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  1. loftydrum

    New Last CT Music Suggestions

  2. loftydrum

    Replace RPG Surf with TTT

    I've always wanted a TTT sever for our group. I would Mod the shit outta that server
  3. loftydrum

    New Last CT Music Suggestions

    I +1 the hell outta this
  4. loftydrum

    lolisme - Discord

    +1 this ban. this guys goal in the server is literally troll and cause trouble. no point in letting him stay
  5. loftydrum


    I refuse to answer  I have no idea what it means, but I'll interpret it as +1
  6. loftydrum

    Suggestions Thread

    essentially a casual boost day
  7. loftydrum

    Suggestions Thread

    not gunna lie, there is a lot I like about casual boost, but after playing with it for a while, I think it's bringing more harm than good.
  8. loftydrum


    I'm an assist trophy, I exist.
  9. loftydrum


    Valve's ghosts actually broke jailbreak, Lith turned it off
  10. loftydrum


    Division Counter-Strike In-Game Name WaluSalty (Waluigi) Identity STEAM_0:1:77558260 Position Moderator Time Active on Servers 8 days 20:51:34 Information I've been playing xG jailbreak for a while and it is by far my favorite jb server in cs:go. After being online for a while and with the growth in the server I feel like some extra Mods would be nice. I'm not saying we need extra Mods to help ban the bad people and slay all the rule breakers (though needed sometimes), I feel like we could use some extra Mods to help others understand rules better and help grow the server. I'm all about having fun and I'm not strict at all. I just want to help all the newcomers understand our server more and hopefully retain them to keep xG growing.
  11. loftydrum

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    This actually happened to me. Clouds game got to LR within the first minute and the last T's LR was extreme climb race no slaying. I don't remember who it was, but they weren't even good enough to beat extreme climb withing the round's time (neither was I, but I wasn't the one who wanted to do it).
  12. loftydrum

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    The whole deal was that I had a 6000 credit bounty on me, and got lr'd by @Hg2CI2. It was knife fight: back stabs and one of his rules he said was no slaying, because he didn't want me to just die and he not get the bounty. I didn't slay and fought him in the lr. I get why he said no slaying, but normally I'm against the rule especially in something like gun toss, where after you know you've lost they make you wait so that they get the kill. Also, is it slaying if you jump off the map intentionally or intentionally die to a map hazard instead of typing kill in console?
  13. loftydrum

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    Slaying is delaying? wot? Did you win that LR?
  14. loftydrum

    "Bumpy" Rank

  15. loftydrum

    No Slaying as an LR rule?

    I like being able to add custom rules to lr's, but saying "no slaying" I think shouldn't be a rule people can use. I get why people can do it, but what is the punishment for slaying during lr if the T has no slaying as a rule? Do they slay next round? It just seems stupid to me. What do ya'll think?