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    I've been getting more active lately and want to help around the server as much as I can. I check discord every 5 minutes or so, so I can stay on top of things pretty fast.



    I also want that candle lit dinner,

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I find that Septik has an extremely short fuse and I would be concerned as to whether this would affect his ability to act in a justified manner. There are times where someone will say something that he disagrees with and he often becomes hostile about it, which in my opinion, shows lack of ability to moderate a group.

Not really anything against Septik but that's what I've seen -1

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I do really agree with what @Tekk had to mention. Septik's proneness to anger was a major concern of mine when considering him for staff ages ago and an issue I really doubt would ever totally go away. Despite that, I still trusted him enough to promote him. I don't think he's ever actually caused any major issues because of it and even though he has lashed out in the past I do think he's level headed enough to keep himself in check. It's something he needs to be self aware about but so long as he is then he should be capable of stopping himself from misbehaving and thinking twice as a staff member. 

This isn't really a plus one, but I think, despite his temper, it's worth giving him a chance. 

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I agree with what @Elcark and @Tekk have said, I've definitely seen his short fuse, and (no offense meant) I don't know if he's built up enough of the thick skin that's important to being staff.

That being said, I think I'm gonna go with a +1. He definitely could use some improvement and I think after a bit of help from people that have been moderating the discord a long time (cough cough @virr) he could likely overcome the issues stated beforehand.

P.S. Septik is a nerd

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