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  1. +1 I'm not a member @ScottNi don't point it out again i know it doesn't matter i'm sending this boi the blessing of the pear. #bhopgods
  2. #mymovementincompisgodly ONLY ON MIRAGE BTW. or cache @Rabid
  3. i told you not to point me out dog cmon ?
  4. Just wanted to reintroduce myself to the community a lot of you already know me as a movement based player I'd like to say I'm one of the better bhoppers on the server Wassup guys its ya boi pear/waltonos/mew/melancholy.
  5. Savage_Pear


    @ScottNi i understand that i said "I KNOW IT DOESN'T MATTER BUT"
  6. Savage_Pear


    This guy is pretty lit I know it doesn't matter but +1 for this dude i loved him for the past 3 years
  7. What was n??? My n is a restart key for bhop
  8. Woah geno the r word is no no ♡
  9. This topic is pretty fire and thanks for staying neutral guys and not -1ing with no reason
  10. Thank you for your honest opinion bullseye. Hope you're having a lovely night dude
  11. Thanks for the +1 dude Much love Long Time
  12. i'm always ready for sideways bhopping i've been practicing! ?
  13. Hey Thanks everyone for the +1's and such i really appreciate the joy and the welcome feeling back but hopefully i will get unbanned and i'm sorry if i had been disrespectful to you duke but i was just saying jokes and you knew they were jokes sorry if you took them to heart.
  14. Thanks lil dude hope you're having a good day @Lottamos Also I just believe that this should be a legendary quote from the man "So do you want me back on xg john galt? XyineToday at 9:36 PM yes"
  15. I haven't said racial slurs since the ban and I have been stopping the selling of cheats and letting cow have it all I dropped the selling of cheats since the 27th and will no longer have access to any of it.