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  1. abkarch

    Rip Css

    lies. lies. all a lie. is it populated?
  2. abkarch

    Rip Css

    i want JB back :( Good times...
  3. what is this i dont even
  4. #SuperFastStuff (font+colored back). if you actually want to use this for some reason PM for vtf t
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7pi5VGTEz0
  6. Look i know its not feasible to remove ads at beginning, but it really does chase new people away. maybe ads can be made to play at map changes only and not just upon join somehow? otherwise, good list. does warden plugin use voice again or does it still require !w?
  7. Bombs were perfect before hub went down. Thats all i have to say abuot that. the radius was only crazy on the larges which took FOREVER to get.
  8. I want bank. i just want money to take longer to get. Make a large bomb take 40-50 rounds or something. less bombs =harder rebelling = more fun
  9. as much as id like to see css stay up and populated, thats not ever going to happen again. The server went far too long without a working shop and bombs and with crappy staff , as well as forcing good staff to ragequit- and thats what killed our population, not 'moving on.' we had tons of consistent players. that and the monotonous wardens that forest mentioned. me being one of them occasionally, but only because no one else wanted to warden ever whenever i was on. id like to see CS:GO become our new place, but its riskier than you make it sound. we need for it to be initially heavily populated to attract new players, and that would require moving all our CSS players over to CS:GO and having them enjoy it. TF2 community is healthy. TF2 isn't quite as fun to me though. I dont know. short of saying just give up on this experience, i guess work at CS:GO. we should just move everyone over to TF2 JB is what id say but the appeal isnt the same.
  10. hub went down and with it all our spirits. Sorry, yea, im still on that.
  11. abkarch

    Bad Fan Bases

    the halo fanbase. you have your freaky, overcompetitive, "any halo thats not halo 2 sucks" players, then you have your 6 year old, "HALO IS PERFECT AND HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING THAT WASENT PERFECT" crowd, then you have about 2% of the fanbase that actually knows anything about anything.
  12. abkarch


    but...im still getting it every minute?
  13. abkarch


    lee you do know we get interest every minute now, instead of every 5 minutes? o.o
  14. Karch promoted from non-member to co-leader
  15. I like station, and i like castleguarddev and supermega And i cannot for the fricking life of me figure out why anyone likes razor.
  16. Hub? Hub? Hub?
  17. abkarch


    Wut? superbump? hub? who said that THE RETURN OF THE HUB IS NEAR ITS TOMMOROW WE SWEAR
  18. what about earning rates? :D
  19. its not just interest rates. its general earning rates that are also too high. PS. also, it needs to be made that switching from T to CT gives you a refund for a bomb you own, or something, as I just bombed a T with a large as a CT. Honestly id ditch interest completely..........just have the static earning rates from the hub days...but its whatever, thats never gonna happen
  20. people are running around with millions and get 5 large bombs with interest. ADJUST THE RATES TO MONEY. PLEASE. and honestly remove redbull, or just remove its screen shaking effect thats annoying the piss out of people. seriously, im getting large bombed every round as a CT (not like I even want to be playing as CT to begin with....no wardens tho), I miss the days where i had a small bomb every 3 or 4 rounds and I wrecked with it. this isnt even fun anymore, its the equivalent of godmode...
  21. as the person who took the screenshot, ill say it was used closeish to the end of the round and there were only a few people on. it was more funny due to its value in making fun of papercreeper than it was annoying. I never wanted papercreeper to get in serious trouble; i was just hoping that bringing this to light would perhaps make him take his new status more seriously.
  22. Thats ALL of staff. I havent seen a whole lot of Division leaders or managers on either. Mostly just the moderators and one or two admins. What are the higher ups doing? coding hub? LOL. Sorry, Its just frustrating to see the most active moderators get consistently picked on. True they could perhaps moderate a little more, but it becomes a boy who cried wolf situation. People complain FREEKILL all the time (I know because im one of them, im actually only freekilled about 50% of the time i think I am) and id assuming moderating gets difficult to near impossible. -Karch
  23. I still play online sometimes with a homebrewed wii. Ever done unlimited star power in mario kart wii? ultimate troll...