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  1. PiNoYPsYcHo

    What's your favorite drink?

    Alcohol: Long Island non: arizona green tea
  2. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Will Bank/Stored Credits come back?

    That would be really nice! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. General question usually aimed @Rhododendron is it coming back by any chance? Most of my donation from the past and earned credits over the years were stored in it.
  4. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Maplestory 2

    Real Gamer Here!
  5. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Lemons - Minecraft

    Oh my this guy plays apb too! +1 we need more mc staff
  6. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Halloween Costumes?

    Going to be a scary clown this year. We are allowed to wear it at my nursing school for this week so there's that. Here are the mask and full one-piece set. Might wear it for upcoming Halloween parties as well.
  7. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Add Politics Channel to Discord

    No go back to 4chan
  8. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Minecraft Server

  9. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Maplestory 2: Heavy Gunner Weapon

  10. PiNoYPsYcHo


    +1 Pretty active and been a well known member of the community. Everytime I play JB he's either on and always there to help new players as well. ALSO -1 on the people not knowing how +1 works. SMH A: 10 M: 9
  11. PiNoYPsYcHo

    New Last CT Music Suggestions

    Bring back the classic CSS last ct music please thanks! Also thanks @Lithium for finding what it is.
  12. PiNoYPsYcHo


    -1 has the pinoy curse in league. Can't even reach diamond in NA.
  13. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Good bye old member number.

    Yikers we need to revert back of course!
  14. PiNoYPsYcHo

    Good bye old member number.

    From 1099 to 35298. Rest in piece to all the other old fags as well.
  15. PiNoYPsYcHo

    XenoGamers History

    2011-2012 the good ol PRIME YEARS for XenoGamers