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  1. +1 he’s the last piece of the puzzle to repopulating csgo
  2. No I mean I wanna be able to join other communities and stuff without multiclanning and shit.
  3. Nothing to big I’m gonna continue my current activity (which isn’t much) but I am looking at pursuing other opportunities so I’m leaving member role. If servers become active or I see a reason in re applying I might.
  4. I got a tattoo but I’m to black for you to be able to see it.
  5. +1 innocent until proven guilty guys. (also, it is very well possible that he was unaware of the ban for doxing and the number he “doxxed” was a public hotline or some shit. Then upon seeing he’s banned he just figured it was for being loud and racist. I personally think that the actual ban is what might be being argued here cause maybe it was false but who knows. Just gonna give him the benefit of the doubt here and say fr +1. A year is a long time if he gets on and does the same shit then just reban)
  6. Big +1 Thrill is active and really enjoyable to be around. Example community member.
  7. I might miss a few flicks from all the on my wrist
  8. Lottamos

    Jail break

    I know i'm a bit late to the thread but I thought I would add that csgo jb is still active just only on like 1 server that I know of. Its kinda shit to play without being on xG as its difficult to learn new rules and not know people who play but, it is usually a sufficient alternative.
  9. Wasn't even promoted to cs mod. Smh my head
  10. Undertale is stale but much better than a lot of other maps on the server. I would love to see undertale back in rotation and alpha made default map so that it is changed to whenever the server restarts.
  11. -1 Misses comdedic opportunities often (also who weres a monocle anymore ew)
  12. There are so many Ben Shapiro’s that come through the server nowadays I can’t tell if you changed your name, I read your name wrong, or just don’t know you.
  13. I would say goodbye but considering this is your 7th thread in this chat it would probably be a waste. FR though gl to wherever you go next.