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  1. locked lol Please redirect all suggestions/bug reports/etc to this thread here.
  2. tf2 div is just fine rn so we're gonna be the last bastion it looks like
  3. selfie monday, pic from the first day of summer before i had to shave my beard off due to faulty trimmer : (
  4. +1 but you didnt make this a vote retard cookie
  5. in regards to the first one, see the tf2 thread i recently made, the decision isn’t final and its more so until we get something sorted out with DMs, etc., hopefully. i base my community nights around a non-concrete but instead a firm and flexible schedule so that it can be predictable but still can bend to fit the most people’s convenience. as for the second part, way ahead of you, tf2 now has an @‘able role for population, been asking for it for ages
  6. lol aight learn to take a hit funnyman closed at request of op
  7. nothing pains me more than saying yes
  8. HI Golf it Night is tomorrow, the 13th of July, at 8:00 PM EST, but we can also do other things if people want (i.e. tabletop sim, bump mine 10man @Lithium, etc) since it's become a bit of a scapegoat for my poor planning skills anyways, and I've been busy with my new puppy, sorry again lol)
  9. After a back and forth discussion lasting several weeks between myself and @Tekk, as well as other higherups, we've come to the conclusions necessary to make several decisions, as listed below: Firstly, there is now a TF2 server pop role on discord thanks to @virr (and a few weeks of pestering), so feel free to use that at your leisure rather than waiting for pop events! Second, in order to refine the previously random and loose schedule to Pop Events, we've also decided the following: Population Events will still be somewhat loose, in order to fit the schedules of those hosting them, but they will be solidified to this: there will be one per week, with a few days in between each to space them out appropriately. The date of any given pop event will also be decided a week in advance. Population Events will now offer more meaningful rewards once per month as part of a rare and randomly decided giveaway, such as basic donor, custom title vouchers, and a title exclusive to the rare giveaways mentioned. Lastly, there will soon be updates to the structure of the TF2 servers in order to strengthen their population, as well as increase the enjoyment for those who play on our servers. Tekage or myself will be willing to answer any questions or comments, etc. below. This announcement isn't final, so it's subject to change as time goes on.
  10. hello noob

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      how would you like it if I called YOU a noob!??!?

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      yeah, that's what I thought noob

  11. since we’re having a ton of them lately, id be inclined to agree, but having it be a requirement would either have it be changed so theres no definitive schedule to the events as some members would be unable to attend due to timezones so the events would have to fit their needs, or they would have to make changes to their own schedule. i think that having an hour requirement is a base minimum, though.
  12. activity should be at least mandatory as the servers have begun to be regularly populated again, id suggest halved of normal at the very least, as getting hours as of late has been really easy lol basically 8+ as an actual requirement rather than a guideline should be encouraged
  13. @virr closed unless higherups feel it necessary to reopen
  14. previous alias was decidueye i believe, for those wondering
  15. -1 if its trash like masscc or trade plaza
  16. woops lol Sorry for being really invested in other games as of late, but the public test of our PropHunt/Hide and Seek server is finally here - we'll be starting at 8:00 pm EST today. If you have any questions, comments, or general feedback, I'll hopefully have a chance to respond to it below.
  17. i think you could just interpret the rule as it being actually spamming the voice chat with the soundboard rather than just a split second of some noise, the only thing id say would count for the split second would be something like earrape, etc
  18. was talking to higherups about several additions to the servers in the form of new cosmetic “gadgets,” as well as giving the tf2 div more attention with events etc as community organizer
  19. hi this looks absolutely ridiculous and pretty much perfect for an assorted games community night, will definitely consider it