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Found 7 results

  1. We've got a ton of open slots for emotes now that we have nitro boosters. Post some images that you think would make a nice emote, and the Discord staff team (virr) will decide what stays and goes!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm a bit new around here, but when I was in the Discord, I suggested bringing a leveling bot into the Discord. These bots use a users messages as xp, and over time their level will increase. I go into detail, but click the website link for more info. These bots, since they encourage messaging more, and often, would obviously be a big help to the discord. Not only that, it would do a number of things for people at different experience levels in the discord, newer members could see who might be a good idea to ask for help in the discord by typing t!rank. More experienced members could use their level as bragging rights and so on. I'll answer a few common questions about the bot bellow. Does this bot encourage spam? - On paper yes, but I've seen it in a number of discords, in all which, it doesn't seem to encourage spam in the least, newer. Wouldn't that clutter up the discord with people typing commands? - Commands are rarely used, and a dedicated channel can be made for them, if a user starts to type in a bunch of bot commands, they can be directed towards the channel. Why did my wife leave me? - idk Hope that was enough to prove it to you, links are here. Website- Tatsumaki's Dashboard TATSUMAKI.XYZ The capable and helpful Tatsumaki. A Discord bot for XP & levels, moderation, more utilities, fun stuff Discord Invite- Discord GOO.GL Step up your game with a modern voice & text chat app. Crystal clear voice, multiple server and channel support, mobile apps, and more. Get your free server now! Have a good day.
  3. some examples of what it looks like Random pokemon spawn just by talking in discord, many discord servers already have this bot added being one of the many favorited bots. No pokeballs required it's just buy whoever type p!catch (name) first. you're able to level up pokemon just by talking too and even have the chance to catch your favorites and battle with friends If you're worried about pokemon spawning everywhere it even comes with the ability of being set to just one channel so everything pokemon related can be done there
  4. Division Discord Offenders In-Game Name lolisme Offender's Identity lolisme#0324 Ban Type Server Ban Explanation and Evidence Making this after the user has repeatedly been annoying, harassing others, and overall being obnoxious to deal with. People have had countless negative experiences with them, and they were previously banned from csgo for hacking, but also had issues there as well for the same behavioral issues they're having here. They've been warned several times on discord, one of said warnings being for posting suggestive nsfw underage child images with the excuse of "They just look young". Why are we letting a pedophile stay around like this? (as for the attachments, id post more of their generic annoying kid shtick but you should get the idea. would post the bit where they posted the loli suggestive images but the messages were cleared so heres the warnings)
  5. Hey, everyone! We've had discord (link, wink wink) for a little while now, and the most discussed and perhaps confusing topic has been the nsfw channel. A couple of people have reached out to me and asked about and we have been discussing internally for a little bit and came to the conclusion to let you guys decide what to do with it. You know the drill, vote closes in 1 week. The vote with the most votes wins and decides the future of the nsfw channel. Thank you and have a great afternoon! :)
  6. virr

    Discord Staff!

    Hello everyone! With our discord nearing almost 600 members (omg) we would like to expand our staff roster with some discord staff! We're looking for 3 active, mature and well spoken members who can help us keep the discord neat and organized. The requirements are as follow: If you fit the bill and is interested, use this link to apply! Remember to put Discord as the division and to include the # identifier after your name (i.e virr#001) so we can find you! If you have any questions, please let us know! also pls come with suggestions for what color the role is going to be Thanks for your time and good luck!
  7. Maximum

    XG Discord?

    Is there an XG discord? Can someone make one? I'd love to have one.