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    +1 taught me a smoke
  2. Hmm, I'll have to go with Andes Mints on this one. Those count right? If not I've got a soft spot for Reese's peanut butter cups too...
  3. When the ability to bhop, surf_frictional, and increased air accelerate are added to tgh I will give you that. Currently it has none of those, so I reject your idea.
  4. These too please. Thanks mr rabid
  5. Oh and @Genocide random crits are like headshots in cs, but instead of shooting someone's oversized nose you pray to RNGesus that you magically get a glowey bullet or rocket with a 3x damage boost. While they technically happen more for good players since the chance to get them ramps up with how much damage you have done in the past 20 seconds or so they tend to reward bad players by giving them an unearned free kill on random people (most often complained about by good people who got an undeserved death) as opposed to skilled players who probably would have won the fight anyway.
  6. Because a lot of the powers would have to be disabled to account for various things last I checked. (ie stuff like toxic or homing projectiles would have to be disabled because of accidental spawnkilling) Rolling for random debuffs with a minute chance of the probably not very helpful thing isn't very fun afaik. And assuming you are not being facetious, it doesn't so much balance them out as it does double down on the issue. Personally I dislike the rng based nature of random crits and find them counterproductive to most engagements and irritating to many players. Surf certainly isn't the most serious epik gamer environment, but dropping random crits from the gameplay there does very little for 99% of what goes on there but make people who dislike them happier. Unless you really rely on them for killing those bhoppping mach 10 people it shouldn't even be noticeable were they removed as per literally every other place where they were turned off. Sure it is less random but in a more enjoyable way, surf is already super chaotic and disorganized but that charm is harder to enjoy when you are being instagibbed by the guy you just brought to 2 hp with a pile of sync'd up rockets. As for the people who have said that they are helpful for breaking jail camps, I'd say you see more success on that front from cleaning out sniper boxes and forcing the other team to take cover/deal with you or bhopping around from the jail teleports as a distraction for your team (fast man make shoot, must chase). Those both are far more common and consistent ways to keep the camps in check that I would see used (and personally did) to great effect in that particular matter. Random crits are inherently unreliable and are probably going to favor the camping team because of the mechanics behind crit frequency, and if you are bad you will just end up camped again so they really don't even help much in the long run.
  7. +1 is a troll in the dungeon, just thought you should know. but actually do it.
  8. iunno what the cutoff on being an oldfag is, but 2013 good enough for ya?
  9. Take my steam id ya heccin people STEAM_0:1:55971990 Hail our new leader @Bumpy
  10. Back when I was a wee little lad I made a mii on our new family wii (which now hisses demonically at us should we try to put a disc in) and my grandfather made a comment about how my new mii looked. Naturally I did the only reasonable thing and named the character after the comment and thus I got mrnutty. I used that mii for literally everything I did so it was my go to usage for basically any electronics at that point. Fast forward a bit to my first email account and I needed something to name it, being a wonderfully creative person I wanted to use the name of the mii I had used for ages however that name was already taken so I had to add a number which at the time was 11, my age. Repeat that process for pretty much every account I have ever made and it just sorta became my default name for internet stuff.
  11. A bit before you, I had a goblin for a partner first.
  12. Me too thanks. Also 'grats @Ms.Spooks @Xander and @Meaty!
  13. +1 this man is already a diety of the cs div