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  1. TheSupremePatriot


    +1 for unban.
  2. TheSupremePatriot

    Turn off thriller taunt on servers

    Please get rid of this taunt. It’s bad and should only happen during forced taunt (whenever that roll actually works).
  3. TheSupremePatriot

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

    But why do people need to say it in the first place? What is gained out of saying a word that is offensive to people? What is the humor in it? The way I see it, there is absolutely nothing gained and there is no humor or comedic appeal to it. If someone doesn’t want you to use a word because it offends them or makes them uncomfortable, you should respect it. No one should have to (client-side) mute anyone, it’s a thing called common courtesy... not that hard.
  4. TheSupremePatriot

    Censoring, Hypocrisy and Toxicity

  5. TheSupremePatriot


    +1 Haven’t seen in servers but they seem mature and friendly in discord. I feel they would make a nice addition to the community. Server Activity - N/A Discord Activity - 8 Maturity - 8
  6. TheSupremePatriot


    +1 Yes :3 A:8 M:8
  7. TheSupremePatriot

    how do i link my steam account

  8. TheSupremePatriot


    It doesn’t matter what others think, if you disagree with someone’s potential membership, you should say so. That’s what vouching is for.
  9. New Giveaway!


  10. TheSupremePatriot


    Just wanted to throw my two cents onto this one sentence. If you are new you really shouldn’t have been on CT until you learned the ropes from listening to CT’s and Wardens provide orders for some time, also you should’ve read the rules and guide before joining CT considering how many rules, steps, and information you need to know to correctly perform the role without breaking rules in the process. No vouch.
  11. TheSupremePatriot

    Super Blood Hockey

    Type: Giveaway


    • 1 Prize
    • 14 Participants

    ARCADE-STYLE HOCKEY ACTION! Travel back to a time when sports games were all about the action. Customize your lineup and use superior skating, positioning, strategy and violence to assert your dominance on the ice. CRUNCHY RETRO PIXELATED GORE! Experience brutality on ice like you've never witnessed before: blood splattering collisions, brain-scrambling head injuries, bloody vomiting spells and violent seizures. MIND MELTING CHIPTUNE SOUNDTRACK! Enjoy the driving retro beats of an original soundtrack by chiptunist Shawn Daley. 4-PLAYER LOCAL MULTIPLAYER! Paint the ice with the blood of your friends! GLOBAL SHOWDOWN! Take on the world in a global ice hockey tournament. Failure to secure victory for your nation could result in your execution. CHALLENGE MODE! Conquer a variety of difficult challenges (4 vs. 8, manual goalie control, etc.) and fun scenarios (12 vs 12 Mega Rumble, Turbo Mode, etc.). CONTINUED DEVELOPMENT! The release is not the end! Voice your opinion in the discussion forum and tell me what else you would like to see in the game! *For the best experience a gamepad is highly recommended (e.g. Steam Controller, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation + many others will work with emulation) - The game can also be played with only a keyboard. Compatible on PC, iMac, and SteamOS/Linux
  12. TheSupremePatriot

    New Last CT Music Suggestions

  13. TheSupremePatriot


    These people need to chill. They make the game and items but they gain no benefit from it unless they charged for the program.
  14. TheSupremePatriot


  15. TheSupremePatriot

    Rocket League Division

    It’s an interesting idea...but you can make events for games without having it as a division. I feel there is absolutely no need for a Rocket Leauge division as you can simply invite your friends to a lobby.