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  1. +1 This type of behavior is absolutely disgusting.
  2. If you get accepted; you will have the ability to apply for staff if that interests you and you’re vouches/opinions have more ‘weight’ when it comes to changes in the community as well as member/staff applications. You also get to wear the [xG] tag if you choose to do so to rep the community.
  3. Thorax_


    @Mint Please respond on the first protest thread you made. I asked you a question on there.
  4. Thorax_


    I haven’t answered because I shouldn’t have to. Figure it out yourself. I have access to the image but I’m not going to post it for very obvious reasons.
  5. Thorax_


    Bruh. No staff in their right mind would put that extreme of an accusation on someone if it wasn’t true. The image of Seg was extremely racist and uncalled for. Own up to your shit man.
  6. Thorax_


    The fact that he clearly refuses to own up to something he did, that’s enough to get a -1 from me right off the bat. If you aren’t going to be honest, I don’t feel you belong here. If you were banned for pedophilia, then you definitely did something of that nature. I can’t imagine any of the staff just throwing that kind of reason in for no fucking reason at all. I’m assuming the picture was the “Sigger” image being passed around by MJP and Wingman, I’m pretty sure they are still permed to this day for that amongst other things. I don’t think that you should get any special treatment.
  7. Thorax_


    What are your previous discord aliases?
  8. V New Game Giveaway! Anyone can enter! V


  9. Thorax_


    Division Minecraft In-Game Name Thorax__ Identity STEAM_0:1:123793325 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers Towny V3's Duration Information Moderation Experience: I was a Moderator/Admin of the TF2 division for about 3 1/2 years. I was a Minecraft Mod/Admin in the past up until the recent refresh for the new team. I'd like to return back to the Minecraft staff roster now that the division is being revived the right way. I would love to help out again in this division in any way that I can. I hope you will consider! x3 Thanks, Thorax__ (aka TheSupremePatriot). I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  10. Nope, Selfie Sunday is still in the lead with over 500 replies.