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  1. I guess this is gonna be goodbye for awhile, I no longer have the time to dedicate to the server to stay as a mod, or even play consistently, which is why I stepped down. I might jump into some jb or mg every once in awhile. Thank you xG for the memories, it's been great.
  2. Clouds was a fun map, I know it had some issues but I think it would be a fun map to be able to play again.
  3. So I'm pretty sure !rtd is broken because after it is late night, !rtd won't take credits anymore and will take in-game money instead, it will also take all of your money until you are down to 1000 from what i have found
  4. +1 He would make a great addition as a mod, follows the rules, very few issues if any. He is very active and is a friendly guy to everyone on the server.
  5. +1 A:8 M:7 Pretty cool dude, his actualy hours are 4 days 10:54:28 hours since he wasn't sure
  6. Division: Counter-Strike In-Game Name: xG Randy Orton Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:66532010 Position: Moderator Time Active: 7 days 21:46:12 hours or about 11 months Age: 18 Experience: I've been an admin on a gmod TTT server Donated: No Information: I've spent nearly 8 days of my life on this server and I feel that I would make a great addition to the staff. I play on off hours pretty often when there is no staff on, so I think that adding me as a mod will be helpful in less popular hours. Thanks anyway for reading this application even if you don't +1 me.
  7. Even though I got no power, I'll +1 he's a pretty cool dude that knows the rules
  8. I think that we should add some new items to !rtd, an idea i had was to flip the screen. I just think we need some new things to spice things up.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dEx1S2S-sXI This song is fucking orgasmic.
  10. Someone had a spray of some really hairy guy who stuck two full fish inside of his ass.