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  1. A person from the tf2 div for a while before they left. Doubt you'd know em. Also hello again, I can't speak to how the tf2 div is doing these days but I am doing just swell, thanks for asking.
  2. I mean, if I'm open when yall decide to actually do something...
  3. @Caleb956 welcome to the retiree club! Bingo is on Tuesdays, and try to not get the pool all sandy as that clogs up the filters Congrats to @Bumpy @Topaz and @hongkongatron as well
  4. east coast > west coast smh Or if we are forgetting the Europe people, us central is a nice compromise for everyone across the country...
  5. Because dany bade at gaem xddd Also hello again!
  6. I like to play frontlines the most, though I think a dueling/deathmatch server could do well too. Frontlines default is a 64 slot server afaik (32 per team), but the mode works fine in a 48 player setting too (24 per team). Much less than that and I think you would run into issues with it feeling a bit sparse for players. If it is a duels server you can get away with as few as 10 slots, usually the deathmatch maps are a lot smaller and particularly with duels you want to give people plenty of space. I think maybe 16-20 if just plain deathmatch is what you want. I don't have any way to confirm this, but I was reading that kicking bothersome players (ie constant tk people) requires you type out their full name including any special characters. Reportedly people do abuse that fact when trying to troll the server somewhat frequently.
  7. While that may be right regardless, it is exactly why I don't play in the golf games
  8. Ayyy nice @Lithium you finally took the title to go with how much you did for the rest of our divisions. @SegFault Welcome to the retiree club, don't forget to come for tuesday bingo! Congrats to the rest of the promos too!
  9. Big improvement over how he used to be, not perfect but certainly a +1 from me. A: Enough M: Not insufferable anymore
  10. +1 for unbanning everything Negev is pretty easy to counter if you have basic map awareness and can see where the tracers (that are shown on literally every single bullet) are coming from. Even a silver like me can get a tap in on them occasionally on most maps or at very least rotate/use utility nades. It might be memed for a few games after it gets unbanned for novelty sake, but I'd wager nobody uses it much once unban hype goes away. m249 is I think the bigger bm gun since the cost is way higher and the spray pattern makes it a pain to reliably use for us mere mortals. Even then it is about as effective as an m4 save for if you want to sit in one spot and mag dump at something. At any rate same as the negev you will really only see it as a meme buy past the initial hype around unban fades I think. The zeus... If you die to this you probably had it coming anyways. Plus I personally find it really funny when it does happen to work out... ^These guns are also fun for strat roulette too^ As for the auto sniper, it costs more than the awp and puts the extra money towards being a bit more user-friendly instead of raw damage, it still is pretty vulnerable to getting smoked and flashed as well as a close range attack like any other sniper rifle. It might be more forgiving to the user, but it also is more forgiving to smart enemies as it gives them more chance to react (compared to the awp) due to the lack of the same level of instant lethality. I know it is a salt machine but it can still be countered and killed, and much like the awp you still run the risk of dropping it for the other team. It is the second highest price in the game currently, and it isn't like you can spam buy these unless you were stacked with money (and probably winning) in the first place. End of the day though you pay a premium to get a better gun which I am pretty sure is a big part of the reason we have an economy part of the game to worry about. I might be a lowly tf2 player, but in my opinion if you are going to keep these weapons banned, we should also ban shit like the pp-bizon because it also is a bad meme gun. Most of these weapons are situational at best and downright bad at pretty much any other time (save the auto). Except the sawed off is harder to abuse since it is still basically a slower and less reliable zeus that gives a lot of money and can be shot more than 1 time. Wait, the zeus is banned... Wait, guys we gotta ban the sawed off now!
  11. Live here in IL, can confirm that pizza is our one and only useful contribution to the world. Also our governors are corrupt af. also seg you bet we meeting up o7
  12. mrnutty12


    +1 taught me a smoke