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  1. also first time posting on selfie sunday despite having shown my face more than a handful of time over the years lol
  2. wait have you actually even played yet
  3. Reminder to people that Segal and I will be adding new content every 2 weeks on just about every server, some of which will include maps which we will choose said maps based on submissions and general map popularity
  4. If you guys liked this and agree, be sure to smash that like, comment, subscribe, turn notifications, support me on patreon, enter the giveaway, follow me on twitter, facebook, and tumblr, share with your friends, enter code “GAMYER” for a discount, visit my subreddit, see if we can get 500 likes on this video, like my comment down below if you want to see more videos like this, follow me on twitch, I hope you enjoyed and I’ll see all of you legends champions gamers heroes paladins warriors guys in the next one. Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  5. someone just started watching part 5
  6. pretty sure segal and I have already sorted out powers for a bit now but ty to everyone, hope i help make gmod great again
  7. After last night's massive success of both the launch of the new GMod division and community night, which gained over 25 people within the first half hour of it starting, lasting for nearly 4 hours with a great variety of both randoms and regulars throughout, @Segal and I are putting the finishing touches on the server before it's ready for its full official launch in the immediate future. We are also pleased to announce that, with the many suggestions, etc. from the giant test run, that we have added multiple new bits of content, and have fixed every single issue experienced by players. As of now, this makes the GMod TTT Community Night the most popular and successful one so far, and I have many more plans for future GMod events/events in general in store. Thank you to everyone who came and helped us fix the issues and add new things to play with; we will be adding more content on a regular basis in the forms of new maps, addons, etc. Here's some ((very) short) highlights of the event:
  8. +1 always proven to be chill and fit for staff position please stop moaning on discord please
  9. jolly ranchers are chief
  10. I regularly work as a housesitter (i.e. keeping house clean + taking care of cats/dogs, etc.) but I'd like to pursue either a job in the field of chemistry or gastronomy in the future.
  11. +1 As @Dannypicacho said, it has proven difficult in the past to differentiate the intentions through the changes in mood and attitude, but if he can properly demonstrate that he can both control this and be generally positive, if not neutral at the least, then he gives us little reason to not accept him. I do, however, think that it can be considered too early to attempt to re-enter the community. That being said, over the past month or so, I have been talking to pear, extending my full belief and trust for the benefit of the doubt that he has not only realized his actions and knows now how to act upon them, but is changing this through making changes in his own attitude and lifestyle. If we do not give him a final chance when he is faced with this ultimatum, then we cannot make a truly just judgement.
  12. fat if you can find one that isnt too weird hitbox wise we'll probably add it to murder
  13. Sorry for having been pretty lazy on announcing this, but it's for a good reason; I've been working with @Segal a lot on the new Garry's Mod TTT server for the last few weeks, and we're just about comfortable with having people play it for real to get feedback on what we've done right and what to improve upon, and I'm just that lucky that the upcoming community night has lined up with the launch of the first of the GMod servers. The rules for this first look at what you can expect the TTT server to be like are (roughly) as follows: No RDM (Random DeathMatch) - Randomly killing people with little/no reasoning behind it No Propkilling - Using props on the map to kill people still counts as RDM. No Ghosting/otherwise cheating - Telling the locations, etc. of others whilst dead/spectating ruins the experience for others. Follow general rules of xG Upon official launch of the server, which will be in the immediate future after the community night, new threads will be posted entailing more detailed rules for specific servers, the workshop collection of the addons we run made more public, etc. The IP is if you want to add it to your favorites in advance, but note that it will be locked until the event. Keep in mind that, although it's an xG event, this will still serve as a test run to iron out any issues before the official launch. If you have any questions or critiques, post them and I'll respond.
  14. The First xG Golf It Night was a pretty good success; we played multiple maps made by xG with a total of around ~20 people total attending for several hours. With this, I thank everyone who came, as well as those who made maps for the event. Looking towards the future, I cannot yet announce the next community night (but I have a lot of plans, both for the immediate future and that which is far-off), but I am reforming the xG Golf It Nights to be in the place of every fourth Community Night, as opposed to the previous policy of every third CN. Because of the gap of time this event alone created of an extra week, I was able to devote more than enough time to the next several Community Nights to make a higher quality experience. The next time we do a Golf It Night will be around June. Don’t be worried of how far away this rough date is, as I also plan to get more attention towards having regular Golf It games. Again, thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the experience. tl;dr Pretty successful event, and future golf it nights will be every fourth community night instead of every third one.
  15. Are we gonna be using the plugin that allows people to download css textures? It appears as a box.
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    If you read my response to Rabid I explained that I was elaborating on the reasons for the punishments of 10man spam, and as soon as it got to the point where there was no longer any meaning in the debate and it was just insults back and forth between others, I gave warnings in chat. That was also not only warning I gave, so it's not as if I just suddenly saw fit to end it with a warning. Only when I saw that it would escalate into people pointlessly berating people did I take action; it was heated, but there was purpose behind the initial argument, unlike how it turned into. I actually would have given warnings sooner, but my discord took ages for me to receive + send messages. Stopping a pointless flamewar is a childish power trip?
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    The entirety of the discussion beforehand was my explaining the purpose of previous punishments and what policies I and multiple other staff members hold on the current 10man tagging situation. The discussion you bring up, however, was directed solely on dropping a conversation that was quickly going to nowhere but berating one another. You can read back in those convos where I not only unmuted you, but opted not to mute others because I also share the view of actually solving problems rather than putting a bandaid on them by issuing a warning or other immediate punishment. @Rabid
  18. he really just baited us huh