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  1. I only know their popular songs, which I like. I had some friends from college who liked all of their shit, especially the new stuff when it came out.
  2. I've always loved classic rock and progressive rock. I always hated pop until maybe recently... IDK if anything I listen to is really considered pop, but I guess it kind of sounds like pop, in a way? Bands/artists I like are Pink Floyd, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Ricky Montgomery, The Honeysticks, Wildling, Hurts, etc. I'll post some links to songs/videos of the more obscure artists I've mentioned: Wildling - Leaving [Official Music Video] Wildling - Hummingbird [Official Audio] Ricky Montgomery - Don't Know How The Honeysticks - I Don't Love You Anymore Hurts - Wonderful Life (New Version) EDIT My Enter key wasn't seeming to work, so I pressed Ctrl+Enter to see if that would do anything, and it posted the response
  3. Minecraft Name: Leminid UUID: 716056be-a283-4d7a-8187-5b666c5efa4b
  4. In-Game Name Leminid Division Team Fortress 2 Previous Member No Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/leminid/ Age 22 Previously Banned No Time Active on Servers ~32 Reason for Joining I was looking for a surf server on TF2 and found this one some time ago. I liked the maps and the community. Then I found out about the Discord, and through that I found out about the Minecraft server, FF2, and Jailbreak. I haven't played much on Minecraft or FF2, and haven't played at all on Jailbreak, but they're all games/modes I enjoy and will probably play more of in the future.
  5. I've just changed the stairs on the Stripped Dark Oak Logs to some sideways logs because the stairs have way too much contrast. How does this look?
  6. So with the cool, new Update Aquatic, and the stripped logs that can now be used, I'd like some help deciding which ones to use for my Tudor Architecture-style home. I don't need any professional help, this is more of a survey of which just looks best to everyone, in his or her own opinion. Dark Oak Logs; Dark Oak Planks; or Stripped Dark Oak Logs? And here's all of them side-by-side: Also is there a way to make those images smaller, in case it slows down people's browsers or just makes the post harder/more annoying to read? It seems I can't make a poll as a reply... And I didn't want to make this post as a poll because I wasn't sure the images would be attachable/viewable.
  7. I found xG through the TF2 surf server, which I've played on for quite some time, now. After a while of that, I decided to join the discord. And now recently my interest in Minecraft has been rekindled, thanks to the new update, and I've joined the Minecraft server, as well! I'm looking forward to having some fun here.