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Re Announcing The Revival Of Runescape Division!

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I'm happy to announce the revival of the Runescape division within xG!


Weather new or old all are welcome to come hang out in the channels and play some good ol fashioned Runescape.

If we get enough interest we will start up a clan on Runescape EOC version shooting for that citadel that is just so darn sexy!


As the newest divison leader of Runescape I will be needing lackies and moderators to moderate my runescape channels in my down time.


Current positions open will be:


Runescape Recruiter. (just like jehovah witness's you will be going channel to channel preaching about the good words of saradomin, guthix, and zamorak)

Runescape Channel administrators, and moderators

Event managers ( your goal will be to organize events within runescape in our "cozy" little clan we have, weather it be community fishing, searching for those pesky penguins! or doing some bosses together!


Current staff as followed :

Runescape EOC Divison leader :Rabid (@PlaysWithSquirrels)

Runescape 2007 Divison leader: Ty jeffers! aka your boy @xDeodate

Runescape administrator: @Lithium

Runescape moderator: @MinerTeddy

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Fully on board with OSRS xG Division. Hell, I'll even make it a point to come back and be online more often if this is truly a thing. 

Do we need moderation assistance? I'm all over that. 

Active every day, hitting goals and making strides. Almost at the point where I'm ready to raid in OSRS if anyone else is there. 

IGN: Mimikyutie

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