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  1. There was this surf map with a secret that played melancholy hill. Does anyone know what the name is?
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix a glitch that has occurred to me. Basically the full screen is covered with the purple and black checkered missing texture thing. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling TF2, switching configs, and switching graphics settings, none of them worked. So please comment if you find/know how to fix this.
  3. hmm, based on reviews on the internet and suggestions. I'm thinking of either the Logitech g300s or a Logitech g403.
  4. What mice do you recommend for FPS games? I'm thinking of getting a new mouse so I wanted to know.
  5. I'll miss you as a mod Nebby ?
  6. +1 nice kid, he is very mature for his age, friendly, very helpful, and very active. Would love to see him be a member. A : 8 M : 8
  7. Oh thanks for telling, I got one of those friend requests.
  8. Well, I wish the best of BlueSkittle, hopefully, the family sickness gets better. I wish him to come back to xG in the fall like there was no hiatus. >w< ABlueSkittle123 : I like to deepthroat bread
  9. +1 very friendly knows all the rules. Very nice
  10. Never knew him/saw him before but Rip
  11. u troll. Anyways have fun
  12. Yeah, I agree with Nozomi, Steam Support should have given back ur items that you lost. Speaking of hacking my Microsoft account just got hacked 4 hours ago.
  13. Going on Vacation for 3 days, won't be active in those 3 days.
  14. Poorly optimized map, with 11 people on each team my fps dipped down to 15 fps ( my normal fps is around 80 fps). Pls remove unplayable map because of poor optimization.