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  1. ready for Smissmass!
  2. To all you lovely xenogamers out there, I miss and love you all! I hope i can rejoin you again on the server very soon! I hope you all have a lovely Holiday, I'm meeting with family for a nice get together~ If you feel like sharing go ahead! what are you doing for The Holiday's? Lets keep it positive lovelies!
  3. To those who celebrate it, I wish you a good turkey day, a day filled with family coming together, pigging out on home cooked food, and not giving a crap about how much you eat! I hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving, Let me know what you guys are doing for thanksgiving! I myself am having family over and making a big feast..!
  4. Enjoying that good ol halloween
  5. Hopps


    Hey, just wishing everyone who celebrates it, a happy halloween! Get out there and get some candy, whether you're trick or treating, or just going out to buy the candy, enjoy some teeth rotting goodness! (but please don't actually rot your teeth!) Much Love! ~Hopps
  6. some people.. just kinda.. fall for this.. and its upsetting.
  7. There is this scamming site for Halloween by the name of: SteamHalloween going around, and its scamming users.. Do not fall for it, pass this around.. Don't let more people get scammed. Scammers are some of the worst people.. lets help others to not be scammed, it can be the worst thing.. I normally don't like to make serious or.. I guess 'drama' threads.. but Hoping to help others here. [MEDIA=imgur]phpDzbt[/MEDIA] [MEDIA=imgur]pWWsUhP[/MEDIA]
  8. Hopps

    Just Checking in!

    This is for all of the XG community! how are you doing today? Did you have something good to eat? do something cool? hangout with someone you like or even abunch of cool friends? Tell me about your day!
  9. Rekin' in Pubg! Wew! (not really I suck ass lol)
  10. Hopps


    I already passed training awhile ago, haha but yeah its a huge responsibility.. I really hope to get back soon, and yeah I was able to play some MVM but that was with the small time I had
  11. Hopps


    I apologize for my absence and I have not been on as much as I used to, I got a promotion to lead nurse! so.. I have some more responsibilities now, and it gets rather busy, But I'm doing my best to come and see everyone! but if you miss me abunch you can just add me on steam, Steam Community :: Hopps Also wanted to say I hope everyone is doing well! and I miss you guys too! -Much Love, Hopps
  12. Hopping Along~
  13. Hopps

    A Big Thank You!!

    To all the brave Mods and Admins, The Issues of people attacking, bashing, and treating you like rubbish for doing your job.. Thank you, Your all brave souls, Strong people, Who work hard to keep the environment of the servers safe and friendly, You guys always are there when you can be to help, I want everyone to take note and Remember, These guys do there best to help us, and sometimes admins and mods don't get much appreciation.. So once in awhile remember to thank them! Send them a message, or if you see them in-game just tell them thank you or good job! They do a lot of hard work.. A Personal thank you from me to all your working hard at Xenogamers, A big thank you for giving me a safe home to relax at when I've had a stressful day, Cool new friends who accept me for well.. Me, Admins, Mods, Players of Xenogamers, Thank you.
  14. Hopps

    Night In The Woods

    Game Name: Night In The Woods Platform: PC (steam), Ps4 Time Spent: 21 Hours Do you recommend? Yes What you rate the game: 9.5/10 Initial Thoughts: Going into the game i already had previously played the 2 mini-games created by the developers, I was excited and ready, it had beautiful art style, aesthetics that appealed to me with simplistic colors and shapes. Gameplay and Story: The gameplay itself is more like an Experience of a story which you can choose how it is told depending on where you explore and go, lots of side things to do, mini games, and deep elements to the characters, You play as a Character named Mae who is returning home and things have changed quiet a bit. Backstory: Main Character is coming home from college, they had dropped out. Pros: Beautiful colors, Aesthetics Characters feel Alive and Relatable Covers Real Life world issues Characters are full of Variety Many different side arcs for multiple playthroughs Amazing Soundtrack Cons: Can't find everything in first run All Achievements are Obscure A tad Short some really cheesy lines More of a experience than a game Final Thoughts: Night In the woods is more of a experience then a game, but its a wonderful relatable experience, I personally enjoyed it, and most of those who have played it too have enjoyed it, has a pretty good story, lots of fun to explore, and fun to theorize with fellow fans.
  15. Just recently got accepted to XG, have had a wonderful time with this community so far and been relaxing in the TF2 Trade server, I haven't made any enemies yet and I'm not looking to, Wanted to get out there and say hello! I'm glad to be apart of XG! Adding a'lil something~ I like payday 2, L4D2, TF2, Starbound, Don't Starve Together, and all kinds of co-op games!