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  1. loftydrum

    Jb nights

    Don't think we really need another poll. But if we could come up with a regular JB night that'd be kinda cool. I like 6 or 8 central
  2. loftydrum

    Jb nights

    Honestly, for me this would be easier for me to vote if I knew what time we wanted JB night to start. I don't get home until 10pm at the earliest on weekdays. And if it's a JB night, and we want it to last a while, I'd vote a weekend like Friday or Saturday where there is a smaller chance people need to be up early the next day.
  3. I've never played prop hunt, but I've always wanted to...
  4. the lack of negev really makes it hard for me to do my favorite play: smoke a hallway, spray, and pray. +1 on negev +1 zeus 0 on auto I couldn't care less if it is added or not
  5. I bet your favorite movie is the Mario Power Tennis intro.

    1. Shadower


      yo what the heck dud too soon

    2. loftydrum


      bro wtf. traumatizing stuff right there you jerk. you don't know what it's like. 


  6. loftydrum


    +1 this guy. judge and I could handle all of TTT on our own.
  7. Not that I need to, but +1.
  8. Division Garrys Mod (Segal) In-Game Name Waluigi Identity https://steamcommunity.com/id/loftyd Position Moderator Time Active on Servers GMod?0. cs:go?13Days Information I loved TTT before I even knew what jailbreak was, and played it all the time before I was apart of xG. If our TTT server gets any amount of continuous traffic, you can bet your mom that I'm going to be on the TTT servers more than the cs:go servers. We finally got what we wanted guys! TTT Hype! I have read the staff submission rules and meet the requirements for the division I'm applying for. Yes
  9. I'm at work until like 7. I'll be able to do it then.
  10. I would donate if one of the perks for donners was we get a custom intro when we join a xG server if we've donated X amount. Similar to the whole "Bumpy Bumpy" thing (but not nearly as intense.) If this was an incentive, I would love to join the server and the server just go, "Waaaaahhhhh."
  11. If the ban was only for toxicity and arguing, I think giving Pear a second chance is fair enough. He's gotten some time away from the server and I think it's fair to bring him back. Just make sure you know what binds you have before you join the jb servers and accidentally spam some raciest quote ? Besides, I miss the BS when he'd LR with a race where you must "sideways b-hop only; must complete climb with +right in console." despite how much I hated it. (please don't actually do this.) I'll +1 this crazy fucker.
  12. I'ma just slap a +1 right here. Slaps are what every server needs tbh. (jb slap?)
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sxTLkoCYQY best song ever