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  1. Happy Meme Day to me
    1. virr


      Happy birthday Hannah!
    2. Hanney


      TYSM @[107538:@virr]
    3. gangsterheavy


      happy birthday!
  2. Hanney

    Sports Ball

    Sports ball haha
  3. Hey guys so I'm trying to revamp our awesome Twitter page and if you haven't seen it yet you can check it out here. Anyways, I want to have a friendly competition for our graphic designers and best memers, anyone is welcome to submit. For specific details: it needs to be no larger than 1500x500 pixels(an upload of 5MB) and anything under 640 pixels wide will be stretched and end up pixelated so try to keep this in mind as you're creating your masterpiece. Winner will be determined and receive forum credits for their efforts. P.S. if we get a lot of submissions and interest in this I'm considering doing a tile background and avatar contest for the page as well.
  4. Hanney

    How Do I Code

    Google is your best friend
  5. I applied under the forum division but I put down as my position social media manager
  6. My Fav http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXnqkVTFUqY
  7. Big thanks to @Jaydow for filming and making this video!
  8. 1. I'm super comfortable using both, I'm active on my own accounts daily. 2. I was thinking maybe there was someway we could give credits to people who follow up and like our page as long as people who are recruited from our website, other than that I'm willing to look into anything that would help the community grow. 3. Absolutely, within a few hours I'll be able to post updates along with any minor stuff too.
  9. Division: Forum In-Game Name: Hanney Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:81396297 Position: Social Media Time Active: 1 year and 14 weeks Age: 17 Experience: None Donated: Yes Information: I know how to use social media, I'm not experienced in increasing traffic for our site and servers but I would really like to learn and grow the community.
  10. That sounds fucking rough dude, I hope you get it fixed soon and start having a better season. Come back soon!