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  1. tja brusch

    1. virr


      finns i chatten

  2. Happy halloween to you as well :)!
  3. #TheResistance has once again proven the leader to be a fraud who is opposed to any kind of criticism towards himself. Wow.
  4. Wow... It is a sad day for anti-fascists!!! We will not stand by this, and we will counter by censoring you, you... RIGHT-WINGER!!!!!!!! #TheResistance
  5. @[46:@Aegean]'s #AbuseOfPower of the #Constitution #Aegean will cling to it when he is #ImpeachAegeanSilenceNow #TheResistance
  6. https://gyazo.com/d3265f9bd7eb6827ed7f2e11b52cc9d0 so does this mean im not allowed to be in xG? How do I leave? :( sorry im from sweden i didnt know you felt that way
    1. Aegean


      LOL nice meme dude
  7. ingen talar svenska :((
    1. realBelloWaldi


      ja vafan inga av dessa dumma jävlar fattar vad du säger :(((
    2. virr


      ledsen emoji
  8. how do particpate in waffle?
  9. @Bello wrote that, so direct any criticism toward him thanks!!!!!!!! =D
  10. 13 notifications? That's weird because I only rated 4 of your posts. Thanks for the keks.
  11. I don't know why you're mad tbh, you rated my post smelly so I rated your posts smelly lol And I don't know who @Bananalitz is.
  12. My smellies was also a joke and it wasn't for no reason :D
  13. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: ♕ [D3m0] Hoovy! ツ ✪ ♕ Offender's Identity: STEAM_0:1:167963790 Rules Broken: Mass freekill, reenter armory Ban Type: Team Ban Evidence: Offense starts at 68000 ticks https://u.teknik.io/9ya1P.dem
  14. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1ld0c8ilnhg
  15. Thank you Mr. BELLO WALDI for the positive review! Alligator dezaimas!
  16. Game Name: Team Fortress 2 Platform: GANOO/LOONAX, Mac OS, Windows, Playstation 3, Xbox 360. Console versions are shitty though. Time Spent: 2,127 hours Do you recommend? Yes, definitely! =D What you rate the game: 8/10 Initial Thoughts: This game is a cartoony shooter, although some people like to call it a hat simulator. And while it is true that there are hats, and some people care more about them than the game, it is still a very fun game with creative weapon names and such. What makes this game unique is that everybody is not a fucking tryhard who has to win at all costs. Let's say you're in the back of the map as a heavy with a sandvich. Suddenly you see an enemy pyro coming right at you, and you prepare for your doom. But then, he stops, and you spend the rest of the game jumping on each other and feeding each other sandviches. Pros: Friendly Community. It's hella fun! Cons: People caring too much about their hats! Some people try too hard, though it's not all of them! Final Thoughts: So in conclusion, definitely do download this game. It's free after all, so you don't risk anything. Credit to @Bello and my steam review of this game from 2014
  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qryf3CXbHvY
  18. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJ7SmCLkSDs