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Found 7 results

  1. Hello yes hi as some of you may know Caleb has been working on getting our ff2 fixed and up and running and the goal is to have the server up and running sometime this month Currently we are looking for suggestions for things being added, such as bosses, maps, ff2 specific rule changes, etc and me personally I say we need to add more unique/cool bosses as alot of our bosses do the same things, having bosses with custom models too is a big plus as they're very cool If you have any suggestions for what we should add you can either send send caleb a message on discord/steam with the suggestion or post below in this thread Thanks for reading, suggest away gamers!
  2. Remember the jailbreak populate with did every Saturday and how it started off so well and just kind of died slowly? Me and @Sesh think we should maybe start doing it again but for FF2. If it's possible I would like to request that every Saturday at 7pm EST the higherups create an event on the steam group for people to populate FF2. If we do this every weekend then maybe we can get a steady population going throughout the weeks too? It'd be pretty neat if we could get this started since filling empty servers would be great. @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Basquiat @Sesh
  3. I really hate when snipers lock bosses in huntsman taunt kills, it's annoying, and there's really no way to get out of it unless you have the conga. Then again, that solution is complete bull because it adds a pay-to-win aspect to our servers. Just because the boss fucks up royally does not mean he should be ruthlessly murdered by the entire enemy team while incapacitated. @bagggel and @BonfireCentiped can both tell you how pissed off I was when this happened to me earlier today. Prior to this, I had actually thought there was already a rule against it, but I guess not. @Vexx @mrnutty12 @Kypari @Krampus @Vargas @Caleb956 @grap_grop @Elcark
  4. This thread is for the development of my vsh map vsh_spacestation (name may change in future) ingame screenshots Leave any suggestions in the replies.
  5. So to catch everything up in one place, to replace the playpoints system that used to give bonuses to players on the freak fortress server, we are construction a number of special weapons. These function as typical unique tf2 weapons with new attributes that are already in place when equipping one of them. A number have been completed already (listed below) but to make them feel a bit more finished we are asking for any ideas for a few more you would like to see added. Now in principle, these weapons shouldn't just be taking any old tf2 weapon and increasing it's stats to make it stronger. Ideally they should be somewhat gimmicky and the more unique the better. They should definitely be powerful to warrant using them, but not so universally better that it is a must to take them over any other weapon. They are more idealistic to offer an alternate play style or make a less viable play style more worthwhile. It is also a goal to prevent the ability to use more than one of any of these weapons at a time. Lastly, it's important to note at this time rocket launchers are not working with custom attributes. Don't be afraid to suggest any, but don't expect any to be added just yet (We already have a few ideas for some once/if we can). Current weapons
  6. The FF2 sever is getting old, almost boring and the same. Not to mention the lack of GOOD maps. (I'm looking at you Halo Foundation and Mann Co. HQ. Well I took the pride and liberty and asked some people who usually come by the FF2 server what they would like to stay and removed. Maps: 1: REMOVE vsh_halo_foundation_v1 2: Add an Undertale map 3: REMOVE mann vsh_mannco_hq_v14 4: Add vsh_doublecross 5:Add vsh_warebloom 6: Add vsh_skyhigh_resort back in 7: Add vsh_aquaticbase_b5 8:Add vsh_abandoned_office_v2 9:Add vsh_articbase_b5 10:Add vsh_remains_of_king_b1 Hales: Turn The Blitzkrieg into "Old" Blitzkrieg (Give him melee, VERY slow moving rockets, and change his song to Ecasty of Gold) NERF Knuckles, Miku, Shadow, and Herobrine Turn down the noises that MLG Sniper makes Add Ultra Greed from The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Add Isaac from The Binding of Isaac series Add Mettaton from Undertale (When Metta dies once, he has 1 more life and is turned into Metta EX) Add Ass Pancakes Add Dic Soupcan Add Bonk Boy Add Major Crits Add BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY! Add Bill Mays Add Sans from Undertale Add Vinny and Joel from Vinesauce (Double Hale) Add Solid Snake from Metal Gear Franchise Add Mewtwo from Pokemon Add SCP-173 Add Sonic.exe back in Add Jeff The Killer Add Slenderman Add Bone from XenoGamers(Moderator and yes get him to voice act)
  7. Not much I need to explain about this map besides the fact that it's small and getting knocked off the map instantly kills you as well as a hazard near the centre of the map that also instantly kills you as the boss. Frustrating to play on as the boss as everyone just focuses on blasting the boss either off the map or into the hazard (The payload from pl_frontier) to win the game causing rounds to end in seconds.