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  1. Lottamos


    +1 Idk what people are saying, hes active and fun to be around. This is a easy clear +1. A:6 M:5
  2. Lottamos

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    Running and hiding for over half the round is delaying. What are you trying to say anyway i'm pretty sure other people have said the same things.
  3. Lottamos

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    In my 200 hours on jailbreak I have never seen the delaying the round rule enforced and that's why I wanted it addressed.
  4. Lottamos

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    Ya I did but as far as i'm aware I can camp and run for as long as I want as long as its not in a secret.
  5. Lottamos

    Camping But Not in Secrets

    I've seen this a lot were people would camp in great hiding spots while rebelling for like 7 minutes and just delay the round. While yes as far as i'm aware there are rules against delaying the round I think this needs to be expanded upon for rebelling. I know the rules about being actively rebelling on other servers are stupid but maybe a rule that you have to be rebelling and not hiding/running. Might be controversial of a change but I think it needs to be addressed.
  6. Lottamos

    Ban the toxic

  7. Lottamos

    Jb snow and Jb Spyvspy

    A lot of the games are also similar + a similar ascetic it seems like a replica and not worth that much time. I said +0 because I don't know if that's true or not. If you don't like/want my opinion then don't post about it.
  8. Lottamos

    Jb snow and Jb Spyvspy

    I personally have played spy v spy and think that it would be a good map to add but as for snow from what your saying it sounds a ton like arctic jail and I don't see a need for it if we already have arctic jail. +1 to spy v spy +0 to snow
  9. Lottamos

    Knowing but not Seeing what Happens

    Ok, thanks for the answers.
  10. I've heard different opinions on this topic. Here's the question. If there's one guy in the cell and a vent is broken or hit and no one sees can you kill that guy. this could be applied to a lot of situations but that's the jist. Another example is people are doing climb and after 10 seconds someone is at the finish. Clearly not possible and you know he cheated but you didn't see it. I've been told different things from staff and I want to here opinions and hopefully a definitive answer. I forgot to add this to the quiz but if you think never just say situational and say it in your post.
  11. Lottamos


    Neutral because I don’t see you on that much and I don’t have much to go off of. M:7 A:?
  12. Lottamos


    +1 one more trusted moderator doesn’t hurt and I think you deserve it.
  13. Lottamos

    Calling KOS on a T who isnt KOS

    I understand that but if lets say a bad guard like for example pistachio says there kos for a tarp before 7 then someone who is a good guard for example lot_of_mos should know this and not kill the guy.
  14. Lottamos


    -1 Who in there right mind would want you to represent xG. I'm gonna say this in the least harsh way possible but to sum it up if a new player got on jailbreak and saw you in community at your current state at least me personally would be extremely on edge about playing this server because you do not represent a good player. You dont know the rules and make constant mistake. For example earlier today while like 20 people were on you played first reaction last reaction for lr, tarped before 7, killed the wrong guy, and freekilled all in one round. Maybe next month if you improve and learn rules you wont be as hated. M:3 A:7