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  1. Undertale is stale but much better than a lot of other maps on the server. I would love to see undertale back in rotation and alpha made default map so that it is changed to whenever the server restarts.
  2. -1 Misses comdedic opportunities often (also who weres a monocle anymore ew)
  3. There are so many Ben Shapiro’s that come through the server nowadays I can’t tell if you changed your name, I read your name wrong, or just don’t know you.
  4. I would say goodbye but considering this is your 7th thread in this chat it would probably be a waste. FR though gl to wherever you go next.
  5. Get a job and spend 10 bucks
  6. Well tbf he should be responsible for making his own member app go well as he was the one who applied to early. Bonk shouldn’t have to check cause of his mistake. It’s not a big deal just a time saver for whoever is gonna accept or deny it.
  7. Applying for Discord mod on mc thread?!
  8. Please do that. It would be nice to have a CS role that’s not 10 manner so some of us could pop servers every now and then.
  9. !ban shortni fail rp