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    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Jackie Pizzapasta Identity STEAM_0:1:70818115 Ban Type Server Ban Information pls unban me thx
  2. Jacklyn


    +1 You guys are too sensitive.
  3. it's also pretty fucking op at times, like team crits is actually fucking stupid. the new rtd kind of makes things less competitive too. +1 get rid of this ABSOLUTE GARBAGE
  4. Jacklyn


    Nah I like you, Kypari. You're a cutie. ?
  5. Jacklyn


    That was just to prove the point that kypari's past bans were kinda bull. @Tatost
  6. Jacklyn


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Jackie Identity STEAM_0:1:70818115 Ban Type Server Ban Information Got banned FOR A MONTH because Moo -Moo reported me for being toxic. I think my ban is pretty unfair because I only said a few things and I thought we were all just having some fun bantering with eachother. Really it seemed to me like Moo -Moo was unphased by what I had said judging by his responses. Moo -Moo and Mau -Mau really hate my friend kamaal and try to start poop with him constantly, I don't really hate them all that much personally. (Maybe I now I do) I know that it's a month because of my previous bans from Kypari, but I think even those bans are debatable. Everyone knows he hates my guts and just jumps at the chance to punish me for any minute reason he can find at the time. (He's even wrongly banned me for a month in the past and it got instantly repealed because it was unfair) I don't think I deserve this long of a punishment for just chiming in at the start and poking some harmless fun at Moo. And also the admins decided that my ban didn't even need a formal request on the forums, Moo moo just brought it straight to them and they decided to ban me without considering the thoughts of the players??? what the fudge is up with that??? At the very least I think my ban should be rolled down to a week. edit: here's chatlogs https://imgur.com/a/92rBBVN
  7. Jacklyn


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Jackie Identity STEAM_0:1:70818115 Position Administrator Time Active on Servers 4 years Information I am obviously the best candidate on xG to be in a position of power. I have shown in multiple cases in the past how responsible I am with power. I'm the most respectful person on xG and I always follow the rules because I'm a good girl. In my new position as administrator I will be sure to punish anybody who decides to say any harmful words to any minority and give them a good moral scolding. I will threaten to mute anybody at the slightest sound of a musical tone in their voice. I will EVISCERATE anybody who even thinks of saying anything in a silly or immature voice, AND I WILL BAN ANYBODY WHO EVEN DARES TO QUESTION MY REASONS FOR PUNISHING THEM, FOR THEY ARE DIVINE. (take it to the forums, nerd xddd) Now you may ask, "Jackie, why are you applying for Administrator and skipping moderator?" Good question, it's because MY IQ IS OVER 150 WHICH MEANS I AM A CERTIFIED GENIUS AND AM AUTOMATICALLY BETTER THAN ALL OF YOU. Now you may also ask "Well Jackie, why would you want to apply for staff if you hate the staff?" Another good question, obviously the answer is that I have learned from my evil and petty ways and have taken by example by the new staff members in the TF2 Division. I have embraced the way of xG, and I wish to feel the same rush of adrenaline staff get in their peepees when they enforce rules biasedly and regardless of context. It is the ultimate pleasure. For my hours, I will only come on for 5 minutes everyday just so I can hold my position as a washed up staff member and leave immediately when another staff member comes to take my place. I am the ideal xG staff member. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.
  8. My enjoyment doesn't really hinge on this that much, I'm just voicing my opinion on the matter.
  9. I feel as though its different if someone is trying to directly attack a player using slurs or what not, and the rule works in that situation. But it seems unnecessary to me if it's indirect or general. It doesn't matter what background you come from I still think it's bad to be too sensitive with words. sticks and stones my dude, I've had slurs thrown at me a lot and I've learned to shake it off overtime, which I feel everyone else should learn to do too because it's beneficial to have thick skin in this world.
  10. Just because I don't agree with you doesn't mean I dont listen to what you have to say. I do keep a fairly open mind and I did in the last thread too, I agreed with some of the counter points people made to the thread and that's why I made a revised one after taking in what people said.