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  1. Well, its been a while huh? I didn't think I'd be back here. For a while that was because I was still resentful, but that resent turned into shame. I was ashamed to come back, I realized who I was to so many people. I was a friend to some but a nuisance and dipshit to others. In these years of depression, self hatred and harm, and introspection, I need to say that I'm sorry to so many people in this community that I hurt, either on purpose or on accident. I wasn't a good moderator. I wasn't a good friend. I was a blabbering idiot. To all the Queen of Hearts out there, I'm sorry that I treated you different because of who you were. I was scared of who I was, dealing with feelings of homosexuality that I was raised to view as bad. I needed to accept you for who you were and are, not some bullshit standard made by other people. To all of the Nuttys out there, I'm sorry for discrediting you all the time. I know it was like a joke that a lot of the higher staff did jack shit but it wasn't true and it was disrespectful. I needed to really appreciate all the work you did behind the scenes to keep the community running as smooth as you could. And to Seg specifically, I should have listened to you. In my heart I still hold some resentment towards you, but in time I have come to realize how right you were about a lot of things. I'm sorry. I don't plan on like, coming back I guess, it seems the surf server is vacant these days and I'm busy struggling with trying to graduate and hold a half decent social life so I'm not sure Id even have half the time I used to to fuck around and surf, but I wish you all well in your lives as you go forward. Bye! -Frosty
  2. I logged on to dab on @SegFault's grave. legit though I forgot xG existed till one of my friends sent me this, I might actually come back to surf once summer starts, with seg being gone and all. Huge congrats to my bb's @-Diphikult and @Meaty, yall give me hope for the future. On a side not, while I was writing this I made a mistake and went back to add a letter I forgot, only for it to ONLY FUCKING HIGHLIGHT, WHY WOULD IT DO THAT? IT DOESNT DO THIS ON OTHER WEBSITES! (fr tho i had to re-write the whole thing, kinda annoying but nothing big)
  3. Gunna be a +1 from me. Kiro has done stupid things, but isn't inherently a bad guy. He's been a good friend to me and others. He is a human. He has his flaws. He is discriminatory towards certain people, but we all are to some extent. He opinions shouldn't prevent him from being a member, and just as you might feel uncomfortable around him, he may feel the same about you. Kiro is surprisingly open minded if you connect with him on a more personal level (uncommon opinion, I know). I have come to respect Kiro to an extent for how he refuses to collapse or give in. He stands proud with an unpopular opinion and isn't afraid to have others mock him for it, which is something we can all learn from. Do I agree with his opinions? No, I find it hard to believe that someone who supposedly has so much hatred for others to in reality be so deeply passionate and caring. If he is nurtured the right way he may just come to see others that he once thought of as lower as equals instead. Also that whole nickname thing. Segger sounds nothing like the N word. Snigger sounds like the N word. Nippers sounds like the N word. Niger, Bigger, Jigger, Wiggler all sound like the N word. Segger is only used to provoke @SegFault because he thinks it's somehow too similar to the N word when it really isn't.
  4. I'd like being able to discuss why other people are wrong and why they should feel bad. My name is Frosty and I support #politics
  5. AND Owlknight is staff too. He's not gay or a furry (I think) Not to mention Vacindak and I used to be staff before we were demoted for not being furry or gay enough
  6. You why everyone forget that Diphikult is a straight non-furry staff. SMH yall mean
  7. I mean I liked being able to post normal person hentai because i have an interest in that stuff and I like being able to share it. The fetish stuff was fucking disgusting but if there was a channel for just that stuff then I could simply mute it and move on. Also this whole thing means now i can only post like 1/75th of my memes because most of my phone is NSFW and shitposting content. Where my F in chat for #shitposting at?
  8. SO after talking with some people in-game, it seems this is a member only vote. 11/10 best way to gauge whether or not people want the channel to stay its not like there's a bunch of non-member regulars or anything haha
  9. (adding to what was posted above) One compromise would be to simply split the channels again. Yes, the Porn channel was taken down for too much anti-TOS content, but by simply being more vigilant, there would be less problems. The racist or edgy memes could go in #shitposting and the pornographic content can go in its own channel. It would take work and dedication, but we have discord staff, and they should be willing to put in the effort if it improves the community, which I believe a porn channel can do. In my experiences through 50+ discord servers, the best ones had 3 or more NSFW channels (One for standard porn and hentai, one for fetishes [Furry, Pony, Feet, BDSM, Etc.] and one for stupid fun memes), or no Fetish material whatsoever. In the servers that allowed porn, often there would be another channel for gay porn or some other subcategory of porn, and this led to people being able to avoid and mute the channels they had no interest in to filter the content they as a member wished to view. In these servers people were happy and never felt forced to view content that they found disgusting while others could view all the content to their hearts content. The reverse has happened too. I've been in servers that outright ban all fetish material (Furry, Pony, Feet, BDSM, Etc.) whether they are SFW or not. These communities are small but also happy and have been great places to hang out. I believe that this is not the right route for xG however due to the large population of fetishists. By restricting forcibly restricting the content one can view we shun a large portion of the community and tell them they are not welcome, or that their interests are not welcome, thus this is counter productive for xG. To summarize, Just add some other NSFW channels and let people mute the ones they don't care about.
  10. I personally believe it should stay as its one of the few places on the discord where people can express themselves in any way (that isn't against TOS), and I'm all for people having the freedom to express themselves and their opinions, even if they are "controversial" or "weird". Taking away this privilege limits people and what they can do, making the community feel more closed, or possibly more like a dictatorship ?
  11. I mean i would need to explain if he didn't nail it on the head already ?
  12. Hey, atleast you aren't at my level yet. I talk on mic for an egregious amount of time every 10 seconds.
  13. It was Dandy Pacito and you know it >:((( (Also FaceMe is a surf regular who was on both times when i was renaming you)
  14. Close pls @virr @Caleb956 @Kypari @SegFault
  15. Neutral for now Neon is a fun person to chat and hang out with, but he's had lots of problems with background noise/micspam and spawn hitting in surf. Last time I played with him these weren't problems but I'd like to see these improvements a bit more before I +1