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  1. Lottamos


    -1 play time:yes position:other requirements met:no I’ve never even seen you on.
  2. I appreciate it, i’m used to getting a lot of harassment and it makes me feel better to see that some people do kinda care. I feel like if you are regularly harassed you have no reason to change cause no one cares and they just harass you. Cutting down on harassment could change a lot of undesirable things from the server is I guess what I’m trying to get at. Anyway thanks tatost for making this.
  3. Letoucan took away slap on mg and I want it back so
  4. +1 he help ban the wool breakers
  5. it goes both ways +1 M:5^2-15+3+2-5 A:5
  6. happy to see the change +1
  7. @DepressedNeonNepp first to -500 wins
  8. Is this a race because I will win it
  9. Lottamos


    +1 proved that he can activly moderate in minecraft as I have witnessed him many times enforcing rules. My main concern would be people scott has grudges with or him not moderating to much cause he has to split his time between the two servers.
  10. I vouched to help share my opinion and make the decision easier because if you have seen recent member applications in csgo div, it’s came down to opinion and overall liking in the community and not to 5 vouches and stuff like that. Please don’t make uneducated responses and fill up my notifications @SegFault.
  11. +1 because he has a radical name and cool brain and he’s pretty humane especially on jailbreak we’re he always stays sane! m:8 a:5 “Include maturity and activity ratings on a scale from 1 - 10.” End quote. “ better go change it.” Said everyone else.