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  1. I don’t have links but closecourters and community pool are fun
  2. Who needs nades when you can just download a spin bot?
  3. It doesn’t mess with hit boxes or people’s aim in any impactful way. I mean if a Batman model was added and it stayed to the regular player model and no cape, there’s almost no difference. Some models might have a different issue with hitbixes but that’s a avoidable issue. On servers were this is implemented I don’t see a issue and people need a new credit sink anyway. I might be wrong but I think it’s at least worth testing.
  4. Isn’t pear the one who spans the n word in dms anyways. I don’t know if that’s a good chat to be in sometimes. But he’s reformed anyway so.
  5. I mean pear used to really hate me and he doesn’t anymore at all (I think) which shows that he’s at least partly reformed and changed. Also technically didn’t he basically do what I did. Toxicity and many warnings. It’s always good to take a step back and come back better which I think is what would happen here. +1 cause first of all a situation like his ban would be better for like a ban request so he probably shouldn’t of gotten permed and he’s reformed/better now.
  6. I’m a male not mother Seg and I won’t gravedigger anymore
  7. Wouldn’t I be banned if I doxxed someone? Also the guy I “doxxed” +1 me?
  8. Lottamos

    Bumpy Bumpy

    This is all going down on April 1st and everyone is actually believing it? :thonk:
  9. Never stopped Edit: I don’t take L’s
  10. In-Game Name Goldfish Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member Yes Profile STEAM_1:1:126412160, Goldfish#3871 Age 13 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 338 hours Reason for Joining This community is basically half my free time if i'm being honest. I've previously been holding back cause I've felt as if xG has been doing poorly or there's no point but I just thought fuck it and decided why not. While some doubts might be brought up regarding my previous bans, I'm not a troll anymore and being annoying doesn't warrant not being member (I think). Anyway ya I want to join cause the community's in a really good spot rn and why not.