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  1. idk what its fully called but i heard it was on this server before then got removed but its still a fun map in general and i used to play it
  2. ever since i joined jb, there were always a cycle of a few maps. Some were fun and some were just boring and made people leave, but undertale was a map that was INSANE AND EPIC! I think undertale should be brought back since it was probably one of the top 3 most played maps and one of the best maps in my opinion. Everyone loved the map since it had awesome secrets and awesome in cell mini games which kept the activity of the server up kinda so someone needs to bring this map back into the map list in xg jb please. ;(
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name cool duck Identity STEAM_1:1:179247466 Ban Type Not Listed Information i got banned from the discord for ghost pinging thrillhouse and he told me to stop and i did then meaty literally pinged every admin 10mins later trying to get me banned. i guess it was wrong to do it from the start and im sorry ;(
  4. -1 he was the one who basically got kermit banned. he gave him ahk scripts and also he mics spams so yeah... NO
  5. In-Game Name - cool duck Primary Division Counter-Strike Previous Member No Profile dy_lan#6215 Age 14 Previously Banned Yes Time Active on Servers 5 days Reason for Joining I decided to come and apply since I think I've changed my maturity and the way I act ever since I was unbanned. I also started becoming more involved in the community playing games with people like 10 mans, rust etc. So I think now is a good time for me to apply for member I guess...
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    um please no @Tatost
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    My bad, the perm ban was from mass free killing and leaving but that kinda relates to what I said so I guess I can leave it up like that.
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    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name cool duck Identity STEAM_1:1:179247466 Ban Type Server Ban Information I was banned for toxicity I think. It was back in I think November where I hung out with this kid who was annoying and toxic and I just followed him. I have developed more life skills that changed the way I act online and now, I am more of a mature kid and not some retard. I'm sorry to whoever I was toxic to in the past that lead to this ban on my account and changes have been made about me big time and I am here for a 2nd chance, the LAST chance.