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  1. mrnutty12

    add those map to tgh

    yeahyeah something like that, just yell for me if something is horribly broken but they should be on the rotation as overlord kypari has deemed.
  2. mrnutty12

    Surf related

    surf_cyanide and surf_kitsune2 please
  3. mrnutty12

    Change Mona Pizza to this please

  4. mrnutty12

    Could we add T-pose to rtd?

    But TF2's reference pose isn't even a proper T-pose... Also, please no.
  5. mrnutty12

    What are some of the worst nerfs?

    What? The Brass Beast was a garbage gun to begin with and it got the resist added (which admittedly later slightly nerfed) to let it tank a bit more. not really any debilitating nerfs. The Buffalo Steak's only nerfs were fixing bugs pertaining to stats not doing what they were supposed to. And even on that count, it was buffed way more than those fixes. The Warrior's Spirit really isn't too different, It has always been a pretty crap melee. The only difference now is that instead of losing 20 hp passively you have a sizeable damage vulnerability while they are out. Otherwise it really didn't change too much (besides getting a heal mechanic along the way). The weapon, much like the rest of the set, is just naturally complete trash. It didn't get nerfed in any significant ways...
  6. mrnutty12


    +1 pretty neato dood, should get member again. A: number 7 M: a higher number than A
  7. mrnutty12

    Can we remove Caleb956?

    +1 what moron even promoted this sandy boi?
  8. mrnutty12

    remove trade_Rainbow_palace_v1b

    Surf physics differences are mostly just how much speed you generate from airstrafing in general, otherwise it functions fairly similarly to normal movement (excepting enabled bhopping). Holding w would be a little more effective on surf than normal, but it wouldn't make THAT much of a difference. Though if anything, moving your mouse as mentioned should give you even more speed on surf.
  9. mrnutty12

    What are some of the worst nerfs?

    Rest in peace Righteous Bison.
  10. mrnutty12

    Remove vsh_mannopoly_a6

    +1 while it is an amusing map the deathpit on the edge of the map is not very fun to have as a hale.
  11. mrnutty12

    FF2 Special Weapon Ideas

    As far as I am aware the vsh plugin removes the jarate/milk status effects from bosses immediately; reducing their rage percentage in the process. Because of that if the jarate did apply a slow it would end up being a pretty short one that is generally not worth considering. With regards to buffing the wrap assassin, keep in mind that it gets permacrits and a second ball to launch because ff2 also has some stat changes. For reference, each ball does ~50 damage (yay crits!) + bleed (non self-stacking) and recharges a couple seconds slower than the cleaver.
  12. mrnutty12

    The rules....and other stuff

    I mean, unless there is someone being obviously extremely annoying on mic by constantly doing some dumb voice/impression that nobody asked for or likes, I usually just let people doing a funny little voice thing for a joke or something finish their bit and go on with life. Fewer people get muted, you don't make a scene over it, and you might just have a laugh along the way. Though when people start complaining about someone doing a funny voice is about when I take action because at that point because it is disruptive enough for people to say something. Obviously different staff may feel different things qualify for an immature voice which is what led to that particular event, but I hardly find it that crazy that different people think different things would be past the line of a harmless joke. For the record, nobody asked me to come to deal with anything in that particular case, I do join the servers of my own accord sometimes you know. You just happened to be there at the time.
  13. mrnutty12


    ok, have fun.
  14. mrnutty12


    Not a stinky anymore and has mic. A: Enough M: Mongolian Empire