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  1. The Name of my OC, I created like a billion years ago, it used to be supershadower, but i got over dbz in like a month so i switched it to shadower/chef shadower, bc thats also another character in the comic spoiler alert probably not because im lazy as fuck and i'll probably forget about it tomorrow. man dark mode would be great for this background
  2. anybody else remember matsi? Ive never seen someone love his dog as much as that guy.

    1. Red


      *raped his dog, doggy style 🤢 🤮

  3. Shadower


    yo its been like a week and a half man dude come onnn you know me man haha man dude just let me in man bro its just a seeerrrrver man that thing expiiired dude comeon dude when u gona unban ya boi from your teamspeak 5 server dude? come onnnn
  4. Shadower


    lol im not embarrassed at all
  5. dr man hat in is better than superman change my mind

  6. Shadower


    why even bring it up lol and i know like 98% of those are for unmuting and muting because of how scuffed jailbreak is lol and the others are memes calm down bucky-boy hey dude i think im a nice guy man what the heck you should try playin a few games with yours truly man maybe during a community night or on tgh oh wait sent from my flip phone
  7. Shadower


    One minute I gotta take my cute lil dog out before I reply to this lol
  8. Shadower


    lol i dont feel like saying the mix thing with you guys mixing trolling and shitposting again but you know what i mean
  9. Shadower


    Lol wait ban me after the sand crusade I haven’t done my service yet please oh god
  10. Shadower


    +1 has a mic sent from my iPhone