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  1. mrnutty12


  2. mrnutty12

    What's your favorite drink?

    I start most everyday with a hot cup of earl grey tea, absolutely my favorite. Never had an alcoholic drink I am particularly fond of, though I suppose I didn't hate having a couple mojitos.
  3. Oh uhh, finally hit 10k hours in tf2...

    1. Dannypicacho


      when are you hitting that in csgo

    2. mrnutty12


      in about 9500 hours, @Dannypicacho


    3. Dannypicacho


      not that much tbh

  4. mrnutty12

    Random Crits on Surf

    I see how it is seg... Aside from being a travesty of a mechanic, they are not fun and only a meme because they suck so much. Also it really doesn't help with telecamps from my experience.
  5. mrnutty12

    6s Tournament

    Probably when we have enough people interested to frequently do them.
  6. mrnutty12

    6s Tournament

    Hmm, I'd be cool with making a special prize title for the winning team or something like that.
  7. mrnutty12

    Turn pan into the market gardener

    ff2 always crits on melee anyways...
  8. mrnutty12

    1v1 Tournament

    I mean I have the game if it is at a workable time... Throw me in or something.
  9. mrnutty12

    General_Beret - Team Fortress 2

    heccin pans hot af smh But uhh on topic, I've seen ya be one of the best people on the server being great and whatnot, but I have also seen the horribly insensitive bigoted stuff from you before. Now I have not seen that recently enough personally to justify a -1, but I don't particularly feel comfortable with a +1 atm. So I'll just leave a neutral here and suggest being a bit more respectful when relevant.
  10. mrnutty12

    No Nut November

    OwO Think I am disqualified anyways given my name :3
  11. mrnutty12

    Remove Random Crits?

    As much as it pains me to lose the market pan potential, random crits (or random anything tbh) are an unfun mechanic to deal with on any slot so +1.
  12. mrnutty12

    Remove #shitposting from discord

    Given the name, it can be an easy mistake to make...
  13. mrnutty12

    New rule

    Aside from this it creates needless wordiness and exemptions that would really only serve to confuse people more on when certain things are allowed. It might be a little inconvenient on the less impactful maps but it is easier for everyone that way.
  14. mrnutty12


  15. mrnutty12

    Tgh Map Requests