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  1. He literally just added me not even an hour ago. Giraffe asked and your thing was a response to a post i made being petty.
  2. This was a long going thing. he's added me on multiple social media. i blocked him on almost everything a long time ago.
  3. Thank you for taking private chats and putting them up, I'm sorry if you don't like my opinion. you added me. i blocked you. i blocked you on everything. I don't wanna talk to you anymore. why put this up here?
  4. most of your sources are from over a year ago. Your other points aren't wrong. I just see a lot of times where i have to end up calling admin during the week. I understand a lot of people haven't talked to me in over a year so I see where its coming from.
  5. Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Skelly Identity Skeletal_Angel Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 3 years/ Information Hello, it's me again. I just got my orders so I'm actually gonna be active. I'm pretty sure no one hates me right now so this could go very smoothy. I really care about the servers. I've been admin before for those who don't know me. Surf has really been my second family for years. I'd love to be staff again. This should be fine. Sorry, this paragraph is a little rushed. I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  6. Skeletal


    maf that was me that told everyone
  7. Skeletal


    you did reveal yourself though, they knew it was you and they stilled banned you. You spoke in chat. From what they saw, they thought you were hacking, when you first joined the server, you had some ridiculously fishy shots, but not enough concrete evidence could've been placed on you. You've always had some really stupid shots. Even when you are well known, people call you a hacker. I'm just confused why you use an alt, most people see your hours and realize that you arent, it seems to be easier for you and staff just to surf on your main
  8. Skeletal


    I second this statement.
  9. Skeletal


    because staff and people in server were calling you a hacker, this isnt the first time this has happened
  10. Skeletal


    why not just play your main on surf? What I'm seeing is everytime you go on surf with your alt, you enjoy everyone just screaming hacker and just making a mess like this
  11. Skeletal


    Ill was also staff, that wanted to play without doing staff poop. I'm curious why you do it.
  12. Skeletal


    also im not arguing to keep him banned, i'm saying thats what segg couldve thought,
  13. Skeletal


    Honestly, I don't care if he stays banned or whatever, What kind of bugs me is how he keeps coming on with different alts, if you get your main account banned on another server just don't bother going to other servers, I mean if you keeping coming with different alts to just troll people or make people think you are hacking, don't you think thats kind of fudgeed.
  14. Skeletal


    it just started the demo so my bad, i trying to understand what was going on, other than that, the aim inconsistancy could be seen as toggling off and on
  15. Skeletal


    At the begginning of the maf.dem, i didn't see how maf couldve seen the cloaked spy at the edge of the platform, I just saw him shoot a cloaked spy. also there were a lot of mafs headshots that were so clean, other times you won't even hit a headshot. That could've been seen as toggling, but eh