfish even though they KNEW not to spam gifs. If any evidence was deleted, i.e Goldfish's and Brady's Gifs, before i wrote this post, then this comment is invalid.
  17. "I wish to become CS:GO staff because I believe I've built invaluable relationships with both the CS community and the xG community in general. I know the rules, believe in my abilities to take on the responsibility of keeping the jailbreak server, and wish to give back to a server that has filled with me with so much joy, hate, and laughs. To keep it really short and sweet, I think I'm at a point in my life where I can devote enough time and patience to readily keep the server moderated and fun." i'd say he's not very big headed