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  1. En estos días de exámenes y No sabes que hacer! , Solo surfea y olvida! 🙂


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      si fantastico senor les muchos gracias?

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      muy bien

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    Promotions and Demotions #199

    Felicitaciones muchachos!!!
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    +1 ESE OWLSITO QUE HAY!!! I know him! , He's very active on the server, He is very polite and Kind with everyone. q;y He likes to Surf a lot also he plays with heavy , to be especific "MONKEY BIRD" https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1393125065. Owl if you want to joing us, you have The doors Open Camarada , You are a great guy Bueno gente, Yo me voy a estudiar. A : 9 M : 9
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    Stopping Mid Surf

    ESE!!!! hello ¿que hay!? Well You got RS, it means random stop, Everybody know it and everybody hate it!. Especialy at the end of the map, Sadly for you there's not posible way to Fix that, Let me explain that for you. Surf Ramps are made of Tiny triangles blocks. For example this one contains 44 triangles blocks. Can you even imagine, How many triangles blocks needed to make Utopia? that's why RS are part Natural in surf , they remember us, Surf creators are not perfect at all. There are Multiple ways to get RS, The most commun ways are.... 1)By the map. 2) By Low gravity. 3) High ping ( As my peruvian internet:c). 4) Rarely but Lerp could be a factor too. I hope this imformation helps you.

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    Nutty x ❤️cookie❤️ - A fanfic

    tak tak tak tak .... i'm confused :c
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    Surf Code Index - Surf Server (How to play)

    First part FINISHED :D
  8. Information This guide will provide you information about surf maps, Our Surf server and how to play if you are new in surf. Warning : Surf is Hard to do and this guide will not make you surf instanly. This guide is a base of my experience and information i Found so do not take this guide literaly. Thanks for reading. Index TIER AND PROPERTIES : Tier, Class ,Type, Surf map, End prizes, Surf MapTable and original creators CODES : Codes SECRETS AND MAP DETAIL : Pictures and high detail about the map . RAMPS : Ramp explain in high detail with Example pictures HOW TO PLAY : Basic tutorial how to surf, Basic tutorial how to bhop and Some recomendations. CREDITS: Especial thanks. 1 Tier And Properties 1.0 Surf Combat Tier System(SCTS) WARNING! this Tier Surf Combat System (SCTS) is not applicable in Skills surf Servers. Tier 0 : Arena maps without end without jail Tier 1 : Extremly easy Tier 2 : Easy Tier 3 : Intermediate Tier 4 : hard Tier 5 : skilled Tier 6 : God ST : Super Tier (Imposible to register a real Tier into a Surf Combat Tier System ) 1.1 CLASS DESING ABOUT RAMPS,TEXTURES,SKYBOX ANDJAIL WARNING!:This information is by my experience and opinion. CLASS 1 : Solid Ramps with original textures (Lines, neon lines , animated), walls , skybox , the jail have or not exit /could be arena map. CLASS 2 : Solid Ramps with normal textures , without walls but with skybox the jail have or not exit/ could be arena map. CLASS 3 : Solid Ramps with standar textures without walls without skybox (grey skybox) the jail have or not exit./ could be arena map. CLASS 4 : Quasi Solid Ramps with standar textures with walls and skybox the jail have or not exit. / could be arena map. CLASS 5 :Quasi solid Ramps with standar Textures with walls but without skybox (grey skybox) he jail have or not exit /could be arena map. CLASS 6 : Quasi solid Ramps with standar Textures without walls and skybox (Grey skybox) the jail don't have exit /could be arena map. CLASS 7 : Chopped Ramps with Simple Textures with walls and skybox the jail have or not exit/can't be arena CLASS 8 : Chopped Ramps with Simple Textures with walls but without skybox (Grey skybox) the jail have or not exit/can't be arena CLASS 9 : Chopped Ramps with Simple Textures without walls and skybox (Grey skybox) the jail have or not exit/can't be arena 1.2 END PRIZES 1.2.1 Orb ORB(PDH): Orb pocket dispencer healer it's a tiny dispencer you can carry giving you ammo and healing .however, that orb have a timer . when the time overs it vanish from your body and appears again at the end of the map. it Respawn again per 3 minutes. ORB(GM): Orb GodMode it's the most powerful orb that provides you Godmode , it have a timer , it respawn again per 4 minutes , you can Find it in tensile. ORB(CT): Orb cosmetic trail , as his name said this orb provides you a colorful trail only for cosmetic purpose also that orb doesn't have timer. 1.2.2 POWER UP'S MANNPOWER:When you beat the map you can find doors with a mix of powers like , Minicrits , speedboost , shield , anticrits, etc POWER PLAY: when you beat the map you will find powers you can actually get if you are admin for example : Crits , uber , merasmuss, godmode , etc MODIFICATORS: Those powers modify your gamplay for example : Making you huge with 10x heal with thridperson also you can find this in tiny version 1.2.3 END TRIGGERS AND JAIL ZONES SNIPER BOX(SB): It's a area pretty far to kill someone with shotgun but pretty good for snipers , sniper boxes are usually round by fake walls FAKE WALLS(FW): Fake walls are walls you can shoot through but the textures are unidirectional that means the person in jail can not see you CONTROL ROOM(CR): It's a room or just a panel of buttons you can push like : kill buttons, sentry button , free button , trap button, etc. CEILING FAKE FLOOR(CF): Similar to the sniper box but instead of walls the fake walls are the floor. TRIGGERS(TR): Just door teleports to go through the map without surfing for example : Spawn trigger , Top Trigger , Sniper box trigger ,etc. 1.3 SURF TYPE LINEAR: It has a start and End if you fell down you will be telepor at the jail BILINEAR: It Looks like Arena but It has linear Section and end some of bilinear maps have jail ARENA: Doesn't have Jail or end , in this kind of maps only your surf skills can help you to survive. 1.4 SURF MAP TABLE MAP TIER CLASS TYPE END JAIL CREATOR Surf_snow_arena 0 2 Arena No END No JAIL Panzerhandchud Surf_air_arena 0 2 Arena No END No JAIL Panzerhandchud Surf_Entrance 0 2 Arena No END No JAIL ::Egan:: Surf_BigLoop 0 3 Arena No END No JAIL Scracth Surf_Swift 0 3 Arena No END No JAIL F1r3t4ail Surf_Frictional 0 2 Arena No END No JAIL Felix Surf_agrumes 0 3 Arena No END None Black Shadown Surf_Revolution 0 3 Arena No END No JAIL Panzerhandchud Surf_CongoBlack 1 7 Linear None TR,SB WES DT Surf_Dusty_Roads 1 2 Linear None TR Rebell Surf_Japan 1 7 Bilinear Client TR,SB,FW MonkeyDie Surf_Mesa 1 1 Linear Credits No JAIL Arblarg Surf_Toast 1 8 Linear None CF,TR RYAN S Surf_Codeprotected 1 5 Linear None CR,FW Unknow Surf_Utopia_v3 2 1 Linear Orb(pdh) SB,FW,TR,CR Panzerhandchud Surf_Crazy_Frog 2 1 Linear None SB,TR ::Egan:: Surf_minuet 2 1 Linear Orb(pdh) FW,TR Nappa Surf_Monsterween 2 2 Linear Orb(pdh) FW,TR,CR ::Egan:: Surf_Horizon 2 1 Linear Orb(pdh) CF,CR kompile Surf_Pulse 2 1 Bilinear Orb(pdh) FW Panzerhandchud Surf_overlook 2 1 Bilinear Modificators TR,CR ::Egan:: Surf_Quacks 2 1 Bilinear Modificators CR Kraex & Yellow surf_Overcast 2 1 Bilinear Power Play TR,FW,SB,CR ::Egan:: Surf_Surf None 1 Bilinear Power Play TR,CR Kraex Surf_lullaby 3 1 Linear None SB,TR Nappa Surf_prelude 3 1 Linear Orb(pdh) TR Nappa Surf_Telstar 3 1 linear Client TR,CR,SB Kompile Surf_Rebound 3 2 Linear Orb(CT) TR,SB,FW,CR Kompile Surf_Rainbow 4 1 Linear None TR,CF,FW,SB,CR Xenophenous Surf_blackout 4 1 Linear Orb(pdh) TR,FW Nappa Surf_Torrent 4 1 Linear MannPowers None ::Egan:: Surf_halloween 4 1 Linear MannPowers SB ::Egan:: Surf_Tensile 4 1 Linear Orb(gm) FW,TR Felix Surf_Lament 4 1 Linear Orb(pdh,CT) TR,SB Nappa Surf_twilight 4 1 Linear Orb(pdh,CT) TR,SB,CR Nappa 2 Codes TIER 1 SURF_CONGO_BLACK:2013 SURF_YEAR3000 : 2514376 SURF_TOAST_REDONE : 872591 SURF_AKAI_FINAL : β Ω π α SURF_THRILLER_V2 : 34816 TIER 2 SURF_HORIZON : 61287 SURF_MEISTER_3V_FINAL2 : GREEN LIGHTS * 2 + 6 = 3 NUMBERS ADDED YOU WILL PUT IN SURF_MINUET_VP1 : [ 2 ] [3/5] [4/6] [ ] [ ] [ 1 ] SURF_PEPPERMINT : 8675309 TIER 3 SURF_PRELUDE_B3P : 87629 SURF_REBOUND : 64128 SURF_TELSTAR : RANDOM SURF_LULLABY : CROSS TO THE DOOR WITH THIS SYMBOL TWICE [♪-←-↑-→-] TIER 4 SURF_BLACKOUT : 10374 SURF_LAMNET : 34715 SURF_RAINBOW : DARKBLUE,YELLOW,RED,LIGHTBLUE SURF_TENSILE : 15624 SURF_HALLOWEEN : 0143 SURF_TWILIGHT : 4213 3 Secrets And Map Details 3.1 Surf_Horizon TIER 2 LENGHT SHORT RAMP COUNT* 7 MAX TIME 45 SEC MIN TIME 31 SEC MEMORY 37% JUMP ACCURACY 68% RAMP ACCURACY 40% MIN VEL (last ramp) 527% ZONE PICTURE Blue spawn/Fake wall behind First Checkpoint Second Checkpoint "Normal End" Pro End Hidden End Hidden Trigger/Telepor behind spawns Pro End Exit Jail 1 Jail 2 Buttons /sentries and free button 3.2 Surf_Rainbow TIER 4 LENGHT HUGE RAMP COUNT* 38 WHITE PART RAMP COUNT* 13 MAX TIME 1:56 MIN TIME 1:35 MEMORY 76% JUMP ACCURACY 90% RAMP ACCURACY 90% MIN VEL (YELLOW HUGE RAMP) 388% MIN VEL (BLUE PART) 180% ZONE PICTURE Blue/Red spawn First Checkpoint Second Checkpoint Third Checkpoint TRIGGER ? White Part Normal End (Surfing your team part) Secret End (Surfing enemie's part) HIDDEN BUTTON Gaben Room Behind spawn Sniper Box Jail 1 Jail 2 Jail 3 Secret trigger 1 Secret Trigger 2 3.3 Surf_Telstar TIER 3 LENGHT LONG/SHORT RAMP COUNT* 23 RAMP COUNT* (shortcut) 10 RAMP COUNT * (code) 3 RAMP COUNT* (wiggle) 1 MAX TIME 1:26 MIN TIME 1:20 MAX TIME(shortcuts) 43 MIN TIME(shortcuts) 35 MEMORY 60% MEMORY(shortcuts) 25% MEMORY(Code) 80% MEMORY(wiggle) 46% JUMP ACCURACY 60% JUMP ACCURACY(shortcuts) 32% JUMP ACCURACY(Code) 91% JUMP ACCURACY(wiggle) 37% RAMP ACCURACY 87% RAMP ACCURACY(shortcuts) 53% RAMP ACCURACY(Code) 86% RAMP ACCURACY(wiggle) 84% MIN VEL (last ramp) 547% MIN VEL(last ramp shortcut) 507% MIN VEL(last ramp code) 450% MIN VEL(last ramp wiggle) 402% ZONE PICTURE Blue/Red Spawn First Checkpoint Second Checkpoint Third Checkpoint Code Area (Crits) End Wiggle door Wiggle Surf Wiggle end (Beast/Crits+uber) Jail 1 Jail 2 Jail 3 (skeletons button) Sniperbox First Shortcut Second Shortcut Third Shortcut Secret Trail (crits+uber 30 seconds) Secret Jail chekpoint 3.4 Surf_Meister In progress 3.5 Surf_Tensile In progress 3.6 Surf_Prelude In progress 3.7 Surf_Lamnet In progress 3.8 Surf_Overcast In progress 3.9 Surf_Overlook In progress 4 Ramps In progress 5 How to play In progress 6 Credits This guide was made by Vacindak It's a remake for my previous guide Thanks for read and helping me in this guide and my previous one. Especial thanks to Nutty , Sancock , supreme , Joylek Rodo and more people.
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    Xander - Team Fortress 2

    i Banned taow because there were and other guy few minutes ago before banning taow who did the same and caleb banned him for 30 minutes ...so i banned him for a day because i was following the staff rules TF2 Staff Manual (Everything you need to know!) Actually i felt bad for ban him for a day :c ..so i've talked to him on steam... i've talked to nutty too to solve this problem so actually for my side is Unban Taow +1 I really sorry for this mistake i made.
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    Selfie Sunday

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    ESE PRESIOSO!!! :D This guy it's extremly cool he likes to draw funny sprays ,play with medic and also He enjoys to Play in Friendly way with us. he is very funny he always make sancock laugh so hard :v. Soooo M : 1000000 A : 9.9 +1
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    Traslation : Good guy , Friendly and Sexy in everything . i'll giving my Hot vouch 7w7
  13. Don't forget to enjoy the Sauce!! q;y
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    Ur favorite cock is alive again!

    PERO QUEEE!!! O_o .... what is that supreme?
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    Ur favorite cock is alive again!

    OMG , YESTERDAY we made a vote for Sancock sing...PLOP! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ1jJaIhfOI