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  1. KSPlayer1337

    vsh map development thread.

    vsh_spacestation_a1 has been updated to vsh_spacestation_a2! changelogs increased outside gravity from 0.15 to 0.4 added more platforms added nobuild to outside platforms changed skybox to custom skybox texture changed sky lighting to be less red The download link is https://gamebanana.com/maps/199653. Leave any suggestions in the replies below.
  2. KSPlayer1337

    Saxton Hale Map Request

    add my map vsh_spacestation
  3. KSPlayer1337

    vsh map development thread.

    vsh_spacestation_a1 has been released! the download link is https://gamebanana.com/maps/199653. Leave any suggestions in the replies below.
  4. KSPlayer1337

    vsh map development thread.

    This thread is for the development of my vsh map vsh_spacestation (name may change in future) ingame screenshots Leave any suggestions in the replies.
  5. KSPlayer1337

    map creation poll thing

    what should i make another vsh map or a dr map
  6. KSPlayer1337

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    i forgot about something 50 shades of oof
  7. KSPlayer1337

    Anyone remember the good ol' days?

    remember when saxton hale was populated remember when jb2 existed remember balloon race remember the oftenly populated jb remember forum v8 remember when i was bump remember mlcastle_v9 remember that one cramped prison map from hl2 in saxton hale remember facingworlds in saxton hale remember when sewer medic was loud remember the glitchy fnaf bosses remember scootaloo remember ohstopyou good times
  8. KSPlayer1337

    Minecraft Suggestions/update Megathread

    some mod suggestions [spoiler=exploration]-Twilight Forest: A mod that adds a new dimension. This could provide a new adventure. The Twilight Forest [spoiler=technology]-Redstone Flux: A mod that provides RF, a type of power that is used in the technology mods. Redstone Flux -Thermal Expansion: A mod that adds machinery, such as an electric furnace, cobblestone generator, and a sawmill. Requires Thermal Foundation, CoFH Core, CodeChickenLib, and CoFH World. Thermal Expansion -CoFH Core: Required for Thermal Foundation and Thermal Expansion. CoFH Core -CodeChickenLib: Required for Thermal Expansion. CodeChicken Lib 1.8.+ -CoFH World: Required for Thermal Foundation. CoFH World -Thermal Foundation: Required for Thermal Expansion. Thermal Foundation -RFTools: A mod that adds machinery, such as teleporters, shield creators, and dimension builders. Requires McJtyLib. RFTools -RFTools Dimensions: An addon for RFTools that allows dimension creation. Requires McJtyLib. RFTools Dimensions -McJtyLib: Required for RFTools. McJtyLib -Ex Nihilo: Creatio: A mod that adds machinery that allows you to get more materials out of limited items. The machinery is less advanced than other technology mods. Ex Nihilo: Creatio -Solar Flux: A mod that adds solar panels. Requires Hammer Core. Solar Flux Reborn -Hammer Core: Required for Solar Flux. Hammer Core [spoiler=other]-YABBA: A mod that adds barrels. This can assist with item storage. YABBA -Extra Utilities 2: A mod that adds items such as watering cans, compressed blocks, and transfer blocks. Extra Utilities -Tinker's Construct: A mod that allows creation of custom tools. Tinkers Construct -Inventory Tweaks: A mod that makes sorting the inventory easier. Inventory Tweaks -Iron Chest: A mod that adds more chests that have increased inventory space. Iron Chests -Chisel: A mod that allows the customization of block design. Requires CTM. Chisel -Connected Textures Mod: Required for Chisel. ConnectedTexturesMod -Just Enough Items: A mod that shows recipes for items. Just Enough Items (JEI)
  9. with $40 on steam i bought keys and got nothing except a balloonihoodie
  10. aaand finals are over
  11. finals or something
  12. did this jojo avatar thing start when i made my steam avatar a poorly drawn king crimson
  13. i should really stop playing modded minecraft
    1. Aegean


      it's the best minecraft doe
    2. Jaydow


      keep it going don't stop
  14. is this a jojo reference
    1. james8470
    2. Egossi


      funnily enough you posted this at around the exact same time i started watching jojo for the first time