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Found 22 results

  1. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Bootymiester Identity: 76561198171521638 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I don't know how I'm aimbotting. I came back to this game after a few years of off-time and I've been banned from multiple servers for "aimbot". Sure, I've cheated in the past and was swiftly dealt justice, but the past is the past. I played CS for a bit so that might have an impact on my aim. Only reason why my hours are low is because I've never played on this particular account. All I wanted was to come on the server, have a nice time and I get punished for it? If it's any help what-so-ever, a demo would be nice to have to see my aim, but I'm gonna go ahead and guess that the admin that banned me never thought of recording a demo, and just brought the ban hammer down on me. Even many people on the servers can attest to my skill, apparently. I've done it more than once on the server, even with another admin on, and I was never even considered for cheating. So I don't know why this particular admin just bans me on the spot.
  2. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: The Chocolate Octoling Identity: Steam Community :: The Chocolate Octoling Ban Type: Server Ban Information: It's only a 30 minute ban, no worries. However, I find it really odd that "spawnkilling" also includes smacking people with a candy cane. No kills, just smacking people in the enemy spawn with a candy cane. I'd never spawn camp but this is, uh... *shrug* ... strange.
  3. Fink


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name manuel Identity STEAM_1:0:52711073 Ban Type Server Ban Information sorry.
  4. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [xG] Mr. Logic Toast Identity: STEAM_0:1:73478039 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Hello, i have recieved a day ban and would like to protest that i should have not recieved the ban due to the following: so basically, i just joined xG - Surf and i load in to the server and i was sitting in spawn and a few minutes later i got spawnkilled, so i called admin as usual, but i had not one idea that there was admin already on the server due to one of my friends coming to my house to get something they left in my room, so i was distracted and while i was helping my friend out to find what he was trying to get was when i noticed that i got killed in spawn, so i go back to my computer and call admin. ( i meantioned the story becuase i'm trying to signify that i couldn't hear anyone talking on mic becuase my headphones were off ) and i also mention that i couldn't hear anyone because xG:M Skelly was the one who banned me and his reasoning for how i should have noticed that he was already there was that he was talking on mic. (we talked in steam chat after i got banned) i know this was a long one to read, but i would like to be unbanned and have my ban removed from my record becuase of the situation expalined above. thank you.
  5. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Captain Maggot! [D.A.F.] Identity: Steam Community :: Captain Maggot! [D.A.F.] Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I'd like to be unbanned because I remember that your server was a fun place to Deathmatch. I got banned because I was constantly edging at the rules and I used to be a major troll. I had been banned for several 1 month increments before, after not listening to the rules. I've gone through a lot since then, and I feel like I'm better (though I probably said the same exact things last time). I think I may have asked to be unbanned several other times, but since the staff seems to have almost entirely changed (except for Vexx) I'm not sure. In any case, I don't mind if you guys keep me banned, I just wanted to see if it could be rescinded and I could play there (the trade gaming history server) once more. Thanks for reading --Captain Maggot!
  6. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Brian | im tired of tf2 badmins Identity: STEAM_0:0:34560453 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Okay let's get started. I apologize if it seems I'm rambling, but I'm genuinely upset. The Facts I was playing on the server for nearly 5 hours before I was banned with no prior requests by admins to change my name. I did not receive a message prior to this ban that my behavior or name was in anyway shape or form offensive. I did not receive a kick, short ban or personal message requesting my name be changed (to which I would have happily obliged) and if I did, I didn't see it as I was engrossed in a tale about ants. Statement I disagree that the length of this ban should be so long. I did not receive a formal talking to about my behavior or even a temporary day ban. So why go from zero to one hundred so quickly, especially when I was never punished before it got so out of control. I think it's because the admins have some personal qualm with me. Now, I have never personally met most of these admins, and to be frank I don't care to, as I am no longer an active member of the Team Fortress 2 Division. What I do care about though, is that these admins do their jobs correctly. Even if I was informed to change my name, the length of the ban needs to be discussed. When I was a member of the staff, we had a simple procedure. It went like this. Verbal Warning Kick from server with reason If they rejoin within the hour and haven't changed, ban them for a day. If it persists, ban them for a week/permanently. Now, why do I get banned nearly instantaneously for such an extended period? My last ban before this was a server mute, but that was only on one server, and I left immediately after it was issued, and even before then the last ban was back in 2015. The only logical option is to assume the admins have some sort of personal vendetta against me, which was never stated out loud, evidence by the fact that the ban was for such a long time, there was no recent member protest/ ban request, and the fact that I am posting this thread in shock. I thought we were getting along well in fact. I'll be the first to admit I'm no angel, but if you have issues with me, let's talk it out. Which brings me to my main issue with the current administration. Problems with Authority The Xeno Gamers TF2 Division has become too secretive, and excels in poor communication skills. I am genuinely upset that I was not contacted by any staff member, either by on the forums, or added on steam, or even kicked with a message that says relax. There was zero effort of communication, and the communication that was given was particularly half assed, as not seeing a message in a trade chat results in a one month ban. The only communication the admins appear to have, with a select few who have stood out, particularly Clark and Egossi, is with each other. Read my ban message here. Now, what history do I have of major toxicity? I have received one mute in the past 6 months, and I still stand by that reasoning that the child was being immature and kept talking. Other than that, there are very few, if any, records of this behavior. Now, if there are records with all of my behavior incidents that was collected but I wasn't punished, shouldn't they have been handled then, instead of making one large folder in case an incident of this nature ever occurred? Also, why was I banned by a different admin rather than the one who made the claims? Conclusion I'm upset. I feel like I wasn't given proper treatment, simply because I was a prior member. The rules have changed, and I feel that a near two years absence (with a bit of playtime here and there) warrants a bit of adjustment to the new rules. Am I disagreeing with the ban? Yes. But the part I most disagree with is the length of the ban. I would have respected one day, maybe even three days. A month, however, is simply ridiculous. I was not given a proper warning to warrant this length. I wish that my ban be removed entirely, or at least be shortened in length to adjust for the lack of communication on the part of the admins. Thanks for reading my thread. TL;DR Got a hefty ban with little to no prior warning or punishments and want either an explanation with evidence or an unban.
  7. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: hitscan dan. Identity: STEAM_0:1:38925575 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I'm not cheating, there have been several other people in the past who have thought I was cheating, the people who think i cheat on this server won't be the last so all i will do to defend myself is post several other forums and posts where I was accused and acquitted. Bans: Banned for aimbotting. - Suspensions - Fearsome Gaming the reban of bless - Ban Updates - Fearsome Gaming 3rd time's a charm (bless. aimbot ban) - Ban Updates - Fearsome Gaming Bless - Team Fortress 2 | Xeno Gamers http://compactgamers.com/threads/16751/ A cursory search of my steamid, will bring up more past bans and various statistics pages from other DM servers.
  8. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Pull The Chair Identity: Steam Community :: Pull The Chair Ban Type: Spray Ban Information: I have posted a nsfw picture and I have changed it, because its a fun server.
  9. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [xG] jerseydevil(dead) Identity: STEAM_0:0:143607166 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: i was randomly banned when i was playing for no reason i wasnt warned or anything, i reported a hacker maybe the admin though it was a troll report but idk.
  10. Division: Forum In-Game Name: Shark-A-Holic Identity: Steam Community :: Shark-A-Holic Ban Type: Communications Ban Information: Hey there! I'm not sure if this is the correct division or not to be posting this under...but about seven years ago I played on the XenoGamers Counter-Strike: Source servers like it was my religion. I recently discovered that the steam group is still existing, and that there are new servers across several game formats. However, it says I have been "kicked from the group," with no reason. I don't recall ever posting in there, nor was I ever banned off of any of the servers in the game! I was wondering if I could be re-invited to the group? Furthermore, I'd like to thank XenoGamers for introducing me to my future wife, Megan. She was one of the many members here and on TridentGaming for years! She went by aliases Megan, Apple Juice, and numerous others. We've been together for nearly six years now, and without your guys' servers, we would've never happened. You guys made many, many friendships for me, as well as gave me my lifelong best friend. I'd like to be a part of the once great (and still great) community of XenoGamers again. Sincerely, Kourtney Sharkey Steam Name: Shark-A-Holic
  11. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: mama birb Identity: Steam Community :: mama Ban Type: Team Ban Information: Hi, it's Gustavo, this happened a while back, maybe two months.. On jailbreak, I was on CT and it was going well. we went into a disco room and an admin (cant remember name) said "Ok, do whatever you want." I thought this direction was for me and the other CT, so I assumed I could kill a few people for the heck of it. The others yelled at me, and the admin gave me a permanent ban from being on the CT team. I simply misheard the instruction, and I don't think I have freekilled as the CT ever before. I told him it was my first freekill and i simply misheard him, but he still gave me the ban anyway. (I am still allowed to be a prisoner, just not a cop.) -Gustavo
  12. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Smit Identity: Steam Community Ban Type: Team Ban Information: Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:58897473 Your Nick Name/In-Game Name: Smit Reason why you were banned(If you don't know this put n/a): Free killing 1 person. Why should you be unbanned?: I love this server and I have played it for so long. I played back in the og times when the sever wasn't "dead" and played a lot. I have played since 2014. I also think that the ban has been a long time and I have learned my ways. Also the lack of info on the ban. Xeno Gamers Thank you for your time and consideration
  13. Lil_Bobby


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Lil Bobby Identity https://steamcommunity.co Ban Type Server Ban Information ?Im sowwy i dident know we arent allowed to tarp into 7 and i killed 5 people that stepped out and did not afk freeze I wont do it again
  14. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: GamePony Identity: STEAM_0:0:91320320 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I was permanently banned for freeKilling and then leaving the server, i'm not going to deny that I did this but, its been a long time sense then and i have learned from my mistakes, all I ask is to be relieved from this ban so that I may play with my friend that plays on your servers a lot.
  15. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: [xG] SomeUglyAsianDude Identity: Steam Community :: [xG] SomeUglyAsianDude Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I gotten banned for reporting this person (mama) for thinking he was abusing admin powers because he was ubered and had crits, i soon heard that it was because of him beating the map which gave him those powers. so then i got banned. pls help
  16. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Peter Parmesan Identity: Steam Community :: Peter Parmesan Ban Type: Server Ban Information: Received a permanent ban at some point yesterday from [xG] Pokemon Trade Center. Ban was administered by ill41057. I have no clue why this was done. I don't know the admin and I don't believe I was breaking any rules (if I was I would appreciate some warnings beforehand or communication afterwards).
  17. Caribou


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name Caribou Identity STEAM_1:0:54233698 Ban Type Server Ban Information I've donated 10$ in order to get unbanned, I've caused way too much problems that can be atoned for by just a ban protest without punishment; I still don't think donating 10$ is punishment, I'll be more than happy to pay the 10$ for xG as I really do love the community, there have been plenty of bumpy rides but still. I'll try my best to keep my temper at bay, and if my best isn't enough punishment again is the only action which is right, I'm done hiding around and being as toxic as I was. I grew rather than changed, I admit I still have some moments where I relive my character of "ManlyDuck" but regardless I'm more or less different. If a picture is necessary I'll gladly take one
  18. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Cybeast Identity: STEAM_0:0:94647864 Ban Type: Server Ban Information: This is complete false ban because this is the only account that I play on and will always use. I don't know if console ban wrong hacker or some kind of glitch. All I'm asking is for my ban to be lifted please and thank you
  19. Dukey


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name Dukey Identity https://steamcommunity.co Ban Type Team Ban Information Got ct banned like a year ago cuz some admin perma ct banned me because I was a ct and said "when I say go take one step out and face the back of ur cell and freeze" I said it then 4 ppl take a step out then i kill all 4 then i repeat cuz some1 asked for a repeat then I get perma ct banned.
  20. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: (×çGL-®×) TAoW Kunai Jr. Identity: Steam Community :: (×çGL-®×) TAoW Kunai Jr. Ban Type: Server Ban Information: So I was being airblasted out of spawn and I decided to do a calladmin cause it was getting annoying BUT I did not know that there where admins online, the report was on //HI, Spawn camping. Then Vac said hunter don't do that then I said ohh sorry I didn't know you where online then I was banned. When I went to go look on SB to see how long it was I saw someonelese was also banned for my reason except I was NOT trolling I was only doing my job, then I saw the time he was banned for 30 min and I was banned for 1 dy. I don't care I just don't want It to be a day ban
  21. maf427


    Division Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name feeling_funked Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/724fam Ban Type Server Ban Information thanks seg for providing demos apparently i cheated on the xg surf server. this should have been done a long time ago if only i'd been watched before. seems like i was only being watched then when i was playing on my alternate account and having them reveal after 10 solid minutes that it was me. i don't use any third-party software/cheats/macros at all, and if xg would like to attempt to prove so, give me all of the demos that supposedly prove that i cheat. i'll be glad to refute all of them.
  22. Division: Team Fortress 2 In-Game Name: Mr.Cinder Identity: [sTEAM_0:1:96110270] Ban Type: Server Ban Information: I got banned for a full week for singing the start of the Simpsons for like 5 seconds I got muted for 30 minute but after that like 7 minutes later I got banned for a week when I was muted it was really strange to me because I didn't know I could be banned for "mic spamming" while I'm muted and I never got banned previously for a day for "mic spamming" so its kind of weird that I just skip the one day ban and go to a week without any warning, I don't except this to get me unbanned but I hope its shortens it.