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This is just me telling y’all more about my 🆒 self.

-My birthday is 5/3/04

-I spend money on things that are useless

-I used to play as calebmellon

-I’m a dirty freshman 

-I wear socks so it’s not gay

-I’m not a furry

-My real name is Caleb Anthony Mallon

-I’m single now and ready to mingle 😉 (no homo tho)

- 🌮 Maid you look

- I typed this on my ipad

 -I’m thick asl

-not a little loli

-I love trolls 


-Bonfire is gay

-I’m 5’6’’ now

-I’m broke 

-I’m white

-I sexually identify as ZH















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Gang weed (see edit history)

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