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  1. yo im still alive :3

  2. Vacindak


    COOL GUY and spy main Very fun to play with. +1 A: 8 M : 8
  3. I was yesterday and yes , Tuna is right. I tought everything were Okay between you and logic until now. :c Sorry Logic but You need to understand , The past is on the past, Having resentment is not a good way to focus at the present even more if you are going to charge a mayor responsability like staff. Being staff is not only enforcing the rules is also dealing with players. in my experience, I found a lot of players who are extremly hard to deal with, I have a lot of examples , THAT I DON'T WANT TO ENTER IN DETAILS OR THIS POST WILL BE TOO LONG AS SNAKE FART. in summary You will find every type of players and maturity and respect is needed. i know you!, you has mayor improvement, I've seen it! .....you are not pretty far of them!. So do not despare!, don't give up!,i know you are Capable to do it! at this moment I'm going to keep this neutral until logic solve that problem with tuna. ALSO TUNA........... YOU HAVEN'T SAID HELLO ?.
  4. If you want to walk fast then walk alone and if you want to walk far then walk in group.

    1. MJP


      Are you a poet?

  5. Hello Everyone. ..... tak tak tak tak tak tak ? ... i don't really like to make a huge writing about this topic but i feel need to express my idea and my honest opinion about it. well let's start. I know logic for almost 3 years now. He was playing at the surf server quite long , even i can say he is One of the oldie's group here in surf. As normal and regular Member who wants to help our community, Logic at the past wanted to Apply for mod in january 22 , 2017 but his methods were quite desperate. i'm not going to enter in details because the past is in past and we need to focus at the present now. He is fair active on the server now , He improve so much , Now He is more respectful and mature. I know that, I saw his improvement all the time and i'm completly sure this time he is not deseparte to get staff anymore. Other point i want to mention is about drugs. I know.... People have diferent opinions. I don't want to make PEOPLE argue about it, SO PLEASE TAKE THIS MATURALY AS POSIBLE AND BE AN EXAMPLE FOR THIS COMMUNITY, RESPECT OTHER OPINIONS AND IDEAS, If you don't agree with me is ok, But please!!! , always with respect. People are free, In my honest opinion , i don't see any problem about it. You can not judge him because of that, He can do whatever he want always respecting the rules and not hurting anyone on the process. Logic smokes weeb and i saw him high in the server , However . i've seen him being respectful and kind in that condition Even More than Other members. I've never seem him abusing his donator powers or being Extremly mad because someone kill him many times on game. Apart from that, he is helping our staff members, saying who is spawnkilling or telling staff if there are building at spawn. he already has showed us his maturity and capacity to resolve problems. IN CONCLUSION. I think ..............sorry This is not the appropiate word ... Ok let's do it again. I'M 100% SURE LOGIC IS GOING TO BE A GREAT MOD. Just give him one chance , for the love of snakes ,We are going to lose this oportunity to get him as a mod Jesus. ? And no.... I've never heard him saying that. Even he is extremly becareful seleting his words, so you are comfusing him for other person. Plop! Good luck LOGICO :D +1
  6. My favorite Food is "Anticucho" ? that doesn't need introduction or explanation to moist your groin. But if you want to know.... Anticuchos are popular and inexpensive meat dishes that originated in the Andes during the pre-Columbian era. The modern dish was adapted during the colonial era between the 16th and 19th centuries and can now be found in Perú. Anticuchos can be found on street-carts and street food stalls (anticucheras). The meat may be marinated in vinegar and spices (such as cumin, ají pepperand garlic). While anticuchos can be made of any type of meat, the most popular are made of beef heart (anticuchos de corazón). Anticuchos often come with a boiled potato or bread on the end of the skewer. A similar dish, shish kebab, is found in Mediterranean cuisine. In Perú. if you want to travel to peru , YOU MUST PUT THIS DISH IN YOUR LIST. AND NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! EATING ANTICUCHO DOESN'T GIVE YOU SURF POWERS SO PLEASE STOP ASKING about it :c
  7. YAAAAAAA ERAAA HORAAAAA SIIIIIIIIIII!!!!! (GOLPES CONTRA LA MESA) poor table :c YES!!! YES!!!! Finally he decided to apply :D Aidyzap , This guy makes you laught even if you have a very bad day. His funny comments and carismatic personality makes The surf server comes to live again. Very funny dude, Friendly and also polite. M :10 A: 8
  8. OHHHHH SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII PICHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I WAS DREAMING WITH THAT MOMENT. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ He stayed here for loooooooong , he is basically popular in our server , Every regular Players know him including Staff, Members and also Me :D He became part of our Surf server Because of his Time, his kindness and politeness. He doesn't talk too much , however. all these time i was playing at the Surf server PICHU is always being respectful and kind to everyone. helping Staff and people. i've never seen him Being rude toxic or disrecpenting someone, He is always here get fun and share fun too. sorry guys my english is getting broken , soo much happiness because pichu decided to apply :D M :10 + A : 10
  9. tudo bem estou estudando português agora PLOP!. 

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    2. cook


      haha yes me too i understand ?

    3. Dannypicacho


      ¿Que'est-ce que vous avec dit porque no entiendo el idioma que estas speaking right now?

    4. cook


      Google translate can't even help me now

  10. The only word i can say is PLOP! ..... You got me ?.
  11. OH PLOP BONEFIRE XD Congratz Camaradas!!! . ? Thanks everybody and Xenogamers for gave me that experience . It was a honor, awsome and fun!! No se Preocupen Gente!! que vuelvo apenas termine con mis responsabilidades. Muchas Gracias.
  12. En estos días de exámenes y No sabes que hacer! , Solo surfea y olvida! ?


    1. realBelloWaldi


      si fantastico senor les muchos gracias?

    2. Dannypicacho
  13. Felicitaciones muchachos!!! ?