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  • XenoGamers Monthly August 2019




    What’s New?

    • Minecraft is bringing you Skyblock! The server IP is mc.xenogamers.com, version 1.14.3. Server will be up by the end of the night!

    • Discord boosting is now available! We have 13 people who have currently boosted our server that made it so we have +100 extra emoji slots for the server, our audio quality got increased to 258kbps and we have an animated server Icon & a unique banner! We also have a 50 MB upload limit for high quality memes for all members. Have a suggestion for custom emojis? Let us know!

    • TF2 Population Events have been reworked, occurring weekly every Monday, starting next week on the 5th. More information can be found here. We’d also like to thank the community for increased population, even before the economy bug, we’ve been experiencing more players due to an increase in the initiative taken by those who enjoy our servers. In other news, the TF2 staff activity requirement has been reinstated with an immediate requirement of 8 hours over 2 weeks minimum.

    • CS:GO RPG Surf server is back! It has returned with more upgrades than before. Join at Feel free to suggest maps (for any server) in the map suggestion thread!

    • GMOD has made some changes! UCH has been moved to its own dedicated server; the IP is We now have a WarioWare/Sled Build rotation server; the IP is! Sled Build hasn’t been tested yet, but WarioWare is working.


    Community Nights

    • As previously mentioned, GMOD is getting a new server, and to celebrate, we’re christening it with a Community Night to test the waters. Read more on it in this thread.

    Final Comments

    • No July post because of a few complications with the website and also personal life. Moving forward, monthly posts will be monthly! I promise!

    • We are discussing the future of xG as hosting custom servers in games that are losing their appeal by developers, and we are seeing big dips as a result of it. XenoGamers is here to stay so don’t fret!

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