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  1. Make butts allowed again. I want my 300+ sexually suggestive sprays to be usable.
  2. This is a simple poll to gather data to do a more current review of the "xG Effect" and how it works. Fill out the poll or die.
  3. You could have a version of the wrap assassin that bonks the boss, similar to the jetpack, but the bleed lasts longer, let's say 20 seconds at max range, and 7 point blank if that's doable. With a really high recharge time. (Also this is unrelated, but is the dead ringer ambassador reload speed glitch fixed?)
  4. Brunche


    +1. It would be better to have more mods on the servers in general and she does seem quite familiar with the rules.
  5. +1 Seems at least mostly competent about rules and regulations.
  6. I prefer death by disco or whatever it's called
  7. In-Game Name: Brunche Active Division: Team Fortress 2 Previously a Member in xG: No Identity: Steam Community :: Brunche Banned: No Discord Account Synced: Yes Time Active on Servers: I'd say about 12 hours since November or 2016 Age: 16 Reasons for Joining: It would feel a bit more permanent than just being part of the Discord, and a few people recommended I become a member so I decided to take up the offer. I would also hope to be a Moderator at some point, more than likely not soon, but none the less being a Moderator would make it much easier to kick Cheaters/Spammers/Spawnkillers Etc. Which would be much better than calling an Admin and waiting a while where a cheater, per say, may have disabled the mods to avoid a kick. Either way, Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I'll leave it to you to make the decision.