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Found 8 results

  1. What’s New? Minecraft is bringing you Skyblock! The server IP is mc.xenogamers.com, version 1.14.3. Server will be up by the end of the night! Discord boosting is now available! We have 13 people who have currently boosted our server that made it so we have +100 extra emoji slots for the server, our audio quality got increased to 258kbps and we have an animated server Icon & a unique banner! We also have a 50 MB upload limit for high quality memes for all members. Have a suggestion for custom emojis? Let us know! TF2 Population Events have been reworked, occurring weekly every Monday, starting next week on the 5th. More information can be found here. We’d also like to thank the community for increased population, even before the economy bug, we’ve been experiencing more players due to an increase in the initiative taken by those who enjoy our servers. In other news, the TF2 staff activity requirement has been reinstated with an immediate requirement of 8 hours over 2 weeks minimum. CS:GO RPG Surf server is back! It has returned with more upgrades than before. Join at Feel free to suggest maps (for any server) in the map suggestion thread! GMOD has made some changes! UCH has been moved to its own dedicated server; the IP is We now have a WarioWare/Sled Build rotation server; the IP is! Sled Build hasn’t been tested yet, but WarioWare is working. Contests/Raffles One of this month’s raffle items are Warhammer 40k Mechanicus! Free to apply for all! We will start including higher quality raffle items for people active on the forums so stay tuned! https://xenogamers.com/raffles/raffle/7-warhammer-40k-mechanicus/ Community Nights As previously mentioned, GMOD is getting a new server, and to celebrate, we’re christening it with a Community Night to test the waters. Read more on it in this thread. Final Comments No July post because of a few complications with the website and also personal life. Moving forward, monthly posts will be monthly! I promise! We are discussing the future of xG as hosting custom servers in games that are losing their appeal by developers, and we are seeing big dips as a result of it. XenoGamers is here to stay so don’t fret!
  2. The Trouble in Terrorist's Town server, like all other GMod servers, follow the General Garry's Mod Server Rules found here, in addition to the General Community Rules found here. Portal Gun Rules: The Portal Gun follows general rules of RDM. Do not use it to randomly kill people with no reasoning. Do not use it to escape the map boundaries at any point. No creating traps to trap people (i.e. in other players, inside a wall, etc.) When spectating, do not possess props in order to kill people. KOS Rules: You cannot KOS others without a legitimate reason (unless you're a traitor), such as being shot or someone having a traitor weapon without being proven. Some non-legitimate reasons to KOS, and instead are potentially only suspicious, include but are not limited to the following: Refusing to test Scoping in with a sniper rifle Following people around Otherwise non-KOS-able but suspicious actions Potential future rules will be added to this thread when the need arises. Last edited 4/18/19.
  3. Screenshot of the Month :emoji_clipboard: Xeno Gamers | Screenshot Of The Month - How to Enter :emoji_clipboard: :emoji_trophy: Xeno Gamers | Screenshot Of The Month - Winners :emoji_trophy: Build of the Month Links Currently Unavailable
  4. The music is super annoying especially to people who don't know how to mute it client side. And I don't think that many people really enjoy it, anymore at least.
  5. So last night after finally getting my third Sona Mastery 7 shard, i was wondering how i get blue essences so i could complete the mastery..as it turns out, i need to play ranked matches to unlock mastery chests to get blue essences, so i think to myself "Alright, fine, ill just do a couple ranked games and see how it goes.".It was awful, i mean sure i have bad games all the time (Sona sup main) and i been on a losing streak lately, but HOLY HYLIA those two ranked matches were some of the most cancerous things i had ever witnessed! So now i'm here asking the XenoGamers community for their opinions on the whole matter. The question is: Has the League of Legends ranked community always been this cancerous, or was it just another fault of having a bad match?
  6. So recently (as in, earlier today) i decided to make the switch to Windows 10 after my fears of it being quite the security scare were finally put to rest. After the update finishes itself and im making my rounds around the new operating system to see if its something ill keep using. Until i begin to start typing... My new keyboard ended up breaking on me again. I had it checked out and it turns out there was a short/whateverthefucktheguycalledit in the keyboard that fried the insides of it. Unfortunately until i get ANOTHER gaming keyboard ill be completely offline from most of my steam games, with the exception of Mabinogi (basic keyboard friendly game). Ill still try my best to be more active here on the servers to prove im not entirely gone from the community, but until then, i will not be present on the tf2 servers, etc.
  7. I'll post updates here, and you can report any bugs here! Would help greatly :) Moved nginx cache to ramdisk for both FastCGI and Proxy. Updated OpenSSL to patch due to vulnerability. Updated Teamspeak3 Server to 3.0.12. nginx configs reformatted to remove some params that were being loaded multiple times. Disabled PHP version header being checked for security purposes.
  8. Playing JB this morning, I have realized that the JB server is getting worse with bugs and problems as time passes. As of right now: CT guns spawning in T cells (with CT's name on the gun, It's a issue with jb_lego_jail_v8) Some of these issues are minor, but they all add up. T's can't rebel because of their names showing when they kill a CT. And the fact that you can't even play a full game without a mapchange 5 rounds in. I'm glad that things are being added like !settings, but now it's time for serious bug fixing, otherwise more problems will probably pop up. @Bleed @Lithium @Snackbar EDIT: Some of the stuff I posted earlier was fixed. Removed from the list. Stuff that was addressed (Thx bbys): After 5 rounds, a mapchange occurs (not done by RTV)(Fixed). !call still doesnt work if no admins are on.(Might not be possible, RIP call BOT.) Shot4Shot is still broken. (should be fixed next map change) Tick rate is still 51.2 (Helps server load, maybe will change, who knows) When a T kills a CT, it no longer hides which T killed the CT.(Fixed by Bleed) Thanks @Bleed and @Lithium for fixing the problems quickly! :D